Fertilizers of the Gumi series based on humates to increase soil fertility

Fertilizers of the Gumi series based on humates to increase soil fertility

Gumi - soil fertility vaccine

Every year we take out nutrients from the soil with the harvest, and if you do not regularly apply them with fertilizers, the yield will steadily fall. In addition, the soil will begin to lose humus - the basis of fertility, consisting of humates, truly magical molecules. Under natural conditions, the soil is capable of replenishing the loss of humus, but this takes tens and hundreds of years. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, humate molecules in this preparation are obtained with very high biological activity, which favorably distinguishes them from humates from other manufacturers.

Humates are familiar to plants and microbes for millions of years of life together and evolution, so they have become familiar to each other, recognizable. The presence of humus indicates how alive the soil is. The more humus, the better the water, air and thermal regimes of the fertile layer of the earth, the more saturated this layer with the main nutrients, the more actively the process of creating living from non-living is going on in it. Due to the unique properties of humate molecules, the plant reacts in an amazing way to the introduction of preparations of the Gumi series.

Conservation of humus is the most important task of the farming system. At present, the process of destruction of humus continues in the soils of Russia, and chernozems have lost about half of their humus over the past 50 years. The reasons for the decrease in the supply of humus are erosion, in which the upper layer, richest in humus, is washed off (or blown away) from the soil, and dehumification, which is activated during deep moldboard tillage and with the introduction of high doses of mineral nitrogen fertilizers.

What Gumi fertilizers can do:

- acts on plants like plant hormones: the emergence of seedlings is accelerated by 3-4 days, the growth of roots and aboveground mass increases, root formation increases, the plant blooms earlier and begins to bear fruit, the fruiting period is lengthened, the yield increases significantly; the content of vitamins, sugars and other nutrients increases;
- combines various minerals and other components of the soil, thereby improving its structure, the soil becomes porous, retains air and moisture better, plant roots grow better in such soil;
- binds residues of heavy metals, pesticides and radioactive substances of the soil and transforms them into an insoluble state, as well as in plants bind pollutants and remove them from the plant through the roots;
- binds soil nutrients (N, P, K, trace elements) and together with them easily passes through the cell wall of the plant, which makes it possible to reduce the dose of fertilizers by 20 - 30%;
- increases the number of beneficial microbes in the soil, which make available undissolved nutrients in the soil, which also allows you to reduce the dose of fertilizers and reduce the content of nitrates in plants;
- stimulates the formation of substances inside the plant that help plants withstand frosts, droughts, insect damage, fight diseases and increase the safety of products;
- stimulates the formation of aromatic substances, improves taste, aroma, color of the crop.

What are Gumi?

For convenience, for different occasions, Gumi is available in different forms: in the form of a paste, powder and liquid. All types of Gumi are equally effective and, if the instructions are followed, they can get a rich harvest of unsurpassed quality.

All types of Gumi can be stored for 4 years without losing their activity.

Gumi-20 Universal
Available in 125, 200 and 500 ml formats, it contains 20% of highly active humates completely dissolved in water. This makes it easier to prepare a working solution for treatments.

Gumi-30 Station wagon and Super Wagon
Instant are produced in the form of a paste with a 30% humate content in bags of 300 and 100 g, respectively. The paste is highly soluble in water, it is convenient to divide it into parts to prepare the required amount of working solution.

Gumi-90 For Vegetables, Berries, Fruits, Flowers And Ornamental Plants
It is produced in the form of a powder, packaged in sachets of 6 g. Convenient to use with small volumes of processing.

Gumi-K Olympic, Potassium nano-gel
the newest innovative preparation that combines the properties of Gumi and complex fertilizer. Enriched with all macro- and microelements necessary for plants in an easily accessible form, packaged in 300 g bags.

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Description and release form

Humate 7 is a modified preparation "Humate 80". It is produced by the Agro Tech Gumat company, registered in Irkutsk. The manufacturer has expanded the composition and increased the concentration of useful elements.

There are different forms of the tool in question on sale:

  • Tablets are optimal for beginner gardeners. They are the easiest way to calculate the dosage.
  • Powder - economical and easy to use, allows you to adjust plant nutrition depending on the growing season. It dissolves well in water (96%).
  • Liquid concentrate - most often used on large farms.

Systematic use contributes to:

  1. Restoration of the fertile layer.
  2. The formation of a powerful root system in plants.
  3. Early ripening and enrichment of fruits with vitamins.
  4. Increased productivity.
  5. Reducing the harmful effects of toxic substances.

The drug must be handled with care. It is forbidden to exceed the permitted dosage: excessive concentration of humates stops growth.

Fertilizer composition

The preparation consists of 40% high quality humus. The main active ingredient is sodium and potassium salts of humic acids. Additionally, Humate 7 is enriched with the most important macro- and microelements (%):

  • nitrogen - 1.5
  • manganese - 0.17
  • copper - 0.2
  • zinc - 0.2
  • molybdenum - 0.018
  • cobalt - 0.02
  • boron - 0.2
  • iron - 0.4.
There is one more fertilizer for feeding - "Humate 7 iodine". In addition to these substances, it contains 0.005 g of iodine.

The components are introduced in a form that is readily available to plants, so the effect of the application manifests itself rather quickly. The tool belongs to the group of organo-mineral preparations. Fertilizer "Humat 7" contains no chlorine. It is safe for people and the environment.

Features of the drug

Humate 7 is an improved version of the previous generation of the drug, which was called Humate 80 and was quite popular with gardeners. Humate 80 contains only humic acids (80%) and is a plant growth regulator.

Humus is the main organic matter of the soil, and humic acids are high-molecular compounds formed during the decomposition of soil organic matter and contain amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, hormone-like and other substances.

So, in the preparation Humate 7, humic acids are in the form of complex compounds with minerals, which gives a synergistic effect, therefore the preparation is both a growth regulator and fertilizer.

But Humate 7 cannot be considered as the main fertilizer for plant nutrition, only as an additional one. After all, the main function of the drug is to improve the biochemistry of the soil, therefore there is no phosphorus in its composition, and a very small proportion of nitrogen.

Humic acids improve the energy metabolism in the soil, restore the balance of microelements in the substrate, facilitating the transition of microelements into a chelated form - organic compounds available for assimilation by plants, reduces the effect of heavy metals and the content of nitrates.

Application Humate 7 activates the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates, which increases the intensity of respiration, photosynthesis and water exchange, improves the growth of the root system. Humates are more effective on sandy soils that are poor in organic matter (i.e., their own humus), as well as on acidic soils after liming or on alkaline soils with a low iron content. Humus is the main organic component of the soil.

These are the remains of plant and animal origin that form the fertile layer.

Humates activate the work of beneficial microorganisms, thereby improving the characteristics of the earth:

  1. Air and moisture permeability.
  2. Heat capacity.
  3. Mechanical structure, etc.

Trace elements enhance the effect of humates. Mineral substances are converted into an easily digestible form - chelated. Plants actively absorb them, develop rapidly, acquire resistance to adverse factors. The product is both a fertilizer and a growth stimulant. The drug Gumi 20 Potassium has a similar effect.
Source: "zen.yandex.ru agronomwiki.ru"

"Gumi" and "Fitosporin" - are they really safe?

The change from city life to country life also leads to a change in the birthday gifts received. Now they look something like the photo. I am an ardent opponent of any chemical fertilizers, I use only humus, manure, rotted compost, and for protection from pests - various pepper and celandine infusions. Friends presented the natural elixir of fertility "Gumi" and protection from diseases and growth acceleration "Fitosporin-M". It is said to be completely environmentally friendly. And yet I still have doubts. Please tell me if these drugs can cause any harm or benefit?

You write that you are afraid of the "chemistry" of mineral water, and believe that everything organic is better. Believe in "celandine" although it is very poisonous.
Do not believe in the spells and myths of "natural farming" so much more and more complex and interesting.
In small doses, high-quality mineral fertilizers do not harm either plants or you or soil microorganisms, especially if they are applied locally.
The more humus in the soil you managed to accumulate, the less harm there will be from overdoses of mineral water. Learn to accumulate humus.

I use humates, but not for the purposes that are written in their advertising. But I just understand that constant top dressing of the soil with small doses of humates acts as a catalyst for soil formation. At the same time, the organic matter introduced is not destroyed, but passes into a stable humus. And humates help soil organisms to build "houses and cities" for themselves. Therefore, do not be afraid of the gummy drug, use it at least according to the instructions, there will be no harm. But remember, this is a catalyst. It does not give food to plants.

Phytosporin is even more interesting. It's just a microbe. Hay stick. It is needed so that when applied in autumn on stubble, the straw will rot faster. When applied to foliage in summer, it slightly stimulates plant immunity and, as an active competitor, prevents the rapid reproduction of pathogenic fungi.
But its effect is very weak. And phytosporin cannot replace modern fungicides. I have stopped using it in recent years, since ACC is much more interesting and convenient for me. It gives all the same effects as phytosporin. Plus a dozen more, which is described in more detail in my article.
The answer to your question is unambiguous. The drugs you named will never harm anyone. As a doctor, I used to give phytosporin to children as a medicine. In pharmacies he has a name - bactisubtil. Acts poorly. Not interesting.


The most popular type of natural fertilizer is humus. It is an organic top dressing, which turns into fresh manure or plant residues after several years of decay. In such a top dressing, the minimum amount of moisture and the maximum amount of useful elements per unit weight.

In other words, humus is any kind of manure or plant residues that have been lying or composting for 2-3 years, after which they have turned into humus. There are no pathogens, parasites, weed seeds in this product.

Humus helps to increase soil fertility and improve its structure. It retains moisture in sandy soils, making heavy clay soils free flowing.

  • lack of toxicity
  • can be used on any kind of soil
  • improvement of soil consistency
  • increasing soil fertility and productivity of fed crops
  • safety for plants and people
  • the possibility of using as biofuel.

  • the need to make a large amount of top dressing per unit area
  • high cost of natural fertilizer
  • the value and composition of feeding depends on the diet of the animals from which the humus is obtained
  • long waiting time for humus when buying fresh manure
  • the need for a large area for storing top dressing.

Summing up, it can be noted: it is economically profitable to use humus only if you have your own livestock and you use top dressing to fertilize your own plot. When buying humus, it is more profitable to use it for introducing the most valuable plants and trees into the soil.


Senior Researcher, NVP "BashInkom" D.V. Skotnikov gave a lecture at the Bashkir Agrarian University on the topic: "OZhZ-technology of growing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants from sowing to harvest."

Florists and gardeners are often faced with plant diseases: leaf spot, yellowing and foliage fall. The depressed state of plants is often associated with improper growing ecology. The reasons may lie in improper watering and acidity of irrigation water.

This lecture describes the important stages of growing tomatoes throughout the season - from sowing seeds to storing fruits!

How to grow grapes in Russia in such difficult conditions? In this video we will tell you about the most suitable varieties and the method of growing grapes using safe biological products.


10/31/19. ОЖЗ-technology for growing grapes. Agricultural techniques for Bashkortostan and Central Russia. Review of varieties Specialist from Kushnarenkovo ​​nursery

11/07/19. Review of the best varieties of folk tomatoes Khramushina E.A., Skotnikov D.V.

11/14/19. Technology of grafting of perennial ornamental plants S.I. Pavlenko

11/21/19. OZhZ-technology of growing fruit bushes and trees Chistyakova E.I., Demina L.

11/28/19. OZhZ-technology for growing ornamental shrubs (roses, hydrangeas, jasmine, etc.) Suleimanova Zugura Nuriakhmetovna

12/05/19. Technology of obtaining vitamin seedlings and microgreens for human consumption Skotnikov D.V.

12.12.19. Review of varieties of fruit trees for our region Kostylev D.A.

9.12.19. The use of siderates - green fertilizers. Review, technology, advantages Chistyakova E.I.

12/26/19. Acquaintance with the biological product Nurse Mycorrhiza A.A. Kyzin, D.V. Skotnikov

12/27/19. OZhZ-technology for growing legumes. Bean recipes Yusupova Z.R., Skotnikov D.V.

16.01.20. Warm and high beds - advantages, manufacturing technology Chistyakova E.I., Skotnikov D.V.

01/23/20. Compost heap and pickling. Technology and biological products for improving the quality of the fertilizers obtained Kuznetsova T.N.

30.01.20. Unusual garden crops (physalis, asparagus, momordica, pepino, artichoke, okra, kiwano, melotria, etc.) Skotnikov D.V.

What are the benefits of winter crops?

The benefits of sowing vegetables before winter are quite extensive and worth noting.

Firstly, it is getting a harvest 2 - 3, and with a film cover and 4 weeks earlier than with spring sowing.

Secondly, getting seedlings more resistant to return frosts, diseases and pests.

Thirdly, significant time savings during spring work.

And finally, a greater yield of products from the same area, through the possibility of using repeated crops.

Instructions for the use of the new drug "Nurse Mycorrhiza"

Come to new lectures every Thursday at 15:00 at the address Ufa, st. Richard Sorge, 19

In this video, Oktyabrina Ganichkina learned about the results of the Michurin-Tomatoes project while visiting the curator.

In the story, Vladimir Ryngach talks about his successful experience in growing winter and spring garlic.

Do you have conifers on your property? Then this video is for you! In this video you will learn about the use of Gumi-Omi Conifers fertilizer. CONIFE - Gumi-OMI - 0.5 kg Package. Shelf life is 4 years. Shelf-life Unlimited. Powder-granular fertilizer. Chlorine free.

Instructions for the use of biofertilizer Gumi-Omi Ornamental Shrubs - 1 kg Powder-granular fertilizer. Chlorine free. It is used for such crops as: lilac, Japanese quince, spirea, honeysuckle, irga, elderberry, jasmine, euonymus, barberry, wild rose and many others.

How to fertilize your lawn correctly? The video tells about the method of application of the organic-mineral fertilizer GAZON - Gumi-OMI, the RICH fertilizer - 1 kg and its dosage. Powder-granular fertilizer. Chlorine free.

In this video, you will learn how to properly apply Gumi-Omi Rose fertilizer when planting and feeding.

Get beautiful plants in your garden with organic mineral fertilizers Gumi-Omi Decor for roses, conifers, ornamental shrubs and lawns. Fertilizers have a beneficial effect on the soil microflora, have an anti-stress effect, contain boron and copper, which are responsible for flowering and decorativeness.

The Yunnat-2019 competition brought together talented and enthusiastic children. Future agronomists and scientists enthusiastically talked about their research, were happy to share their harvests and culinary preparations. One of the main slogans of the event was the call to grow our own environmentally friendly products in order to preserve the most valuable thing - human health.

Healing garden pitch based on beeswax, pine resin, fir and vegetable oil and friendly protective phytobacteria. For the treatment of wounds in trees and shrubs during rejuvenation, pruning, grafting, breakage, cracks and sunburn.

DOCTOR SAD - medicinal garden whitewash, with natural healing elixirs and protective phytobacteria. Provides protection for trees and shrubs from sunburn, damage by rodents, protection from pests, fungal and bacterial diseases. For disinfection of storages, basements, cellars and toilets.

"Catching Belt" effectively helps gardeners from such misfortunes as apple blossom beetle, goose beetle, beetle, weevil, leafworm, as well as apple, plum and pear moths. It gets warmer every day. Spring is increasingly coming into its own. The buds were swollen on the trees, and in some places the leaves were already in full bloom. Forest and garden flowers bloomed. In garden plots, work and hassle are added, one of which is effective control of tree pests. Here, just the glue "Catching Belt" will help us to cope with various beetles and caterpillars. Take care of your seedlings and seedlings the gardener, they need your timely protection!

In this manual, you will learn about the use of a complex, bioactivated fertilizer "Bogaty-DOM". It is a fertilizer with a full range of macro- and microelements plus Gumi and Fitosporin. Provides good nutrition, as well as growth acceleration, natural protection against diseases and stress (overdrying, waterlogging, hypothermia, suboptimal nutrition, pest damage, violation of the root and leaf system during transplantation).

Restore the soil fertility to almost CURING, with the help of humus preparations produced by the BashIncom company! "Khozyain-Father" - for a powerful increase in soil fertility and productivity, increasing the humus layer, improving the structure of the soil, increasing the efficiency of plant nutrition, reducing nitrates and neutralizing heavy metals and other harmful substances, improving the soil, activating useful soil microflora and eliminating soil fatigue ...

Demonstration of experiments on the use of the biological product "Nurse-Mycorrhiza" on cucumbers and tomatoes. Mycorrhiza is a fungal root, that is, the connection between the root system of a plant and fungal underground hyphae (from the Greek hyphae - "web") - thin branching threads.

This video discusses the methods of application and dosage of the irrigation water softener: - WATERFALL (liquid) - 0.3 l WATERFALL (granules) Irrigation water softener - 80 g. A unique preparation. Structures irrigation water to live, melt! The drug reduces the hardness of the irrigation water. Stimulates growth, improves nutrition, decor of flowers and plants, removes whitish spots, chlorosis. Provides disease prevention, increased immunity, protection against stress, increases the efficiency of nutrient use, prevents salinization and acidification of the soil.

SCIENCE AGAINST SIMPLICITY, WHICH IS WORSE THANTHE! Protective, natural bacteria Fitosporin supposedly can be propagated at home in a domestic environment. But this is unreal! Why? Because Fitosporin is the result of a constant, more than ten-step selection - selection of the most powerful microorganisms, enhancing their properties and abilities. Every year we collect thousands of pathogens - pathogenic fungi and bacteria from all over the world, organize battles-battles of our bacteria with enemies and select, select continuously - day and night - the most powerful, resistant, protective microorganisms - warriors. You cannot prepare them at home. It's like world champions, Olympic champions or our invincible Alpha Special Forces train.

School OZhZ - lesson 16. Topic of the lecture: "OZhZ-technology of growing onions and garlic. Review of the best varieties for the Middle Lane." Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist E.I. Chistyakova - consultant biologist E.A. Khramushina - curator of the Michurin-Tomaty project

Demonstration of the results of experiments on the application of Mycorrhiza to the roots of coniferous plants. The relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and roots.

The topic of the lecture: "OZhZ technology of growing carrots, beets, radishes, and other root crops. Review of the best varieties for the Middle Lane." Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.I. Chistyakova - consultant biologist, E.A. Khramushina - curator of the Michurin-Tomaty project

The plot talks about the importance of mycorrhiza and how it influenced the culture of peas. Mycorrhiza is a fungus root, that is, the connection between the root system of a plant and fungal underground hyphae (from the Greek - cobweb) - thin branching threads.

Lecture topic: "Rules and timing of fertilization. Review of preparations for restoring soil fertility". Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.A. Khramushina - curator of the Michurin-Tomaty project, N.А. Sereda - Doctor of Biological Sciences, soil scientist-agrochemist, E.P. Danilova - head of the chemical laboratory of the NVP "BashInkom".

How to accelerate the production of buckwheat sprouts, mung beans, sunflowers and other seeds for a healthy diet. How to protect seedlings from rot and mold using biological products (Gumi, Fitosporin). How to beat vitamin deficiency. In this story, you will learn how to get the most useful seedlings at home.

Lecture topic: "OZhZ-technology of growing pumpkin crops. Review of the best varieties of the region" Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.A. Khramushina - curator of the Michurin-Tomaty project, Z.R. Yusupova - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher, E. I. Chistyakova - Consultant Biologist

Lecture topic: "OZhZ-technology of growing cucumbers from planting to harvest". Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.I. Ermolaeva - consultant biologist

The Nurse Mycorrhiza preparation will provide your plants with true friends for life. It contains plant-friendly fungi that form mutually beneficial symbiosis with the roots. Thanks to this, the suction capacity of the root system increases by an order of magnitude, and the plants receive water and nutrients much easier. In addition, the presence of beneficial mushrooms does not allow the development of pathogenic microbes - this is a real shield against disease and stress.

School OZhZ - lesson 10. Topic of the lecture: "How to grow cabbage?" Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.A. Khramushina, E.I. Chistyakova - consultant biologist.

School OZhZ - lesson 9. Topic of the lecture: "Pruning and grafting of fruit trees. Methods and implementation." Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist, E.A. Khramushin, G.S. Mannanova is the director of the Interstate Industrial and Production Enterprise of the Sterlitamak Fruit-Nursing State Farm.

School of OZHZ - lesson 8. School of Organic Living Farming. The topic of the lecture: "Growing seedlings of flower crops using the technology of OZhZ". Speakers: D.V. Skotnikov - candidate of biological sciences, consultant biologist S.I. Pavlenka - biologist, landscape design engineer E.I. Chistyakova - consultant biologist T.V., Gaeva - biologist, florist.

School of OZhZ - lesson 5. School of Organic Living Farming. Topic of the lecture: "Pest control in the personal plot". Speaker: Irina Leonidovna Ermolaeva. biologist, plant pest control specialist.

Lecture topic:
1) Organization of drip irrigation in the personal plot
2) Workshop on the assembly of the irrigation system

Dear gardeners and gardeners! We invite you to the next lesson of the School of Organic Living Farming on the topic "Pest control of the garden and vegetable garden without harm to health and the environment. Review of preparations and means"

Prevention and treatment of plant diseases. Review of funds., Description of the mechanisms of action of preparations of the Fitosporin series

  • Home OZHZ
  • OZhZ catalog
    • Protection against diseases (Fitosporin-M, Potassium permanganate)
      • Fitosporin-M UNIVERSAL - 10 g
      • Fitosporin-M UNIVERSAL - 30 g
      • Fitosporin-M TOMATO-10 g
      • Fitosporin-M CUCUMBERS - 10 g
      • Fitosporin-M POTATO - 30
      • Fitosporin-M CABBAGE - 10 g
      • Fitosporin-M GARDEN FLOWERS - 30 g
      • Fitosporin-M FLOWERS - 0.110 l
      • Fitosporin-M RASSADA - 0.110 l
      • Fitosporin-M Reanimator - 0.2 l
      • Fitosporin-M set
      • Potassium permanganate BashIncom - 10 g.
    • Disease prevention (Fitosporin Universal, Olympic)
      • Fitosporin-M UNIVERSAL - 200 g
      • Fitosporin-M SUPER-UNIVERSAL QUICK-Dissolving - 100 g
      • Fistoporin-M TOMATO QUICK-Dissolving - 100 g
      • Fitosporin-M INSTANT POTATO - 100 g
      • OLYMPIC Fitosporin-K - 200 g
    • Harvest storage (Fitosporin Golden Autumn, Anti-Rot)
      • Anti Rot powder - 30 g
      • Anti Rot liquid - 0.3 l
      • Fitosporin Golden Autumn - 0.2 l
      • Natural phyto paper
    • Protection against pests (Gumi + BTB + LPTs, Kysh-pest)
      • Gumi + BTB + LPTs - 6 g + 25 g + 25 g
      • Gumi + BTB (potatoes) - 6 g + 30 g
      • Fishing belt - 3 m
      • Green soap “Hurray! To the dacha! "- 0.5 l
      • Tar soap "Kysh-wrecker Universal"
      • Tar soap "Kysh-pest Ant"
      • Tar soap KISH-PEST MITE
      • Tar repellant KYSH-MOUSE
    • Healing whitewashing and garden var
      • Whitewash Doctor Garden - 1 kg
      • Var garden Bee - 100 g
    • Powerful growth acceleration and stress protection (GUMI series)
      • GUMI-30 UNIVERSAL - 300 g
      • GUMI-30 SUPER-UNIVERSAL QUICK-Dissolving - 100 g
      • GUMI-90 UNIVERSAL - 6 g
      • GUMI-20 UNIVERSAL - 0.2 l
      • GUMI-20 UNIVERSAL - 0.5 l
      • GUMI-20 FLOWERS - 0.125 l
      • Olympic GUMI-K - 300 g
      • GUMI Potash
    • Rooting, survival, protection against barren flowers (Borogum, Cornesil)
      • BOROGUM-M - 0.2 l
      • CORNESIL - 0.3 l
    • Soft rich fertilizers for the vegetable garden (Series Bionex, Gumi-Omi)
      • Bionex - 2 kg
      • Bionex - 10 kg
      • Chicken manure PRESENT -2 kg
      • Rich Vegetables - 0.5 L
      • Gumi-OMI UNIVERSAL - Vegetables, Berries, Flowers - 0.7 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper - 0.7 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Cucumber, Zucchini, Melons - 0.7 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Potatoes, Carrots, Radishes, Beets, Turnips, Radishes - 0.7 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Potatoes - 10 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Onion, Garlic - 0.7 kg
      • Gumi-OMI Berry
      • Spring Gumi-OMI - 1 kg
      • Autumn Gumi-OMI - 1 kg
      • UREA NITROGEN - GUMI-OMI - 0.5 kg
      • Gumi-Omi Seedling
    • Fertilizers for the garden (Gumi-Omi Series)
      • Gumi-Omi Berry. Strawberry-Strawberry-Raspberry-Currant
      • Gumi-Omi Fruit - 1 kg.
      • Garden flowers UNIVERSAL - Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • Bud-Flowers Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • Bulbous and Corms Gumi-OMI-50 g
      • Annual and Biennial flowers Gumi - OMI - 50 g.
      • Perennial flowers Gumi-OMI - 50g.
      • RICH Lawn-Flowers - 0.5 l.
      • ROSES Gumi-OMI - 0.5 kg
      • CONIFE - Gumi-OMI - 0.5 kg
      • DECORATIVE SHUSTERS - Gumi-OMI - 1 kg
      • LAWN - Gumi-OMI, the RICH fertilizer - 1 kg
    • Fertilizers for domestic plants (Gumi-Omi, Bogaty Dom)
      • RICH-HOUSE 0.2 l.
      • VIOLET-GERAN Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • LEMON-MANDARINE Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • FIKUS-PALM Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • CACTUS-ALOE Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • LIANA Gumi-OMI - 50 g
      • Bionex-Kemi - 50 g
    • Fertilizers of the "Rich-Micro" series
      • RICH - MICRO Complex - 100 ml
      • RICH - MICRO Iron (Fe) - 100 ml
      • RICH - MICRO Copper (Cu) - 100 ml
      • RICH - MICRO Zinc (Zn) - 100 ml
    • Green fertilizers - siderates
      • MUSTARD - 0.5 kg
      • RYE WINTER - 0.5 kg
      • OWES - 0.3 kg
      • VIKA-RYZH - 0.5 kg
      • VIKA-OVES - 0.3 kg
    • Increasing soil fertility (Nurse Mycoriza Bashkirskaya, 33 heroes)
      • Nurse Mycoriza Bashkirskaya
      • Nurse Mycorrhiza (booklet)
      • PUKHOVITA - 5 L
      • 33 BOGATYR - 1 l
      • 33 BOGATYR - 5 l
      • 33 heroes (booklet)
      • GIFT OF FERTILITY - 0.5 kg
      • OWNER-FATHER - 1 kg
      • SUNCH OF CHERNOZEM - 1 l
      • MULCH – OPENER - 10 l
      • Deoxidizer LIME-GUMI - 2 kg
      • Deoxidizer LIME-GUMI - 10 kg
    • Chernozem soils (Series Earth-Mother)
      • Earth-Mother Universal - 3 l
      • Earth-Mother Universal - 15 l
      • Earth-Mother Flower Universal - 3 L
      • Earth-Mother Violet-Geranium - 3 L
      • Earth-Mother Lemon-Mandarin - 3 L
      • Earth-Mother Ficus-Palma - 3 L
      • Earth-Mother Cactus-Aloe - 3 L
      • Earth-Mother Liana - 3 L
      • Moss Taiga
      • Bashkir peat - 5 l
    • Composting and fermentation
      • COMPOSTIN - 0.5 l
      • HerbZakvass - 5L
    • Improvement of irrigation water (Series Waterfall, PhytoKislinka)
      • PhytoKislinka - 0.2 l
      • Liquid waterfall - 0.3 l
      • Waterfall granules - 80 gr
    • Waste recycling in toilets and cesspools. Elimination of odors. (Series Successful, Tsar-Dorant)
      • Lucky dry - 30 g
      • Successful liquid - 0.5 l
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It significantly increases the area of ​​absorption of nutrients and water by the roots of plants, thereby reducing the need for regular watering and fertilization of the soil with minerals. The survival rate of the root system during transplantation improves and its growth is activated, the growth and development of plants is accelerated, flowering occurs earlier.

Each of the 33 strains is in its own house and does not interfere with each other, but helps the soil.

A unique natural ultra-lightweight, porous, revitalizing baking powder for soils.

For the prevention of plant diseases and effective pest control of garden plots.

Microbiological preparation for obtaining our own environmentally friendly natural liquid fertilizer

Tsar Dorant - removes unpleasant odors almost instantly.

Everything for the house - Garden, vegetable garden, tools


Everyone knows that healthy plants require certain conditions and healthy soil to grow. The use of mineral and organic fertilizers makes it possible to obtain an enriched soil. Every gardener dreams of getting a rich harvest, and with the help of fertilizers from the "Argo" company, you can achieve the desired result. This purchase includes preparations for complex feeding, protecting plants from pests and strengthening the root system.

Slox-Eco - highly concentrated organic fertilizer. Slox-Eco is an odorless extract from horse manure with natural ingredients.
For the normal development of any living creatures, a nutrient medium is necessary. Grown products should not only be tasty - they should be healthy. Therefore, the "food" for plants must be natural. These are the natural organic fertilizers Slox-Eco. Their use improves the structure of the soil, creating a nutritious organic environment for plants and beneficial microorganisms, promotes the formation of the root system, increases growth energy, and increases disease resistance. They contain all the necessary components: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other macro- and microelements, biological growth stimulants and substances that increase plant resistance to diseases. "Slox-eco" acts on the plant immediately after application, because all the necessary substances are in a dissolved form. The use of a special technology in the production of the drug - the method of anaerobic microbiological fermentation - made it possible to concentrate in 500 ml of extract as much nutrients as 40 kg of horse manure contains, and therefore the effect of the introduction of these fertilizers, in comparison with unprocessed manure, is ten times higher ...
Three varieties of this Slox-Eco preparation are proposed for use: for complex plant feeding, for feeding and protecting plants from pests, for strengthening the root system.
How do the three proposed drugs differ from each other, in addition to the general properties described earlier:
- "SLOKS-eco" - ORGANIC FERTILIZER FOR COMPLEX FEEDING OF PLANTS "- provides better adaptation and survival of plants, it is recommended to use it for new plantings. In indoor floriculture, especially suitable for violets, palms, dracaena, yucca, ficuses, citrus fruits, ferns
- "SLOKS-eco" - ORGANIC FERTILIZER FOR PLANT FEEDING AND ROOT STRENGTHENING "- due to the addition of other natural components to the horse manure extract, it has new properties: vitamin B1 and castor oil promote the maximum absorption of the necessary components by the roots of plants, iodine stimulates the formation of new roots and plant growth, improves carbohydrate metabolism, increases the content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in fruits and leaves, improving the quality of the harvest, horsetail extract provides the strength of the cellular tissue. The presence of these useful additives stimulates the formation of ovaries on plants when using the drug by spraying with dilution: 1 cap (60 ml) per 1 liter of water.
- "SLOKS-eco" - ORGANIC FERTILIZER FOR PLANT FEEDING AND PROTECTION AGAINST PESTS "- due to the presence of fir oil and wormwood extract, protects against pests living in the root coma of the earth, the horsetail extract increases the strength of plant cell tissue. It is recommended to use in combination with "Slox against plant pests", which will give the maximum protection effect.
It must be remembered that Slox-Eco's amenities are concentrates, which means they must be diluted.
Using Slox-Eco fertilizers you will grow your plants strong, healthy and get a good harvest.
Humates are the main component of the universal mineral fertilizer GumateEm. It has been proven that the use of humates contributes to the ecological restoration of the soil, the restoration of depleted and detoxification of contaminated lands. Humates bind radionuclides, pesticides, toxic substances and heavy metals in the contaminated soil, transforming them into insoluble forms and making it impossible for plants to assimilate them, which means ensuring the ecological purity of the crop.

Research on application Gumatem universal showed that the combination of feeding plants with basic fertilization and spraying with certain infusions of herbs and plants several times during the season, practically prevented the appearance of the Colorado potato beetle and other flying plant pests by one hundred percent, and doubled the yield. Therefore, it was decided to create a mineral fertilizer Gumatem for plant protection, in which this combination is implemented immediately, a drug that strengthens the immunity of plants, immunity to diseases and at the same time provides their feeding.
Component properties. The acidic environment, obtained through the inclusion of effective microorganisms in HumateEm, helps to cope with onion flour, apple moth, weevil on raspberries, moths on currants and gooseberries and other diseases of fruit and berry crops. Flour from young shoots of pine and coniferous bark reduces the number of Colorado potato beetles after 4-fold processing of potato shoots. Wormwood and wild rosemary are effective against aphids, moths, fly larvae, and honeydews. The phytoncides contained in the flowers and bark of the bird cherry, which is part of the preparation, drive away harmful insects from the bushes of gooseberries, raspberries and currants.
The GumateEm preparation is effective not only in the garden, but also helps to keep things from flying insects, for this you need to spray the pieces of cardboard and put them in the pockets of clothes placed for long-term storage. To kill bugs and fleas, the corners and the inner wood covering of furniture are sprayed. Outbuildings can also be protected from mice; mice do not tolerate the smell of wild rosemary and wormwood.

Watch the video: How To Increase Soil Fertility and Soil Micro Nutrients! 4 WAYS