Sowing calendar for 23.01 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar for 23.01 - gardeners and gardeners

January 2021

January 23, Saturday, 11-12th lunar day. The waxing moon is in Gemini


Gemini favors the sowing and planting of climbing, creeping and creeping plants - both vegetable, fruit, and ornamental. Mustache-forming crops will also grow well.

Thin and huddle seedlings, remove weeds from the beds. You can loosen the ground, but without watering.

Treat crops with fungicidal and insecticidal agents.

Pinching, pinching, pruning strawberry whiskers and removing shoots are welcome in Gemini.

Plants can be cut and rooted.


Plant legumes, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, and broccoli.

Sow from the green:

  • spinach;
  • field mint and apple;
  • lemon balm;
  • fennel Crimean.

At home, plant a graceful callisia, a long-leaved nolina, a large sansevieria, a Canary date. Plant ivy, tradescantia, and other vines.

Not recommended

Do not prune fruit trees.

Don't budge.


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Sowing calendar for 23.01 - gardeners and gardeners - garden and vegetable garden

April - one of the most stressful months for the gardener and gardener, because the work at the summer cottage is only being added. The weather is still changeable, and it is necessary to prepare the site for planting and sowing, to process fruit trees and shrubs from diseases and pests.

Gardener's lunar sowing calendar for April 2021 will help to plan work on the site correctly, will tell you favorable and unfavorable days.

The influence of the moon

Planting for the moon is a great way to get a good harvest. It was used by people many years ago. During the growth stage, the edges of the lunar month are directed to the right side. The peculiarity of this phase of the moon is to activate the metabolic process in that part of the plants that is above the earth's surface. During this period, you can:

  • plant crops that bear fruit above the ground, for example, root crops, melons, fruits and berries
  • transplant
  • tie up
  • to process
  • feed
  • to inoculate.

All activities will be successful.

On a note! The waning moon is characterized by the direction of the sharp tips of the crescent to the left. It is not advisable to engage in gardening and vegetable gardening. Especially carry out pest control or transplanting seedlings.

Plants that bear fruit below the surface of the earth can be planted. These include tuberous and bulbous plants.

New moon

The satellite is practically invisible in the night sky. At this turning point, all metabolic processes freeze. It is not advisable to engage in gardening and vegetable gardening, especially replanting and pruning.

Time is taken for personal relaxation. However, you can do:

  • removing areas of the tree that are withered and damaged
  • destruction of pests
  • weeding.

The rest of the activities are left for later.


Both edges of the lunar disk are directed to the right. Metabolism is activated in the aerial parts of plants. The probability of causing damage to the root system is minimal. On the growth of the moon, it is permissible to conduct:

  • planting crops that bear fruit above the ground, such as cucumber, pepper, melon, herbs, fruit tree, flowers, medicinal herbs
  • transplants
  • garters
  • earthworks
  • making foliar dressings.

You can not cut the branches and graft them. So you can lose all landings.

Full moon

Favorable landing days in the Moscow region are those dates that are not chosen on the days of the full moon. During this period, or more precisely, before and after, a turning point comes. It is not suitable for:

  • earthworks
  • harvesting
  • preparing them for long-term storage.

Heat treatment, binding, grafting, loosening are strictly prohibited.


Both ends point to the left. At the decreasing stage, all nutrients are directed towards the root system. The time is not suitable for treatment against pests and diseases. Do not transplant seedlings. However, they confidently carry out:

  • planting root crops
  • thinning of densely spaced seedlings
  • division of perennial crops
  • weed removal
  • watering
  • top dressing
  • planting of young trees, shrubs, their grafting, pruning.

On a note! It is enough to simply distinguish a growing lunar disk from a decreasing one, since if you mentally attach a pencil to the month, it will look like the letter P - growing. As it descends, its mirror image is formed.

This is how the phases of the moon are recognized.

Calendar table

We bring to your attention the lunar calendar for gardeners and gardeners for April 2021 (Moscow time!):

thinning of seedlings, destruction of weeds and pests

Favorable dates for carrying out certain agricultural activities are advisory in nature.

Recommendations of the gardener's calendars for planting and sowing should be compared with the climate of a particular region and weather conditions

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