I want to buy a land plot - how to determine the actual cost of a land plot

I want to buy a land plot - how to determine the actual cost of a land plot

Market value or value in use?

Why do I use quotation marks when talking about the “market value” of land plots? When determining the market price of a plot, they usually proceed from the average price of purchases, similar in quality, location, area, type of use of land plots, made over a certain (not too long) period of time. Accordingly, the more such transactions are analyzed, the more accurately the price of the area of ​​interest to us can be determined.

In this case, it is necessary that transactions were made using similar financial schemes, without any special conditions for the transfer of property rights, restrictions and encumbrances.

However, in practice, the use of this technique does not always give an objective picture of the market situation. To date, the agricultural land market has just begun to form. By and large, a serious volume of land transactions has been observed only in the last 5-6 years. Yes, in the last year or two, a fairly large number of transfers of ownership have taken place, but it seems to me a futile task to determine the real purchase and sale prices for a large number of plots.

On the one hand, a huge number of agricultural plots change owners as a result of the donation procedure, although in fact there are sales and purchase transactions. Since donation transactions, in fact, are gratuitous transactions, how, in such cases, to assess the value of the property transferred to the new owner?

Yes, and when making transactions for the sale of land plots, very often the contract indicates an underestimated value of the plot - primarily in order to pay less taxes.

On the other hand, one cannot be guided by the prices indicated in advertising offers for the sale of real estate objects. Firstly, very often, when selling a land plot, there are a lot of intermediaries, adding 20, or even 40-50% of the original price of the plot. Secondly, landowners themselves often expose objects at an inflated price on purpose - taking into account further trade for a fall. It is much more pleasant for the buyer to buy real estate with a discount of 10-15%, while feeling like a competent businessman. Third, the market situation changes frequently. One of the most typical options is when land plots are offered for sale at a price lower than those previously exhibited. For example, next to your land plot there are other plots with similar characteristics, and the owner urgently decided to sell them at a large discount due to the urgent need for funds.

There is another reason why it is difficult to assess the market value of specific land plots, the almost complete absence of a mortgage market for land plots.

As I said above, to date, the land market (especially for plots for commercial projects, i.e. large plots) has not yet been formed. The volume of transactions in specific territories, and the methods of their implementation, do not allow to carry out with reliability an analysis sufficient for an accurate and objective assessment of the value of land, an analysis that could be taken as a basis when considering a land plot as a subject of pledge without attracting additional surety or additional financial guarantees ...

Is it possible to draw a conclusion from the above that it is impossible to determine the actual value of a land plot?

I think not, especially if we do not use the vague term “market value”, but talk about the “consumer value” of this or that site. If “market value” is understood as the amount for which a plot can be sold at a given moment in time, then when assessing the consumer value, many factors are investigated, including the main ones:

a) Dynamics of changes in prices for plots similar in all respects for the short-term (1-2 years) and medium-term (5 years) periods.

b) The expected dynamics of changes in prices for the site, taking into account such factors as long-term plans for the development of the adjacent territory, the political and economic situation in a particular district, region, subject of the federation, changes in the ecological situation, climatic processes in a given area, social and demographic processes, etc. etc.

c) Analysis of possible risks in various areas of development of this land plot, the possibility of overcoming such risks and the calculation of the associated material costs.

d) Forecast of the liquidity of the land plot at different stages of its development.

Despite the fact that the answers to each of the above points can be rather approximate, their combination, when studied within the framework of a mathematical model, gives a fairly accurate answer about the consumer value of the site, which is understood as the maximum allowable amount of money, the investment of which, when buying land, ensures the profitability of further development of the site.

Victor Shchelokov,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Legal Support of Land Users
St. Petersburg, st. Gorokhovaya, 53 +7 (812) 605-08-40

I want to buy a land plot - how to determine the actual cost of a land plot - garden and vegetable garden

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    I need a small prefab house for my garden plot. I grow vegetables and fruits on the site. A lot of work. I even hand over my products to vegetable bases. I have such a small business. Needed.

    Hello! At the moment we are building our own bathhouse in a suburban area. We are planning to make wooden doors ourselves, so we are interested in what kind of doors they are.

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    Hello. This year I would like to plant white mustard on my site. I have never encountered her before, but I heard that she is very useful. So, I would like to know how and when.

    I want to buy a small ready-made wooden house for my summer cottage. My grandchildren sometimes go to the dacha with me on weekends, help weed the beds, but there is no house. Children need to rest somewhere. Where.

    The fact is that I inherited a house from my grandmother. Only the house is in a very poor condition and I need to reconstruct or complete it. I would really like you to advise me.

    I bought a summer cottage and a car to drive on. Children need fresh air. There is a river nearby, a forest. You can have a good rest. But for this you still need to build a house. The house will be about 6 by 6. How much.

    For my garden, I really need a small prefabricated house that can be assembled in just a few days. I have no time to mess around with a construction site. Busy working in the garden. Where to buy a small one.

    Hello, my name is Alexander, I am 34 years old. Last year I bought a small plot of land on the edge of the city (6x10). I want to ask how to plan a 5x7 house. We will build a house for the parents.

    Hello! This year my wife and I are going to acquire our own suburban area. We are planning to install a house on its territory. Please tell me how much the country houses are now.

    There is a small summer cottage in the village. It is necessary to build a house there so that you can hide from the bad weather and spend the night in the season. A big request to all readers who are in the know, tell me the prices.

    Good morning. I want to consult with you about this. I recently became the owner of a land plot, and now I want to build a house. But I learned that I needed to make an incision at home. Say what.

    Good morning. I would like to ask you this question. I have recently inherited the land. Now I'm going to build a house on it. I heard that there are so-called ready-made projects. Tell me what.

    Good morning to you. Please help me figure out the layout of an 8x9 one-story house. I am starting the construction of such a house on my site and am tormented by the question of how to plan everything correctly? ...

    Hello! Need help with the next question, how to build turnkey frame panel houses using the correct method and quality? How to choose the right materials and what to pay special attention to.

    We wanted to make a small pond in the country. I know that they are used as a decoration of the territory, but maybe there is still some way to use the pond functionally? Please help with the landscape.

    Hello. I want to consult with you about this. I want to buy a piece of land and build a country house on it, plant a vegetable garden and spend the whole summer there. Tell me if it is expensive to build.

    We have a land plot not far from Pskov. The wife insists on purchasing a country house for a summer cottage. We decided on the size 6x8. Tell us what is the cost of a house made of laminated veneer lumber.

    Hello. I want to get some advice on my question. The fact is that I received a small piece of land as a gift, I have already drawn up everything for it, now I am thinking of starting the design. Tell me what is known.

    We need a 6x8 house project. It is a house with such an area that fits into my suburban area. The plot is located in a very picturesque place. The river is nearby and the mountains are visible. Where can you see the out-of-town project.

    I inherited an inheritance from my grandmother in the Tver region: a plot of land and a small house. But it is so old that a lot of money will be spent on restoration. I think it's cheaper to buy a frame.

    I need a small house for my summer cottage. There is my site without a stake and without a yard. It's time to improve it. I tidied the garden, the garden too. It remains to decide with the house. How much is a wireframe.

    For recreation outside the city with the whole family, a panel cottage house is perfect. The cheapness of materials and the speed of construction attract many people. It can also be used as a complete place.

    I want to build a house on my summer cottage. The site was recently bought. I paid a lot of money. I have had the car for a long time. Parents gave it. There is something to go to the dacha. Now you need to build a house in the country. Who.

    Hello! Last season, my wife and I purchased a summer cottage and built a house on its territory. This year we were offered to enter into a dacha non-profit partnership. Please tell me, .

    In the Moscow region, my son has a summer cottage. We want to give him a gift and purchase a wooden bathhouse for this site. There is little cash, so I would like to know where you can buy.

    I want to quickly put a house on a summer cottage. In the summer, friends will come to us from another city. We have a nice suburban area in a picturesque location. Let's go with friends to the dacha. Where can you buy a prefab.

    Now many summer residents choose houses from a bar or frame-panel boards for living. I also need a house for a garden plot, so I want to ask where on the Internet you can see wooden houses, photos,.

    I want to quickly put a house on a summer cottage. There is no time to deliver the construction site and money too. I need a ready-made prefabricated house so that in a week it will already be at the summer cottage. Where to buy a prefab.

    We bought land in a prestigious area and now we want to build our own house on this plot. What factors should be considered first? How to correctly determine the location of the future.

    Good morning. I would like to hear a few words from a specialist about the construction of frame houses in Moscow. It is the frame house that interests. I want to do construction and sales there.

    Hello. I would like to receive a short consultation on my question from you. And he is concerned with this. I recently bought a land plot and now my husband and I cannot decide what is better to build. ...

    I need to put a small house on my summer cottage so that there is somewhere to rest after working in the garden. I don't need a big house. We live together with my wife. Children in another city. Where to buy quick-assembly.

    We have developed a project for the construction of a frame house, brought in panels, we will build it ourselves. I would not like to make mistakes when assembling, so I want to know where to look on the Internet.

    I need an inexpensive country house. I will come with my family to rest on the weekend. After the bustle of the city, I really want silence. The country plot is located in a quiet beautiful place. Who can build.

    In my garden there is a small shed for inventory and a table with benches. Nothing more. There is nowhere to hide from the rain. Maybe in a shed, but you can't sit there for a long time and comfortably. Want .

    Recently bought a suburban area in a very good location. The forest is nearby and the river flows. Quiet and grace. Children are waiting for me to build a house to go and rest. Where can I see a project of an inexpensive one.

    A month has passed since the moment I bought myself a land plot. In order to be able to engage in agriculture to the fullest, I want to buy myself a tractor for a summer residence. Already looking on the Internet.

    Good day. I want to be curious about this situation. I recently purchased a piece of land. Small. For construction. I would like to ask you what the price of wooden houses is? And what are they.

    I know the approximate cost of frame country houses in Moscow, but I heard that prices change depending on the region. Since I have a land plot in the Ryazan region, I am interested in locals.

    I really want to have a house at my summer cottage. I don’t have a lot of money, but what I have enough will be. The little house suits me perfectly. Please advise who can build cheaply.

    I really want to have a house at my summer cottage. I don’t have a lot of money, but what is enough for it will be. The little house suits me perfectly. Please advise who can build cheaply.

    My father asked me to start building a bathhouse. Since he himself is no longer at that age. As you understand, I first need to make a bath project and find out how much the bath construction will build. ...

    Good to you, time of day. My family and I have a small plot of land outside the city where we would like to build ourselves a small country house from planed oak. But first, we need to order a project,.

    Greetings. I want to purchase a walk-behind tractor for my land plot. They told me that it is best to take the heavy one, for the cheapness I will take the Chinese one. Advise the forum about heavy Chinese.

    Allocated a plot for the construction of a house 5 by 6. The rest of my suburban area is set aside for a garden and a vegetable garden. I want to build a house from a log. I really like the log houses of such houses. How much is .

    I want to build a private country house for permanent residence. I bought a plot of land within the city, made a project for a future house in a design organization and received a building permit. ...

    Recently I had an idea - to equip a paid parking lot near my home. It’s just the right place. Now I would like to find out how to rent land in the city. Where to go.

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    I want to buy a land plot - how to determine the actual cost of a land plot - garden and vegetable garden

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    The gardening partnership received the land and now we need to build houses, but we are faced with the problem of creating documentation for houses and projects for our site. It's been three months now, and we haven't even gotten an agreement.

    We bought a summer cottage long ago. Often there is a problem where to spend the night or hide from the weather. Maybe among the readers there are people who are versed in construction, please tell me how to build.

    Actually, not so long ago they bought a plot of land for the construction of a two-storey building. A team is required to build it from scratch on a turnkey basis. The main factors of the "tender" are quality and price. ...

    I decided for myself that I would live in Moscow in a clean and beautiful wooden house. Just first you need to build a house. Time plays a very important role for me, so I want to know how long it will be.

    Good morning to you. I want to understand how sandwich panel cabins are constructed? We want to build such panels on our land plot and we are very interested in your opinion regarding.

    the fact is that it will soon be spring on the street and I want to relax in nature this spring and summer. in this regard, it is necessary to build a house at the summer cottage. the size of the house should be 10 to 10. please tell me.

    Good morning. I am now building a bathhouse in a suburban area. And the workers told me to buy aluminum foil for the bath. Please tell me what is it for? I do not understand .

    There is a small suburban area. It is necessary to put up a small house so that you can hide from the weather and spend the night there. Please tell me what kind of prefabricated houses for giving.

    It is long overdue to put a house on a summer cottage. Moreover, it will be visited at any time of the year. Maybe someone is familiar with the topic, please share information about how much the finished one will cost.

    I bought land for a summer residence, but I can't do without a house on the site. Buying ready-made is quite expensive. What do you need to build a house with your own hands? I would like to have a building not only for.

    Good day. Now we are engaged in the arrangement of the suburban area. I would like everything to be beautiful and equipped. At this stage, I am interested in street lighting in the country. Tell that about him.

    Hello. Thoughts about building a bathhouse have not left me for a long time. I recently read about the advantages of a shield bath. I want the same for myself. Tell me how to build a shield bath?

    There is a small plot that was inherited. Based on the size of the plot, tell me where to get the project of a 6x12 house. I would be very grateful for your advice.

    My brother and I inherited a piece of land and we want to build a house from a bar for two families on it. We realize that the house will be big. Are there any advantages of such construction or is it cheaper to deliver.

    Our family has been allocated a land plot for construction. The problem is that it is small (only 6 acres). We decided to use it for summer vacations. In order to save space, we want to build a two-story one.

    I have a plot for a vegetable garden. On the territory of the site there is a shed for inventory and a small gazebo for rest. In autumn, when the harvest is in progress, it often rains. You can hide in the gazebo, but if.

    The suburban area was inherited. There is a small shed there. And I would like to build a house. Please tell me how to quickly build a country house.

    Greetings. I recently bought a fubag in 160 welding machine and recently something happened to it and it stopped working. So I started to repair it. Please tell me how to do it correctly.

    I would like to know if it is realistic to build a house on a summer cottage yourself? Choosing the material from which the construction will be carried out, the type, the area, he settled on a frame house. Friends advise.

    I want to put a small one-story house on my summer cottage. While there is a shed for inventory on the territory of the site. I also want a place to rest myself. Shovels with a rake and good in the shed.

    A friend and I recently bought some garden plots in the neighborhood. We will go on weekends with our families. They decided to set aside a part of the site for a garden and a vegetable garden, and put houses in the other half.

    My wife and I decided to buy a land plot and start building a house. And soon I will also retire, so there will be plenty of time for construction. Advise where to start construction.

    The need for advertising and promotions is a must when selling apartments in a new building.

    Good day. I want to build a private house on my small plot of land, but I don't know how long it will be. And I have a question for you, how much will it cost to build a private house? Great.

    I want to build a house on my summer cottage myself. I have a small plot, part of it is set aside for garden trees. and part of the garden. Therefore, I plan to build a small house. Where to start construction.


    Greetings. I would like to somehow improve my home. For this I want to make repairs at home. But I don’t know how to do it correctly. And how often do they do it.

    Not so long ago I bought land outside the city. I have already poured the foundation and am going to build a house. All friends and relatives in unison are advised to build a house from a bar. Tell me, who has any reviews about houses from a bar? ...

    In summer, the whole family often gathers at grandfather's dacha. Previously, there was enough space for everyone, but over the years the family has grown and became cramped in the old house of three rooms. This situation made me think about the second.

    It has been a long time since I went to my abandoned summer cottage. The place is good, but all the time there was no time to do it, he collected all the money. I bought a car. I went to the dacha the other day and decided to put everything in order there. ...

    Good morning. I would like to ask you this question. It concerns the construction of a bathhouse with an attic made of laminated veneer lumber. My brother and I want to do this business. Tell me how to build such a bath. ...

    Good morning. I would like to ask you this question. It concerns the construction of a bathhouse with an attic made of laminated veneer lumber. My brother and I want to do this business. Tell me how to build such a bath. ...

    I want to build a country house. He will have a place to rest with his family on weekends. We love to collect mushrooms all together. There is a gorgeous forest near our site, in which there are a lot of mushrooms. Which is better.

    Hello. I want to buy a set of tools for my son, my colleagues at work recommended to take from the Bort company. So, maybe some of you have met this kind of tool and will be able to me.

    Recently my wife and I inherited a large plot of land outside the city. We are going to engage in agriculture there and for this we plan to buy a Belarus mini-tractor. I wanted it in advance.

    Good day to all! In the spring I decided to get a house, I just want to find a good company that is a pro in this and how it builds to order and you can buy ready-made plots, at the moment I'm interested in the tower.

    I will build a house in the village. I live in the city. I have a big family. Grandchildren will be here soon. It's a bit cramped for everyone in one apartment. My wife and I decided to move to the village. There is a site. Where to start construction.

    I recently bought a small piece of land. I want to grow organic food for myself. Tired of buying in stores. Prices are growing every day. Our apples are like Spanish oranges. ...

    Hello! Questions: 1. What documents should the organization for the installation of metal structures provide? 2. What documents should the organization provide during manufacture or delivery from another.

    Good afternoon, dear summer residents and owners of suburban areas. Recently I read on the Internet about the so-called summer cottage loan in a bank. Tell who knows what percentages there are and whether it makes sense.

    Yesterday a neighbor in the country set up a garden house for himself. Assembled quickly. There was no house a week ago. And yesterday I arrived at the dacha and saw that a teremok had grown on his site. I am such a little house too.

    Good afternoon. I recently moved to a permanent place of residence in Rostov-on-Don and would like to buy myself a small house. So I decided to ask how much the house from a bar underneath would cost approximately.

    Hello. I want to buy a turnkey project house, ready for habitation. I don’t know how or where to start. The building land has been ready for a long time. It remains to conclude an agreement with the company.

    Good morning. Help me figure this out. I recently bought a plot of land, now I am thinking of building a house from a bar on it. But I don’t know how much a log house built with the help of the company costs. Tell me. ...

    Hello, I would like to know how and in what ways to make or decorate a semi-antique bath? and is it possible to do this at all, if yes, then in what ways. Thank you in advance for yours.

    I want to buy myself a dacha, or rather a dacha house. I have a plot for building a house. Recently I bought a car with all my savings. The site is located far from the city and transport links are included.

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    What is the cadastral plan of the site for?

    Complete and reliable information about the property is reflected in the plot drawing. According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 221 "On Cadastral Activities" (dated 24.07.2007), the previous owner is obliged to provide the new owner with a complete set of documents for real estate, including the plot of the allotment.

    The document is needed in the following cases:

    • Registration of property rights during privatization
    • Legal transactions with real estate (sale and purchase transaction, conclusion of a lease agreement, registration of inheritance)
    • Resolution of border disputes with the owners of adjacent land plots
    • Division of one object into several independent units
    • Obtaining a permit for construction, reconstruction or redevelopment of an object
    • Transfer of land as a pledge on the terms of a mortgage agreement
    • Property insurance
    • Determination or clarification of the boundaries of the investigated and neighboring allotments.

    If the scheme has been lost, then it is enough to order an extract from the USRN. This help contains detailed information about the object.

    The cadastral plan must be drawn up during the initial registration of land in Rosreestr. The object is considered legally existing after registration in the Rosreestr database.

    What is the difference between izhs and gardening

      By purchasing a land plot for individual housing construction, you can erect any structures on it. The main thing is that they meet the requirements for residential buildings. On the lands of SNT, you can also build any building, even the smallest shed.

    The only question is that it will be problematic to register in it, since the building must have a normal infrastructure and meet the requirements for permanent residence. In buildings erected on land under individual housing construction, you can register. For registration in buildings on the lands of SNT, you will have to go through a large number of instances before permission for registration is obtained.

  • The tax on real estate located in the lands of SNT is significantly lower compared to taxes on houses erected on the lands of individual housing construction.
  • The advantage of the IZhS is that the local authorities regularly develop the infrastructure of the settlements, while the lands of the SNT are developed at the expense of its members.
    1. This site is prohibited from transferring it to another category.

    2. The plot does not fit the territory development plan.
    3. The site cannot be attached to the settlement, therefore difficulties arise when it is entered into the development plan, etc.

    An additional advantage of the agricultural plot and the country house located on it is that a residential facility is not a luxury item.

    At the same time, the purchase of an agricultural land plot does not guarantee a low income in comparison with individual housing construction. But the likelihood of the threat of high taxes is close to zero.

    Nothing depends on the size of a country house. According to the documents, it will be recognized as a small country house. If you want to sell a suburban area for SNT with a good country house, an expert estimate of the cost will be low. After all, it is impossible to register here.

    What is the difference between IZHS and SNT

    In this article, we will analyze how IZHS differs from SNT and what advantages and disadvantages they carry. We will find out why plots are purchased for individual housing construction and SNT, and also analyze the legislative acts on the topic. Let's consider common mistakes and answer the most common questions.

    1. The land is located within urban formations, which means the availability of infrastructure.
    2. Clean ecology away from factories and city traffic.
    3. Land ownership can be left secured at a credit institution, on the basis of which it is likely to receive a large loan.
    4. Upon the acquisition of land for individual housing construction, it is possible to submit an application to the employer or to the department of the Federal Tax Service for a property tax deduction, and they will not be able to refuse to provide it. For garden plots, there are legal grounds for refusal.
    5. Registration of permanent registration at the location of the site for individual housing construction with all the ensuing consequences.
    6. The possibility of erecting a capital structure for living in it up to 3 floors all year round and its further assessment or resale at an actual, not underestimated, price.
    7. Land improvement from the budget of the city or region, and not from your own pocket.

    We recommend reading: Payments after maternity leave

    Izhs and gardening will equalize, and low-tax truck farming will appear for pensioners

    Unfortunately, today the legislation is structured in such a way that the customer cannot figure it out and choose a cheaper method. To change this situation, we have prepared a whole package of amendments to the law - with their adoption, people will be able to choose the method of determining the coordinates themselves.

    QUESTION: - What should be the payment for land surveying of common lands in the SNT of the Moscow Region? The chairman of the partnership collects a lot of money from us for drawing up a general and cadastral plan for common lands. Whereas private plots are registered in the ownership of almost all members of the cooperative?

    Regardless of what large and capital house you built on the SNT site, according to the documents it will still be listed as a country house. Depending on this, there may be a low assessment of your home by the expertise if you want to sell it, there will be difficulties with the registration of all family members, etc.

    The DNP lands have an agricultural purpose, and are intended, first of all, for organizing a garden, growing crops. On this site, you can build a summer cottage, but building a large house for permanent residence is problematic.

    What is the difference between LPH, DNP, IZHS, SNT

    IZHS - land status, individual housing construction, land category of settlements. According to the RF Labor Code, plots with the status of individual housing construction are designed for the construction of an individual residential building.

    Each region of the Russian Federation has its own restrictions on the size of the site, its own minimum and maximum norms. Since the IZhS site is intended for the construction of a residential building, and not a summer cottage, its project needs to go through a series of approvals from local authorities.

    To obtain a residence permit on the IZhS site, the following condition must be met: the presence of a country house within the boundaries of the settlement, that is, the status of the land of the settlements.

    Also, according to the law, it is possible to register only in an erected house that meets the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, as well as a BTI floor plan has been formed for the house. Subject to these rules, it will be possible to lead a gas pipeline to the house, and, accordingly, register in it.

    The main difference between the first and the second is that in the first case it is possible to get a registration, while in the second it will be more difficult to do it.

    But this point should rather be of concern to those who build their own house for moving and permanent residence in the countryside, and this housing will be the only one where you can register.

    If a land plot is bought for the purpose of seasonal recreation, cultivation of a vegetable garden, as additional real estate, then agricultural land may also be suitable.

    What is the difference between izhs and snt

    IZHS are much better suited for the construction of residential buildings, since this does not even require obtaining a permit for the construction of a building. But there are a number of restrictions on houses that will be located on individual housing construction: only one family can register, the house should not exceed a height of three floors.

    We recommend to read: the report of the revealed defects of construction works

    IZHS and SNT are two types of sites that are designed for different purposes.

    If we take into account only the construction of a residential facility for further permanent residence, then it will be more convenient to purchase IZHS land.

    But if the acquired territory will be developed for farming, then you should pay attention to the SNT category.

    I want to buy land

    In principle, there is no difference. Registration is possible both there and there, only in the case of gardening, you will have to spend a year on the courts.

    But a very common problem at IZhSovsky sites is communications, namely electricity. There is no capacity and it is almost impossible to connect, while in SNT 3-4 kW are allocated for each section and there is a possibility of increase.

    in my opinion (a regional resident living in a village)))) the difference is about the same as a communal apartment and a separate one)), but otherwise there is no difference)) In gardening, you will not do anything without the decision of the gardening board and even light is sometimes problematic in horticulture (especially new ones), and with individual housing construction, of course, its difficulties. but there are also a lot of advantages (again, it's not for nothing that the price of individual housing construction is always higher than gardening)

    IZHS abbreviation - decoding

    Since in our time young families, as a rule, do not own anything, but they have the opportunity to acquire something (through savings and maternal or housing certificates), it turns out that they have a choice of what to buy. And in this situation, young people have land plots for individual housing construction in priority. However, when betting on them, you should imagine in detail what awaits you.

    More and more people today are seriously thinking about building their own home on the site. They are specifically looking for suitable land, making plans, drawing up projects, ordering estimates, but they do not always think about the legal side of the issue.

    Where did the abbreviation IZHS come from? What is its decoding and meaning? What is the purpose of the land? What are the main differences, pros and cons in comparison with DNT and SNT? You need to answer these questions yourself, since there are many options on the real estate market, and you have to choose the best one from them, without prejudice to yourself.

    What is the difference between the lands of LPH, IZHS, SNT, DNP

    Modern legislation gives citizens the right to acquire ownership of various land plots. But not every site you select can be used for your specific purposes. You need to decide what the state will allow you to do on it. And this depends on its location and purpose.

    • in practice, it is difficult to issue your registration in a country house built on the lands of SNT
    • SNT plots have, as a rule, a small area - 6-15 acres
    • the price of real estate on these lands will be low, regardless of the size and quality of the built house, it will be a country house
    • all arrangement and supply of communications should be carried out by the owner of the site, and not by local authorities
    • the need to pay membership fees to the partnership
    • financial organizations agree with great difficulty to use SNT lands as collateral.

    What is the difference between izhs and gardening Link to main publication

    Change in the permitted use of the land.

    The material Changing permitted use shows 2 ways to change the VRI.

    Changing the permitted use of land is a good tool to add value to plots.

    For example, having received a plot for a vegetable garden, the owner can change the VRI for IZHS.

    Such a scenario is possible if the territorial zone contains IZhS as the main VRI.

    This manipulation expands the possibilities of using some areas.

    Third category.

    Watch the video: How to Measure your Land plot