How to draw up a land plot plan - 2

How to draw up a land plot plan - 2

However, some shortcomings of the above-mentioned order are already quite obvious, which can become problems for owners of land plots:

1. Inability to obtain a cadastral passport for a land plot and, accordingly, a certificate of ownership.

2. In the certificate of ownership issued by the FRS, the invalid actual area of ​​the object will be indicated, which leads to additional costs for obtaining a new certificate with an updated area.

3. When concluding a transaction, the registration authority may refuse to register property rights to a land plot, which may lead to a litigation with a party to the transaction or with a registering authority.

There is a real possibility of manifestation of the subjective attitude of officials of Rosnedvizhimost (cadastral chamber) when regulating geodetic activities in order to limit the number of geodetic organizations (cadastral engineers) in their districts. These actions will inevitably lead to a narrowing of the market for cadastral services and the elimination of "unfriendly" cadastral engineers from it. As a result, some cadastral engineers will redo the landmarks dozens of times, while others will prosper, handing over everything, albeit with "minor" errors, but the first time. For citizens, this situation will mean the following - prices for land surveying work will rise.

Subjective actions of officials of federal cadastral authorities (Rosnedvizhimost) and executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are based on the indefinite provision of clause 7.4 of Article 29 of the Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre" on the refusal to carry out cadastral registration on grounds related to gross violation by the cadastral engineer of the requirements established by the Federal Law "On the State Cadastre of Real Estate" for the performance of cadastral work or the execution of relevant documents prepared as a result of such work. " The classification of certain violations as gross depends entirely on the assessment given by an employee of the cadastral registration body.

Problems for cadastral engineers will arise not in the process of obtaining a qualification certificate, where the actions of officials are strictly regulated by the qualification examination procedure, but as a result of a subjective assessment of violations of the requirements for the implementation of cadastral work or paperwork, classifying insignificant violations as gross. For this reason, it is very important that representatives of independent geodetic (self-regulatory) organizations in the field of cadastral activities, representing the legitimate interests of their members in their relations with public authorities, are included in the qualification commission that makes the decision to cancel the qualification certificate. This is especially important when considering disputes related to the adoption by the cadastral registration body of decisions to refuse to carry out cadastral registration (this right of self-regulatory organizations in the field of cadastral activities is provided for by paragraph 2.1 of Article 34 of the Federal Law "On the State Real Estate Cadastre").

The land survey plan, in fact, eliminates many of the shortcomings of the current land management business, it clearly spelled out the requirements for the work performed, there is no explanatory note, which previously did not have a unified form. There are precise applications and forms that indicate all the necessary data that should be displayed during land surveying. From the existing documentation, only the border coordination act has not undergone any changes. The boundary plan is certified by the signature and seal of the cadastral engineer who prepared such a plan, indicating the qualification certificate.

With the introduction of the institute of cadastral engineers, the quality of the services provided for land surveying should improve, since in case of gross violation of the requirements for carrying out land surveying, the qualification certificate will be canceled, which will most likely lead to an increase in prices for the work performed. It should be noted that until 01.01.2011, cadastral activities, along with cadastral engineers, are entitled to be carried out by persons who, on the date of entry into force of the Federal Law, have the right to perform work on territorial land management.

The amendments that have come into force are designed to unify and accelerate the effective work of organizations involved in land surveying, paperwork, expertise and technical control over the implementation of the required procedures, and systematize the land surveying procedure.

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Layout of a plot of 15 acres

On the territory of the dacha from 10 to 25 acres, you should still do, first of all, the design not from the point of view of beauty (this is a secondary issue after all), but from the point of view of maximum comfort and convenience of location. Every competent plan or program of action should be drawn up with this rule in mind!

Recommendations for the location and arrangement of the house

Of course, the most important element of absolutely every summer cottage is a house. Therefore, you should take the most responsible approach to the issue of choosing the territory of the site on which it will be located, and only then think over the landscape design.

It should be remembered that it is most rational to make windows from the east or west. When the windows are on the south side, it is very hot in the room. It is best to equip a bathroom near the southern wall of the house. If the window openings are made on the north wall, then the room will be quite cold. It is optimal to locate a pantry near the northern wall, and not plan to green the territory here - this rule is of great importance, because little will grow on this territory, and it is simply stupid to do gardening here.

Site planning option

A good option is to add a veranda to the house, which will not only decorate the summer cottage, but also provide an opportunity for a large number of summer cottage guests to gather in the fresh air on warm summer days. Due to the fact that the main purpose of the veranda is to act as a recreation room, experts recommend making it from the south. Then on the veranda it will not always be cold and quite sunny.

In the northern part of a plot of any size, both 10, 12, 15, and 20 or 25 acres, you should not plant flowering ornamental crops or create a vegetable garden. It is best to plant plants on such a site that can grow well in the shade; they can significantly improve the design without much effort. These types of crops include apple, currant, and raspberry - therefore, the creation of an apple orchard in this area is quite appropriate. It is also acceptable to set up a vineyard of special varieties that do not like direct sunlight. It should be borne in mind that any landscaping on the site, including the device of beds, requires certain knowledge. Therefore, if there is no desire to study the recommendations of the masters, then it is wiser to immediately conclude a contract for landscaping with professionals.

It is best to pave a path around the entire perimeter of the house, which will provide an opportunity for free movement throughout the suburban area around the residential building.

A reasonable solution is to install or hang lanterns in the country house, which will provide an opportunity to view the area near the house well in the evening and at night. Examples of their placement can be found on specialized sites. The area that surrounds the house must be equipped: lay out paths, lay out flower beds or lawns, install lanterns, etc. A sample and recommendations of specialists for arranging a suburban area of ​​10, 12, 20, 25 and 15 acres can be easily found and browse the Internet online for free. This will allow you to do everything on your own, and not turn to professionals for help and conclude an agreement with them for the performance of landscape design work.

The layout of the suburban area: the rules for the location of buildings for household purposes

Staying absolutely at every summer cottage will not be comfortable if there are no outbuildings on it:

  • a shed in which you can hide all the garden equipment
  • bath for good rest and wellness procedures:
  • outdoor toilet (in the case when it is impossible to arrange it in the house)
  • compost pit, etc.

It is optimal to place buildings along the perimeter of the summer cottage, moreover, as far as possible from the house, since an illiterate combination of outbuildings and decorative elements can worsen the design.

Planning the placement of buildings

This is especially true for the toilet and compost pit, since, otherwise, unpleasant odors will be felt in the house, and in the air in the area that is intended for recreation. It is advisable in this case to create a preliminary plan, then the further action program will be clear and simple.

A shed should be built near a vegetable garden, flower bed, garden plot - in this case, there is no need to go far when you need some kind of inventory.

Those owners of summer cottages who have their own car transport should also think over the construction of a garage, which is best located near the gate. In general, the most optimal place for a garage is near the gate leading to the territory of the summer cottage. If you build a garage in the depths of the territory, then you will additionally spend precious space, which will be needed to lay the road from the garage.

The placement of buildings does not have to be at the edge of the suburban area of ​​20 acres - they can be located as the owner of the dacha considers necessary or as his family members want. The main thing is to do it in such a way as to avoid darkening the territory as much as possible.

The layout of the suburban area: the choice of territory for the garden and garden

The garden and vegetable garden are the most pleasant and productive part of the territory of the summer cottage, but landscaping of such a plan also obeys certain rules. If there is no desire to study them, then it will be easier to conclude an agreement with professionals - they know exactly all the nuances and even the solution of such issues as arranging a garage in a small area or vertical planting of berry crops, like vertical planting of vegetable beds, they can do!

When choosing fruit crops for planting them in the country, you should give preference to apple trees, cherries, plums, currants, raspberries and strawberries. As for vegetable crops, experienced summer residents advise planting potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes and much more - when choosing vegetable plants, you need to rely only on the taste preferences of the owner of the summer cottage, as well as his family members. But creating an apple orchard with your own hands on a plot of 10, 12, 15 or 20 acres is a great idea that everyone will like 100%! Everyone is also guaranteed to be satisfied with the vineyard in the country, therefore, almost any plan or program for the development of the territory includes its creation.

It is not bad when the territory of the garden is visually separated with the help of a decorative fence or paved paths. The garden and vegetable garden should be located on that part of the summer cottage territory, which receives the maximum amount of sunlight and heat. This rule must be followed, since good natural light is required to obtain a rich harvest when growing many crops.

It would be great to locate a source of water near the garden and vegetable garden - in this case, you don't have to carry buckets of water far or walk with a watering can. The installation of special irrigation systems, which automatically spray water, greatly simplifies watering. They can now be purchased not only in traditional stores, having concluded an appropriate supply and service agreement, but also on the Internet. Moreover, now even a vertical system of such a plan is proposed, which will significantly simplify landscaping and maintenance of the territory. With its help, today you can even water the vineyard.

For the most comfortable stay in a summer cottage or a personal plot of 10, 12, 15 or 20 square meters, it is a good idea to equip paths with your own hands that will lead to the territory of the garden and vegetable garden, as well as fence them with a small decorative fence - thus, it will be possible to designate a garden -city areas and decorate them. It is good to protect the vineyard with such fences.

It will be great to arrange flower beds around the garden, with which you can additionally decorate the site. A pre-created plan or program for the development of the territory will greatly simplify the process of carrying out such work.

Creation of a recreation area

This zone is one of the most important places on the territory of each summer cottage, because here the owner of the cottage, his family members and guests will spend a lot of time in the future. This means that everything should be arranged in this area for maximum relaxation and entertainment.

It is not bad to put an inflatable pool in the recreation area at the dacha - this design requires a small amount of space, but it will provide an opportunity to cool off for everyone on a hot summer day - both the owner of the site and his family.

In the past few decades, a gazebo has become a particularly popular and integral element of the summer cottage - this attribute of the summer cottage will allow you to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible, protect you from the scorching rays of the sun on a hot afternoon. At a short distance from this structure, you should equip a barbecue area.

Summing up, we can say that every modern and comfortable recreation area must necessarily include such attributes as: a gazebo, playground, pool and other components. The swing looks appropriate on the playground of the summer cottage, which must be supplemented with a canopy - it will reliably protect from direct sunlight and prevent burning in the sun. Even its almost vertical installation is allowed - on the side from which the sun most often shines.

In addition to all of the above, experts in the design of the landscape of summer cottages recommend equipping decorative ponds in recreation areas or small fountains in their area, which can be easily and easily made with your own hands. They are able not only to give a special zest to the appearance of the territory of the summer cottage and, thus, to please its owners, but also humidify the air.

On the territory of the zones that are intended for recreation, it is optimal to plant lawns - this will provide an opportunity to make the summer cottage area beautiful and convenient, and the overall design is complete and comfortable. After all, it is possible to walk barefoot on the lawn, sunbathe or just lie down and relax.

When there are children in the family of the owner of a summer cottage, then in the recreation areas it is appropriate to build a children's town, which consists of a small house, a sandbox with a large umbrella, a ball ring and a trampoline. Such a playground will certainly add joy and fun to the kids during their stay at their summer cottage. After all, now they will have the opportunity to play in their own small town, and their parents will have free time.

Experts in the design of summer cottages and backyard plots advise, as in the situation with vegetable gardens and gardens, those areas of zones that are intended for recreation, for example, to enclose with small decorative fences. In addition, paths connecting them with houses and baths should be paved.

It is necessary to install beautiful lanterns along the perimeters of the recreation areas - it is great if these lanterns work with solar batteries and are multi-colored. In addition to the fact that it is not just beautiful, such lamps will provide an opportunity to significantly save a family's financial resources for paying for electricity. And also there will be no need to pull the electric wire throughout the suburban area.

5. Consider the cardinal points.

This principle is important when determining the location of the house so that the sun shines in the desired windows during the day. After all, most of the windows should face south and southeast. Large trees, that is, a garden, are recommended to be located in the northern part of the site. Then their shadow will not interfere with other areas.

Execution of a purchase and sale agreement for a land plot in accordance with the provisions of the law 2021

The specifics of concluding a contract for the sale and purchase of a land plot are regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Articles 549-558). The agreement is subject to registration in Rosreestr legally (Art. 9 of Law 218-FZ of 13.07.2015 (as amended on 16.09.2019) "On registration of rights to real estate"), therefore, it has its own characteristics and distinctive features.
In addition to the fact that the contract for the land plot is concluded only in writing, it is also drawn up in three copies (one copy is kept in the Federal Register). The deed of transfer will be an integral part of the contract. The essential terms of the contract are the subject (land plot), price and the absence or presence of encumbrances.

Note! The contract of purchase and sale of a land plot is subject to mandatory registration with Rosreestr. Only after the fact of registration does the buyer acquire ownership.

Land surveying is based on the determination of the boundaries of the land plot, as well as their designation with special signs. Although cadastral activity is close to this concept, there are still differences, since it implies directly the paper part of these works. Simply put, cadastral activity is the work with documents required for land surveying. Accordingly, these procedures are closely related to each other.

The most common reasons for such work are highlighted:

  • For registration of rights to the site, which was allocated by the authorities.
  • When dividing a large allotment into several small ones, or, conversely, combining small ones into one large one.
  • In case of disputes between the owners of neighboring plots.

Fences, barriers and various types of designations are boundary marks that establish boundaries.

Also, land surveying is necessary to establish any type of real estate for state cadastral registration. The procedure can be carried out only on those plots that are property. Land surveying is prohibited on leased plots.

For some types of land, the process is mandatory:

  • For plots transferred for permanent use to the owner from the state.
  • Subject to separation in light of various circumstances.
  • Allotments urgently requiring division or allocation of some part.

According to the law, citizens have the right not to demarcate their plots when making purchase and sale transactions or transferring property as inheritance. However, the law is valid until 2021, and then loses its force.

When drawing up a general plan, it is advisable to divide the site into functional zones, which are conventionally divided into:

  • residential - any buildings where the family will live
  • household - household buildings, workshops, animal sheds, compost pit, bathhouse, etc.
  • relaxation - places for recreation, games and entertainment, for example, a playground, barbecue, decorative corners, swing, gazebo, swimming pool
  • green - garden, vegetable garden, hotbeds, greenhouses
  • entrance - entrance to the site and passage to the house, garage.

For the rational use of the territory and the creation of a comfortable and practical space, it is important to take into account the following planning principles:

  • start work by choosing a place for a residential building and from it divide the territory into zones
  • place economic facilities further from the red line, and all buildings from the north-west or north side to protect the area from the wind, but maintain sufficient illumination
  • on elongated plots of farm buildings and sheds with animals should be placed separately from the residential building
  • maintain the unity of style when landscaping.

In areas of different areas, zoning has its own characteristics.

Variants of general plans for plots of different sizes

If the territory is small, for example, 6 or 8 acres, then in addition to a residential building, you can place the following buildings on it:

  • toilet, barn and other household facilities - 15 m 2
  • garage or parking space - 8 m 2
  • vegetable garden and greenhouse - 120 m 2
  • play area and place for games - 75 m 2.

There is also enough space on the site for laying out flower beds and flower beds, laying garden paths. Usually plots of such an area are used as a summer residence. Therefore, little space is allocated for the house. Cherries, pears, plums and other fruit trees, as well as berry bushes are planted on the free territory.

On 10 or 12 acres, more objects can already be placed, for example, in the relaxation zone, build a pool, a gazebo, allocate a place for a barbecue and a barbecue. There are also more opportunities for landscape gardening and zoning.

Master plan of a plot of 10 acres

Even more objects can be located on an area of ​​15, 20 ares. When developing a master plan, you need to select an entrance area with a garage, located farther from the residential building, but having convenient access to it. You can add a veranda to the house or make a terrace and an attic. Usually, a place nearby is allocated for a recreation area, sports and playgrounds. And decorative landscaping is carried out using fountains, alpine slides, garden figures and other elements.

Without the development of a master plan, it is impossible to carry out construction on the site. Therefore, it is important to draw up it in accordance with all the requirements and mandatory norms. But we must not forget about the comfort and external attractiveness of the territory. She should be liked by those who will live and rest there.

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