In order to obtain good crops, it is necessary to provide plants with a suitable soil so that their roots can absorb the essential nourishment for their development. The soil suitable for most woody and flowering plants is that formed by common earth and manure in equal parts. To obtain a good soil it will be necessary to turn it over and move it two or three times within a year so that the manure becomes one with the earth, that is a soil rich in fertilizing substance, friable, permeable to water in which the roots of the vegetables can easily absorb the indispensable nourishment. For the cuttings it will be necessary to add a part of fine sand to the soil, while for plants with persistent leaves and for alpine and bulbous ones, heather earth, very light, of a more or less dark red color, is very suitable. The earth formed by decomposed leaves is useful for sowing and multiplication for the cuttings of delicate greenhouse and evergreen plants; in order to have a good soil of leaves, dry leaves must be collected in the autumn period, ... continue

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continue ..., preferably chestnut, they are put aside and in the spring they have to wet, in the summer this accumulation of leaves moves and if the climate is dry, they moisten, let them decompose and in the following autumn the soil of leaves it will be ready to use. In addition to the different types of soil, the farmer must be provided with manure to be able to make soil, fertilize the flower beds, make warm beds if necessary; of fine and silica sand to be added to the different types of earth to make them more or less permeable according to the needs.

Liquid and concentrated fertilizers are very suitable for pot cultivation, the former can be created directly in the nursery by dissolving a quantity of dung in water. The types of fertilizer liquid called droppings and colombina, they are very good and effective, made with the steering of chickens and pigeons reduced to dust, but being very strong and aggressive before their use they will be dissolved in the water for watering. Excellent fertilizers, especially for some types of crops, are phosphate and superphosphate, they are very suitable to give the vegetation a more vigorous development. If, on the other hand, we need a very light soil, not very rich in fertilizers, but still useful for certain crops, we will have to store and collect the product of the garbage, uprooted herbs, plants, whose flowers will no longer bloom and develop.

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