Garden questions and answers

Garden questions and answers

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    The apple tree as well as being a production plant that does not require exaggeratedly high temperatures, is also often used as an ornamental in gardens and parks
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    The olive tree is a plant with a double aptitude, productive and ornamental. Much appreciated in private gardens and parks, it is a plant that needs a mild climate with winters that are not too harsh to give
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    Pruning is always a delicate phase for the plant and must be done in the best way if you want to get good results ... here are some tips
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    Question of a gardening enthusiast who wants to know if there are species of flowers similar to September as characteristics of the flower and corolla
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    hello in the living room I have a big ficus beniamino that lately has a side with the up side
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    I would like to know when and how to prune a magnolia to which you need to give shape and stimulate growth
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    I would like to know how they develop and how deep the apricot roots can reach and d
  • Roots of conifers

    I have in my garden a cedar of Lebanon or pinus alba tree, planted very small in 1975..L'albe

Garden questions and answers - garden

For those who love small jobs in the garden or in the vegetable garden

Cristiano asks for information on pruning and the timing of the first flowering. Here they are:

"Breeding" pruning of citrus fruits: it is aimed at thinning the branches so that the plant has regular brightness in all its parts and develops naturally in a "globular shape".

Citrus fruit "production" pruning: it must be done in the period between the fruit harvest and the new flowering. It is practiced inside the foliage to thin out the fruiting branches, cutting the branches that are too vigorous that would prevent the lighting of the internal parts, and adjusting the "suckers" according to the new production, the development in height must always be adjusted according to the penetration of light to all parts of the plant.

Lemons produce after 4/5 years from planting, this does not prevent them from making some flowers even earlier if the climate, soil and exposure are favorable.

Andrea asks if he should cut the branches that have sprung up inside his lemon: the lemon plants should be left to develop in the most natural way possible, with a few pruning interventions that aim to thin out the branches to ensure lighting all parts of the plant, as it is also said further on. Opinions are very different on pruning, because there are those who fear that it could damage the plant and make its life shorter.

Gianni asks when to "graft" his lemon tree that has become "wild".
The grafts can be of various types and each has its own privileged period. For lemons, the dormant bud grafting is to be preferred in spring. There are specialized companies that provide the necessary material with the essential information on use.

Lemons and other citrus fruits at home: it is possible with some attention. First of all, make sure you buy healthy plants (perhaps certified), place them in a cool and sheltered bright place. In fact, they fear frost (in the north they cannot stay outdoors in the winter months) and the excessive heat of the apartments, which causes the leaves to fall. The plants should be watered once a week (however check that the soil remains moist and without stagnation of water) and fertilized at least twice a year with specific fertilizer. In the summer they will be displayed on the terrace or balcony.

Simona writes: "Hello everyone,
I have a balcony about 10 m long and just over 1 m wide . facing south / west, with full sun from lunchtime to sunset, I am in a village of Amiata, in the province of Grosseto, about 600 m. altitude and in winter the night temperatures can even reach -7 °, with the possibility of snowfalls.
I would like to know which plants I could grow and how I should behave when the winter season starts again.
I specify that if necessary, for the winter months, I could insert transparent plasticglass panels in a corner of the balcony to create a kind of "small greenhouse" to protect the most delicate plants or move some of them into the house.
I have already bought about ten "Parisian" and "ivy" geraniums, bidens and verbene for the balcony boxes. "
The choice already made should give good results if you like them, why not add the beautiful nasturtiums, the marigold or the godetie: there is still time for the sowing which, staggered, prolongs the flowering.

Mauro asks when and how how to prune the geraniums.
The geraniums are pruned in April, after the night frosts and before taking them outside. Indications will be given with the works of that month. Meanwhile, in March they can be repotted with fresh soil.

Elvira asks how kiwis are planted, but does not give any information on the specific situation.
The rules are those of planting medium-sized plants, verified that the soil and climate are suitable. The problem of the relationship between the number of male and female plants should be considered, as mentioned above. In the absence of an adequate ratio, artificial pollination is used.

Paolo has five kiwi plants, one female (weak and stunted) and four males (lush plants). This year alone, after four years from the plant, four fruits have been born: he asks what to do to improve production.
For optimal production not only the Male / Female ratio of 1M to 6-8F must be guaranteed, as the reader has already done, but the necessary nutritional elements such as iron or nitrogen and good lighting must be ensured to the plants.

Angela asks if 600 meters above sea level are suitable for kiwi plants, when to plant the plants and at what distance: it is important that the area where the plants are to be planted has a mild climate, is sheltered and well exposed to the sun to favor the ripening of the fruits, the plants must be planted in the autumn-winter period and the distance may depend on the type of orchard to be created, for example if it is a "domestic" type with few plants that will be treated in a manual or if produced with mechanical interventions.

Roberta has two kiwi plants, a male and a female, in the garden by the sea after three years the first fruits finally grow, but they remain hard and do not ripen.
To the information already given, we can add that the kiwis in the Italian regions ripen between October and November, one of their characteristics is their hardness (which allows them to be stored and transported) combined with good acidity and high sugar content because the fruits ripen in an optimal way. it needs not only light - and at the same time protection from the too violent rays of the sun - but also a lot of relative humidity and irrigation (for this reason the ideal position is that in the vicinity of lakes and rivers). If these conditions are met, the fruits will become "edible".

To know more: G. BONFANTE, Actinidia: cultivation techniques, Ed. The green house, Verona 1988.

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The secret garden - Source: getty-images

The secret garden is a fantastic genre novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, English writer best known for her children's books. The secret garden has had several film adaptations, including the latest film "The secret garden”Of 2020 directed by Marc Munden.


Mary Lennox is a ten-year-old girl who lives in India with her parents, rich, selfish and unable to give affection, and with the servants from which she is spoiled. One day, due to a cholera epidemic, he loses his parents and all his servants. Orphaned, she leaves India to live with her uncle Archibald Craven in Yorkshire. Achibald is a grumpy widower who leaves his niece in the care of the housekeeper, Mrs. Medlock. Uncle Achibald's house is very large and has many rooms, and Mary cannot enter some of these. The house also has a forbidden garden, that of Archibald's late wife. Intrigued by the garden, Mary manages to enter it and secretly, during her free time, takes care of it: she sows it, waters it, until it becomes as luxuriant as it once was. In addition, Mary with the help of the beautiful Dickon manages to restore the joy of living to her uncle's son, Colin: a sick child, unnecessarily oppressed by excessive care, who lived in a state of confinement that made him spoiled and unpleasant.

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Mary Lennox, the protagonist of the novel, is a ten-year-old girl who is orphaned and moves to England with her uncle Achibald. Here he rediscovers the desire to play, friendship and discovers his passion for nature in the secret garden of his uncle's house.

Colin is Mary's cousin. A spoiled and unpleasant young man who thinks he is sick.

Dickon he is the brother of Martha, the maid of the Craven house. He is a simple country boy with a kind soul who knows nature very well and for this reason he gives little Mary advice on botany. Dickon manages to charm animals with his pipe and communicate with them.

Where is The Secret Garden set?

English moorland. In India and Yorkshire.

How does the book The Secret Garden end?

The book ends with the joyful return home of Mr. Achibald who sees the garden in bloom again and finds his son Colin in excellent health.

Who is Dickon in the Secret Garden?

He is Martha's brother (Craven's housekeeper).

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The application is possible in any place, after having properly prepared the substrate in a simple but long-lasting way. On "soft" surfaces such as earth or grass it is necessary to spread a non-woven root-resistant fabric and then a layer of gravel before laying the grass, to facilitate drainage and offer greater compactness to the surface. On any compact flooring (concrete, tiles, flagstones, etc.) no type of substrate is required and the application will be even simpler and faster.

Garden questions and answers - garden

I am planning an underground garage and above I am going to
make us a garden. From the rules that are in the area, I have to put 40cm
of land above the garage. I would like to know first if 40cm of earth
they are enough to have nice weed. My surveyor says that
I will never get a nice green but yellow because 40cm is not much. Of
against putting more would make me increase the length of the ramp,
the thickness of the concrete (wet earth weighs -]). How about?

Also I would like to know if I have to be careful in putting the
"roof" of the garage, I guess not to do it level otherwise you will
the water stops and everything rots, on top of it there will be insulators to avoid doing
raining down, but maybe I have to put some particular fabric on it
thinking of the garden above?

What kind of seeds should you put? Or are they all okay?

The earth to put on? How would it be better to put it? With peat?

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