Chefler video - care and cultivation

Chefler video - care and cultivation

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Video about Shefler - everything you need to know about this houseplant, incl. how to take proper care of it. As they say - it is better to see once ... And do this. Happy viewing!

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The average characteristics of different varieties of crops are shown in the table:

Indicator name Characteristic
Genus tree climbing plants
Family legumes
Row deciduous vines
Growing season perennial plant (15 - 20 years old)
The onset of flowering for 3-4 years of planting a cutting or rooted seedling in a permanent place
Flowering period from late March to early May
Maximum stem height 17 - 20 m (it can grow not only upwards, but also spread horizontally along the support)
Leaf characteristic pinnate, up to 30 cm long, up to 10 leaves on a branch
Characteristics of colors fragrant, collected in long brushes, bloom gradually from the upper buds to the lower
Bud color the most common is lilac; varieties of white, pink, blue are also bred.

Care rules

Thuja is a coniferous plant popular for hedges as it stays bushy throughout the season and can also be a wonderful habitat for birds. Thuja plants are unpretentious, but they need ...

And I don’t want, I don’t want to seedlings, I want straight into the ground, I want right into the ground! And will!

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Growing Ipomoea seedlings: a step-by-step master class from Irina Popova

Ipomoea can be sown in open ground with prepared seeds in late spring, since it is very thermophilic and seedlings can die even at zero temperature.

An unpretentious and beautiful flower for sowing in the country - lavatera, khatma or dog rose

It is not for nothing that the lavatera is popularly known as the wild rose, or hautma! She is beautiful, unpretentious and worthy to take a place in any flower garden.

Hydrangea paniculata Samara Lydia

Insanely beautiful novelty for your garden! Experts of POISK Agroholding told us everything about its beauty and cultivation features.

5 rare but resilient garden shrubs to plant in your garden

We offer you TOP-5 rare shrubs that are beautiful and stable in the middle lane, and some are also useful! So Mahonia has edible berries, and gorse is actively used in folk medicine.

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Secrets of growing sweet potatoes - sweet potatoes in the middle lane

Ten years ago, summer residents of the middle lane did not even hear about sweet potatoes. About 5 years ago they began to talk about it - this culture began to conquer the southern regions. And for the last 2-3 years, sweet potatoes have come a long way.

Growing osteospermum from seeds

Based on my experience, I will say that Osteospermum is easy to grow from seeds and get strong and healthy seedlings for decorating flower beds, flower beds, rabatki, and how beautiful it looks as a curb plant.

For reference, I will clarify what was growing osteospermum Mix of colors - these are compact plants about 25 cm high.

I sowed on March 23, and within a week all the seeds hatched.

Care at this stage consisted in good lighting, I used a phyto-lamp, because grew seedlings indoors, and there was not enough light from the window. Watering as the soil dries up and the temperature is 20-23 gr. Celsius. It is possible to cut the plants into separate containers, as soon as a couple of real leaves appear.

It is possible to plant grown and strengthened osteospermum seedlings in a permanent place in open ground as soon as the threat of recurrent frosts is avoided. I got such an opportunity at the end of May.

And in the middle of June, i.e. 2 weeks after planting, the first buds have already begun to appear on the plants, and they began to prepare for flowering.

Just at this time to the plants fertilizing with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers is required, but nitrogen goes into the background.
I use Plantafol fertilizer

In general, I would like to say that osteospermum delighted with its flowering throughout the summer-autumn period, literally before the first frost.

I recommend that everyone try to grow this bright, spectacular plant in their backyard. no doubt, osteospermum will fit into any flower bed, flower garden, and undersized varieties planted in flowerpots or pots will perfectly decorate a porch, terrace, gazebo, etc.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, write them in the comments or chat. Subscribe to our Yandex Channel: Vegetable garden - Medvedev's garden

I wish you all beautiful flowers and see you soon!

Outdoor cucumber hybrids

There are more and more varieties and hybrids of cucumbers every year. At the same time, their composition is significantly updated annually - preference is given to the earliest, well-fertile, relatively resistant to various diseases.

Outdoor cucumber hybrids

Remember that all F1 hybrids do not retain their unique properties in the second generation, that is, there is no point in collecting seeds.

'Farmer F1'

A mid-season fruitful bee-pollinated hybrid with a predominantly female type of flowering, relatively cold-resistant, extremely resistant to powdery and downy mildew and olive spot. Cucumbers 'Farmer F1' are grown in protected and open ground. The green fruit reaches 12 cm. The peculiarity of this hybrid is the intensive growth of the main lash and the rapid appearance of lateral shoots, it is with the regrowth of which that the peak of mass fruiting occurs.

'Othello F1'

A uniquely early ripening hybrid: the ripening of small tuberous fruits begins already 45 days after the shoots have appeared.

Cucumbers without bitterness are ideal for fresh consumption

Crispy cucumbers 'Othello F1' have a pleasant taste (even overripe fruits remain sweetish), genetically devoid of bitterness. Fruits can keep excellent taste and presentation for a long time. Resistant to powdery mildew, cucumber mosaic virus, downy mildew and cladosporiosis. The hybrid is cultivated not only in the open field, but also in greenhouses, as well as using temporary film shelters.

'Regina F1'

Mid-early hybrid. It is used for growing under temporary film shelters and in the open field. It is prone to parthenocarpia, it is quite resistant to viruses of cucumber mosaic, root rot, pathogens of powdery (real) mildew and cladosporiosis. Graceful fruits are also devoid of bitterness and are distinguished by excellent taste, ripening already 50-55 days after germination.

'Leandro F1'

A fairly early and high-yielding hybrid, resistant to stressful conditions and various diseases. It is distinguished by the female type of flowering, due to which it bears fruit well. Cucumbers with large pimples are great for pickling.

'Evita F1'

An early ripe hybrid. Due to the predominantly female type of flowering, it has high yields. Equally super-resistant to stressful conditions and disease. Recommended for cultivation in tunnels and open field. Fruits - dense pimpled cucumbers are characterized by high pickling qualities: they are devoid of bitterness, with small seed chambers. Many growers consider it to be the best hybrid for canning.

Dense pimpled cucumbers are good for pickles

In addition to the above, good for growing in the open field and such varieties of cucumbers as:

  • 'Parisian gherkin'
  • 'Crane'
  • 'Desdemona'
  • 'Moscow gherkin'.

Our market will help you choose seeds of cucumbers for open ground - an illustrated catalog in which products from different online stores are presented.

Video about the chef - care and cultivation - garden and vegetable garden

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