Geoplastics as a direction in landscape design

Geoplastics as a direction in landscape design

Good day! I heard from a friend, and she is a fan of summer cottages, that the direction of geoplastics is now fashionable. Tell us what kind of animal it is and with what it is eaten?


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The term geoplastics appeared not so long ago, but in fact it hides a thousand-year history of garden art. These techniques have been used in landscape art for many centuries, since people at all times strived to improve living conditions and housekeeping, for which it was sometimes necessary to correct the natural topography of territories. But geoplastics has become especially widespread since the 20th century. It was during this period that this method of design of the relief gained relevance and became popular not only in landscape architecture, but also in home gardens. Despite the fact that many new decoration ideas popular in the West are not yet widely used in our country, more and more people who have their own land plots want to transform their pristine landscape for the better, to emphasize all the diversity and beauty of the relief.

The possibilities of geoplastics in many cases are not limited

So what is geoplastics? What capabilities does it have? How can you use them to improve the territory of your garden?

What is geoplastic in landscape design

Geoplastics is an architectural and artistic plastic treatment of relief and transformation by artificially creating its forms, taking into account the aesthetic, technical and functional requirements for the object, landscape features of the territory, the presence of vegetation and the level of groundwater.

The activities in the art of geoplastics and relief modeling include the device of both engineering and aesthetically expressive structures that enrich the relief.

These are, first of all: terracing of slopes; the device of retaining walls; slope planning; the device of stairs, ramps, steps; the formation of earthen ramparts and hills where they initially did not exist.

Thus, the use of this promising direction can benefit both owners of plots on a slope and those who have an absolutely flat plot.

How can you create such forms with your own hands in your summer cottage

In the event that you are the owner of a plot on a slope, for the convenience of using it, you will need to terrace the slope. This can be done in both regular and landscape style using two different methods. The first is to use retaining walls, the second - slopes (steep slopes must be reinforced with a special lattice, which will protect them from slipping).

In addition, staircases are indispensable in the relief area. The choice of material depends mainly on the style of the site and your preferences. Long and steep stairs should be protected with handrails, and for people with limited mobility, the steps should be replaced with ramps.

The material on strengthening the slopes and slopes on the site will also be useful:

Another situation is if your plot is completely flat. This is ideal for setting up a vegetable garden or orchard, but for decorative gardening, such a relief can seem boring and monotonous. A geoplastic technique such as the creation of artificial hills can help here.

The direction can be applied both on small plots and when decorating the landscape of large land holdings

In addition to creating a visual effect, man-made hills can solve many purely practical problems.

  1. In this way, you can zone the space.
  2. It will be great to hide from prying eyes any areas that you wish (for example, a cellar, utility block, recreation area). For this, it is enough that the height of the hill planted with plants is about 1.5–2 m. On the contrary, you can make the hill a wonderful place to relax by placing a gazebo on its top, from which a picturesque view of the site will open.
  3. The hill can function as soundproofing. If the soil in the area retains moisture well, you can also use the hills for growing plants, placing the light-loving ones on the southern slope, and the shade-loving ones on the north.

But there is one caveat - on a plot of less than 10 acres, the hills look unnatural, disrupting the natural balance. Therefore, if your site does not have such dimensions, you can make a small hill for rockeries or rock gardens.

What materials are preferable to use

It should be borne in mind that not all materials can be used to create an artificial hill. Clay and peat soil are completely unsuitable due to their ability to change volume with increasing humidity, as well as humus, due to the content of a large amount of organic matter, which will gradually decompose, reducing the volume of the soil and contributing to the subsidence of the hill. The best option is to use infertile soil, which must be poured in layers (layer thickness 30–40 cm), tamping and spilling each layer with water. It will be possible to start decorating the finished hill only after a year, otherwise there is a high probability that the soil may sink.

In any case, whether it is the construction of a retaining wall or the device of a hill, drainage will need to be done. Drainage is laid at the bottom of the retaining wall, along the slopes and at the foot of the hills.

You can learn about what and how to make retaining walls from the material:

Cons of geoplastics on a land plot

Despite the large number of advantages and positive aspects, geoplastics also has its disadvantages, which consist in a number of restrictions on the use of its methods. The main ones are:

  1. It is undesirable to change the relief in areas with high seismic activity.
  2. You should not create artificial relief in an area with loose soil.
  3. Geoplastics is absolutely inapplicable in areas with swampy soil.
  4. You will have to refuse to change the relief if there are valuable plants on your site that need to be preserved.
  5. You should never use geoplastics in forest areas.

Nevertheless, there are not so many restrictions on the use of geoplastics, and they in no way diminish its many advantages. Geoplastic techniques help us to make our garden unique and original, to give it uniqueness and originality.

Examples of landscape transformation in the photo

Author of the material: Laryukhina Aza

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Colors of 2021 in landscape design

There are no problems with the gray color in the design of the exterior of the house, yard and plot. This is an artificial and natural stone, paving slabs, just concrete, weathered wood on the floor of a terrace or a fence - there are always a lot of such finishes. Adding yellow is easy too. For example, just one massive flower pot of a cheerful color against the background of a brutal gray stone fireplace.

The upholstery of outdoor furniture, which is installed on the terrace, can also be gray. And to add yellow, you can use pillows. The kit will turn out to be relevant and stylish.

One of the simplest yet most successful ways to add yellow to gray in landscape design is with flowers. For example, bright rudbeckia and decorative sunflower, the cultivation of which the portal wrote in detail about. These flowers will look especially bright and attractive against the backdrop of gray tiles in the yard, patio area or on the steps of the porch.

Just one bright umbrella for protection from the sun's rays and the outdoor seating area will never seem boring and just gray.

Yellow can be added as a decor, just an insert on a solid and rather dull fence. And we must not forget that yellow is also tongues of flame, fire. Therefore, a campfire or fireplace in itself can be a great example of the 2021 shade mix.

The yellow front door is a very welcoming sign. And it looks great against the gray walls.

As you can see, it is easy to get the color combination of the coming year according to the Pantone Color Institute. These are perfectly harmonizing shades that can be used not only in interiors.

Landscaping styles for any yard

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Geoplastics of a site in landscape design

If you need to radically and in a short time period change the appearance of your site, then you should definitely resort to geoplastics. Geoplastics in landscape design implies an artistic transformation of a selected area, which consists in a partial or complete change of the natural relief. Artificial formation of hills, alpine slides, earthen ramparts, bulges and depressions, where they have never been before - all these manipulations on the ground can be safely classified as geoplastics. And these are far from all examples.

This method has been very popular since ancient times. One has only to remember the cult historical buildings: Roman amphitheaters, built into the mountain landscape, dams on the mighty Nile, earthen ramparts of the Scythians and other ancient peoples, hanging oriental gardens, rice fields in China. Even after hundreds of years, geoplastics has not lost its former relevance. Today it is widely used in landscape design, agriculture, and architectural objects.

Geoplastics often implies the restoration of the natural relief of the territory, as well as the construction of predominantly new forms with different purposes. These can be various gazebos, architectural elements that imitate small hills, as well as all kinds of islands. In this article we will talk about the most famous type of geoplastics - artificial hills.

First you need to have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you want to see on your site. It is best to capture all your thoughts and ideas on paper. So you can roughly estimate the parameters of the upcoming work and all kinds of risks. Indeed, in practice, not every idea can be implemented. For example, in a very small area, artificial hills will look piled up and ridiculous, upsetting the natural balance of the terrain. Although geoplastics calls for the formation of a new landscape, this does not mean that it should look stupid and unnatural. In order to ultimately achieve a good result, it is necessary to clearly work out each step of the upcoming actions, from elementary planning to the implementation of the idea on the site.

Oddly enough, but some owners of suburban areas dream of flat relief and want to get rid of any irregularities on the site by all means, while others, on the contrary, are impressed by the contrasting forms of the landscape. But it all depends not only on your taste preferences, but also on the chosen landscape style.

Consider the main advantages of hills in a private area:

  1. Unusual "natural" decoration.
  2. Comfortable pastime and relaxation at the top with admiration of the local surrounding beauty.
  3. Correction of the imperfections of the site.
  4. Relatively low costs.

Layout of geoplastics

Because how well you plan the future relief, the aesthetics and durability of your site will depend. To accurately perform all the calculations, you need to arm yourself with a sheet of paper, a pencil, a ruler, a tape measure, a level, and also small wooden pegs. Next, you need to make a relief map of the territory. If you find it difficult to complete this task, then it is better to entrust this matter to experienced specialists. You can make calculations yourself.

To do this, you need to mark the site and divide it into small squares. All measurements must be as accurate as possible. Only minor errors are allowed. It is necessary to drive the prepared pegs into the corners of the resulting squares. Further, using a ruler and a level, we determine the difference between the pegs. Note that measurements should be taken from the highest point in the area to the lowest. We fix the resulting dimensions with a pencil on a sheet.

Unfortunately, there are situations when geoplastics can significantly harm nature. Consider the cases when it is not recommended to perform geoplastics on the site:

  • High soil looseness.
  • The presence of a huge number of trees and large bushes on the territory.
  • The site falls into a seismic zone.
  • High groundwater table.

In conclusion, I would like to say that before making any manipulations on the site, do not be too lazy to contact the specialists for detailed advice. Geoplastics is a very interesting, but rather delicate work, mistakes in which can lead to undesirable consequences.

Other deciduous

A variety of weeping forms can boast not only birches and willows, but also other deciduous tree species. Let's dwell on them in more detail.

Rowan Pendula

A small deciduous tree with a dense crown. Umbrella flowers will delight the eye in spring, coral-red berries will add accents in summer, and the unique curves of the branches will enliven the landscape in winter frosts. The height of the tree depends solely on the distance at which the grafting was made to the ground level, usually 2.5-3.5 m.The crown can grow up to 4-5 m. Pendula reacts well to pruning, so the crown of this tree can be given a wide variety of shapes. It has no special requirements for the landing site, but it grows best in sunny areas. Adult rowan Pendula hardy, but young trees require shelter at least for the period of frost. The only significant drawback of this variety is its unhurried growth. In the first years after planting, it may even seem that the crown of the tree hardly grows, but this impression is deceiving. Before even a couple of years have passed, the mountain ash will start to grow and begin to delight with gracefully curved branches and a lush crown.

Rowan Pendula and Hazel Pendula

Hazel Pendula

This tall (up to 2.5 m) shrub will decorate the garden not only with its unusual silhouette, but also with a unique color of foliage. In summer it is dark green, and closer to autumn it is golden. Does not grow in sandy and waterlogged peat soils. The lack of sun negatively affects the fruiting and color of the leaves (they become faded).

Weeping crowns are characteristic not only of deciduous, but also coniferous trees. They compare favorably with deciduous species in that they remain green throughout the year. The downside is that drooping branches and yellowish needles can make the tree look sickly. Keep this in mind when developing a planting plan for your composition. Conifers love light, but do not grow well in direct sunlight.

Hanging weeping branches of fir trees create a cascade effect. These trees look good in gravel gardens and rockeries. Among the spruces there are quite a few varieties with a weeping crown. For example, common spruce Inversa, depending on the place and method of inoculation, it reaches a height of 5-8 m, and its narrow asymmetric crown grows to one and a half to two meters. Serbian spruce Pendula Bruns, differs in height (up to 10 m) and an unusual crown shape. If you want to dilute the greenery of the garden with bluish shades, make your choice in favor of the variety Glauka Pendula.

Ewing spruce and Horstmann juniper

Would you like to surprise your garden visitors with a plant with an outlandish crown? Plant a juniper Horstmann... It grows, of course, for a long time - 15-20 years. However, it's worth the wait the result will exceed all expectations. Over time, the crown of the plant will acquire bizarre shapes, somewhat similar to the figure of a person or a fairy-tale character or creature.

Trees with weeping crowns can be used in mixborders, rockeries, as well as when creating woody and shrub compositions. They also fit well into the design of recreation areas and playgrounds.

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