Cirro: definition and meaning

Cirro: definition and meaning


In botany, cirrus is a modified structure of the plant (branches or leaves) with an elongated and thin shape that allows plants that do not have erect stems to be able to anchor themselves to the supports they encounter.
It is synonymous with tendril.

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Cirro: definition and meaning

The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance it is used in the economic / financial field to indicate all those activities related toresponsible investment (IR) that pursue the typical objectives of financial management taking into account aspects of environmental, social and governance nature, precisely.

Why ESG investing is important

Focusing one's attention exclusively on financial returns and the fundamentals of a particular sector or company has now become a reductive exercise and investors in the field of asset management also in Italy, they pay more and more attention to ESG factors. Also favored by the push of the Millennials, the growth in demand is unstoppable and the range of products offered is increasingly varied also with regard to the bond asset class.

ESG criteria

Integrate i ESG criteria it has therefore become central, not only as regards the activity of institutional investors but also for financial advisors. There are many tools available to companies and intended for their stakeholders, the main one being represented by Social report, CSR Report - Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in Italy, also known as Sustainability Report.

On Wall Street Italy you will find all the information on ESG funds, such as i best and useful tips where to invest your savings.

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