Acidophilus: definition and meaning

Acidophilus: definition and meaning

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What is crm?

Very often when we talk about customer relationship management we tend to equate this concept with a technology or an information system. In reality, despite using IT tools, the crm is not a product, but a business strategy or a business philosophy whose goal is to establish strong relationships is lasting with current and potential customers on the basis ofanalysis of information that concern them. Through the study of this information, in fact, the company is able to monitor the level of customer satisfaction and facilitate the loyalty process.

There function of CRM is therefore to identify the strategy and tools to be used to improve the company's ability to understand the habits and needs of the customer, so that the company itself can have the best possible relationship with them and can provide them with the right tools to relate to it. All this is possible thanks to the use of database in which all information regarding customers is concentrated: purchase preferences, usual orders, demographic data and contact information (Buttle M. Ornati, (2012) Customer Relationship Management. Theories and technologies, Franco Angeli, Milan).

If used properly, CRM is the most powerful tool for maintaining and strengthening the relationships between the company and the customer.

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