Marit Danielsson: In the land of left-hand traffic

Marit Danielsson: In the land of left-hand traffic

CHRONICLE: Some time ago I found a small tape recorder in my desk drawer, one with a mini tape, which is tiny and fits in a pocket. Curiously, I pressed play.

SOME TIME AGO, I FOUND a small tape recorder in my desk drawer, one with a mini tape, which is tiny and fits in a pocket.

Curious, I pressed play.

A whispering, furious voice. It rumbled so quietly that I heard no more than a word here and there. Drone, scratch and hiss, then a few words "next to the stone passage a low ..." or "up after the wall climbs ...".

I fiddled with the volume. "In front of the roses they have planted ..." (with staggering pronunciation): "Campanula persicifolia ...". Gosh! Suddenly I remembered! It was me! Which went around in English gardens with the tape recorder glued to my mouth to rabble ideas I would twist.

THE BAND ROLLED AND A LOAD of forgotten memories fell on me: we had taken the flight to England, the trip included a rental car so we tried to turn all halves of the brain to left-hand traffic - already in the parking garage at the airport we scratched the cement posts - and whizzed out into the countryside. Narrow winding roads à la Morden in Midsomer. We snooped right on several gardens every day - Hidcote Manor, Mottisfont Abbey, private open gardens ..., I ordered afternoon tea in batches and minutes and smeared clotted cream over both scones and myself - perfect nerdy garden days! (Apart from the fact that I was unwell, I was with children and every morning at five o'clock I, like an animal, had to go out and look for food. But still.)

AND YES, THERE ARE TRACKS OF THE JOURNEY IN MY GARDEN. For example, Campanula persicifolia (big bell) that made me stutter in Latin now lives here. And a Nevadaros

- which I in happy hysteria shouted about in the tape recorder when I realized that it passed my zone 4 - it stands by our shelter.

Travel is inspiration powder of the best kind. Like beautiful pictures of beautiful gardens!

Sven spoke out against the wolf - was beaten

One month ago, Sven Danielsson spoke openly about his desire for more wolf hunting in the area.

Last week, Grycksbobon was smashed with a baseball bat by masked people on their way home from the mailbox.

- The only thing they told me was that I would not comment on wolves, says Sven Danielsson.

When Sven Danielsson was to turn 70, he told about his life in a report in the local newspaper Falu Kuriren.

But the tribute quickly turned into a nightmare.

For Sven Danielsson, the reason is clear: A few lines he expressed about wolf hunting.

- I have no understanding that we should have wolves in our forests. I do not think they have any justification here, he told Falu Kuriren.

Already in the weeks after the statement, he has received several threatening calls.

And now Sven Danielsson is lying heavily bruised at home on his sofa.

- The only thing I can connect to is what I said about wolf hunting. That is the only reason I can think of for someone to do something like this, he says.

As Dalarnas Tidningar was the first to tell, Sven Danielsson would go his usual round in the idyllic community Grycksbo, outside Falun, when it happened.

- I was going to post my bills, when I suddenly felt how small it was in the back, he says.

- At first I thought I had been hit by a car, but then I turned around.

Then he stood face to face with three masked people - armed with baseball bats.

- It was two men and a woman who had driven forward with a car. I tried to defend myself, but you are not prepared for anything like that, says Sven Danielsson.

He was left bruised at the roadside, before being found by a passer-by who drove him home.


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Served duck liver and pikeperch fillet

It does not usually save on luxury during these events. Last year, guests were treated to smoked reindeer steak for starters, butter-baked salmon fillet for main course and white chocolate mousse for dessert. This year, duck liver mousse, butter-baked pikeperch fillet and blackberry mousse were on the menu.

The Swedish dinner was introduced when the king celebrated 40 years on the throne in 2013.

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"She has shown courage"

Last week, Elin Ersson, 21, prevented the expulsion of a man on board an aircraft that was to depart from Landvetter. Ersson refused to sit down and demanded that the captain order the man to get off. Finally, the captain ordered that both she and the man leave the plane. A preliminary investigation into suspected violations of the Aviation Ordinance has now been initiated.

Anne Ramberg has since praised Ersson's actions both through a tweet and through a blog post.

"Elin has not risked her life, but she has shown courage and stood up for something that she and many others consider to be an important issue in the rule of law in Sweden," she writes on her blog.

Ramberg is far from the only one who praises Ersson's action.

"Elin Ersson is the strongest person I have seen in a very long time. Her civil courage to save another person's life is outstanding," writes artist Malena Ernman on her Facebook page.

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