The most beautiful violets: uzambara, alpine, tricolor violet and night mattiola

 The most beautiful violets: uzambara, alpine, tricolor violet and night mattiola

At the word "violets" your imagination draws you a compact, unremarkable plant with small purple flowers? If so, you just didn't pay attention to these amazing indoor flowers, which are growing in popularity at a rapid pace every year.

The most beautiful uzambara violets: photos and names of varieties

Now the Uzambara violet is represented by several hundred different species and thousands of varieties: miniature violets with tiny petals, luxurious lush inflorescences of the most delicate shades, colorful fantasy Saintpaulias, bright chimeras, etc. The Uzambara violet will perfectly fit into any interior and will bring happiness and mutual understanding to the house.

But what should a novice grower do, what varieties of violets to choose in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this indoor plant? When visiting a flower market or store, your eyes simply run up from the rich assortment - there is something to be confused about! In order not to waste time on long thoughts in front of the counter, it is better to first study the most popular varieties of violets - you can find plenty of photos of these beauties on the Internet, and at the same time read useful information about the features of each variety.

When visiting a flower market or a store, your eyes simply run up from the rich assortment - there is something to be confused about

The main types of uzambar violets are usually divided into several types:

  • classic with five-petal flowers,
  • star-shaped (pointed petals),
  • fancy with various specks on the petals,
  • fringed with a contrasting border on the flowers and
  • chimeras (petals intersect clear stripes).

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Chimeras and fantasy species of violets, photos of which captivate with their unusual beauty, are more difficult to grow, keep this in mind when choosing your first Saintpaulias.

Among florists, white varieties of violets are especially popular - photos of double and simple flowers, with a border and jagged edges, in various shades from impeccable white to creamy and greenish, you can easily find on the network. A neat rosette with snow-white foam of flowers looks very attractive and elegant, and the names of the varieties of white violets sound poetic: "Return of Love", "Bridal Bouquet", "Wedding", "Snow Lace". In addition, white uzambara violets are not too capricious; beginners can also grow them.

  • Of the terry varieties of violets, it is worth noting: Aly's Crinolines, Antonia, Blackie Bryant, Boo Man, Coral Fantasy, Quilting Bee, Silver Romance, Ruffled Skies, Sunset Beach, First Date, Ancestral Fire, My Joy, Pink Panther, Adorable, Jan Minuet ...
  • Among the varieties with semi-double and simple flowers stand out: Bubble Gum Charm, Feather, Frosty Frolic, Kaylih Marie, Pink Sensation, Playfull Spectrum, Pretty N 'Pink, Phobos, Party Cloudy, Super Nature, Sora Addison Rose, PC-Emerald Coast, Bird Happiness, Broken Sky, RS-Siren, Snowy Edelweiss.
  • The Lunar Lily-white variety looks delightful - on a compact rosette of green leaves there are lush snow-white violet flowers (the photo is attached in the inset), this flower shape is called "wasp". Similar varieties: Fantasy Wasp, Fire Wasp.
  • No less interesting are the varieties of the Usambara violet with bell-shaped flowers: the purple Fruit Fly and the white Bridal Lady.

In the next season, the purchased adult plant may well lose its decorative effect.

It is difficult to describe in a few words how beautiful an uzambar violet can be - a photo is also not able to fully convey all the beauty of this delicate flower. If you do not want to grow a violet from a leaf for a long time, expecting what will come of it, get adult flowering Saintpaulias. Just remember that in the next season, a purchased adult plant may well lose its decorative effect or flowers with a different color will appear - such a phenomenon is not uncommon.

Well, those who are afraid of the difficulties of caring for an uzambar violet may like alpine violet, you can see her photo in the tab to the article. Alpine violet, also known as cyclamen, is a compact plant with a green rosette of leaves and bright flowers that resemble exotic butterflies. Persian cyclamen species bloom in winter, European ones bloom in summer, so you can easily ensure continuous flowering of alpine violets on your windowsills. Moreover, this plant is distinguished by its unpretentiousness.

Garden beauties - night violet and tricolor

No less adorable garden flower - night violet mattiola or nocturnal

Bright and charming pansies are familiar to everyone: they are used to decorate city flower beds, they make rabatki along the paths, and are planted near the house. The official name for these colorful velvety flowers is violet tricolor (photo attached to the article), although now in gardens there are flowers not only with a standard violet-blue-yellow color: pansies can be burgundy, white, yellow, almost black, monochromatic and multi-colored. Today, there are over 400 species and a huge variety of varieties of tricolor violets.

The violet tricolor blooms from early spring to late autumn. In shaded places, pansies bloom longer, but the flowers are rather pale in color, and in the sun the flowers become brighter, however, and fade faster. Abundant flowering can be achieved with regular watering of plants, weeding, dressing and loosening.

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Another, no less adorable garden flower is the night violet mattiola or nocturnal. It is appreciated by gardeners for its pleasant fragrance in the evening and at night. Vechernitsa are planted in flower beds and in rabatkas near the house in order to enjoy its delicate aroma in the evenings. Since the flower is able to reproduce by self-seeding and, in addition, is unpretentious, it can be used to create a Moorish lawn.

There is also a terry night violet, its photos look just great! The flowers of terry matthiola (gray-haired levkoy) last longer than that of simple matthiola, but they do not have a pistil and stamens, and therefore are not suitable for seeds.

The most beautiful violets in the world

Did you know that such a wonderful flower like a violet can be not only blue or purple shades, but all kinds of colors of the rainbow?

And in terms of beauty, these fragile flowers will not yield to even the most crowned representatives of the plant world. To talk about all the varieties of violets, you will need to write a whole book, but we worked hard and chose the most charming types of violets for you. This article is about the most beautiful violets in the world.

My love is a beautiful violet
Blooming on the banks of the river ...

Description of violets

Among all indoor plants, violets are considered the most popular. First of all, this is due to a wide variety of colors of various varieties and ease of maintenance. The plant is undemanding, therefore even a novice gardener can grow a violet, who has not faced similar tasks before. There are a lot of similarities between different varieties of violets, but there are still some external differences. They affect the shape of the leaves, the length of the stem and the color of the Saintpaulia.

These beautiful lace plants are not only suitable for growing on a windowsill, but they can be used to create unimaginable flower arrangements that can be placed on a balcony or kitchen rack. But in order for the violet to really decorate your apartment or house, it must be grown with careful observance of the rules of care.


A characteristic feature of indoor violets is that the leaves are neatly collected in a basal rosette. But according to other criteria, all varieties have a lot of differences.

The appearance of the violet happens to be different depending on the variety.

  1. Flower shape - can be in the form of a star, classic or banded.
  2. Petals - terry, semi-double or ordinary.
  3. Inflorescence shade - varieties of violets can be multi-colored or monochromatic.
  4. Leaf shade - they are dark, clear or spotted.
  5. Leaf shape - elongated, oval, round. Also, violet leaves can have jagged or smooth edges.
  6. Plant size - giant, small and miniature.

Now there are more than 30,000 varieties of Saintpaulias in the world.

Note! The care features for different species or varieties of violets are almost the same, with the exception of chimeras and fantasy violets. These are the most difficult and capricious plants to grow, which, with improper care, can greatly change or die.

In general, care for all violets is the same.

Popular varieties

There are several hundred varieties of Saintpaulia in the universe, but not all of them are intended for indoor cultivation. Consider the most common "indoor" varieties.

    Cardinal... It stands out with a bright red flower, inside which there is a "eye" of a darker shade.

This is not the whole list of varieties that can be successfully grown at home. However, when choosing, you need to take into account not only appearance, but also many other equally important factors.

This truly gorgeous flower is distinguished not only by a pleasant aroma, but also by large double flowers of a light crimson color. The flower itself resembles a light dress with ruffles fluttering in the wind.

It is impossible not to mention the peculiar color of the leaves, where the light shade gradually turns into a dark emerald color. Be sure to add the Chic Poppy violet to your collection and it will become the diamond of your garden.

Altai violet (Viola altaica)

Differs in high frost resistance, without shelter it winters well in central Russia. For the first time in St. Petersburg, this species appeared at the end of the 18th century.

Violet Altai. Photo from the website

She comes from the alpine zone of Altai, Sayan, mountains around Baikal, Tien Shan, as it follows from the specific name. It is a rhizome perennial up to 20 cm high, leaves are rounded or oblong-ovate, with a crenate edge, on long petioles. The flowers are solitary, blue-violet, with a yellow spot, white or cream, with blue stripes on the lower petals. In April, blooms for 40-45 days, repeated (but not so abundant) flowering can be observed in August.

This violet variety will delight you with its flowering almost all year round. Its flowers are very delicate, almost airy, more often light pink, but there is also a milky peach color of flowers. The flowers themselves are not very large, but there are many of them on the bush. Darling is not at all whimsical in leaving, loves warmth and moderate moisture. If you want flowers with whiter petals, then put the violet in a cooler place.

This violet has a very intricate name, and it itself is very unusual. Beautiful warm crimson flowers with a yellow core adorn the dark green leaves with pink edging around the edge. This exotic variety will become an irreplaceable decoration for your windowsill.

The best indoor violets with photos, which varieties to buy?

The best indoor violets with photos, which varieties to buy?

Violet is a plant that belongs to the violet family. Currently, more than five hundred different types of flowers are known, most of which grow in the Northern Hemisphere, and specifically in temperate climates.

Natural garden and field representatives of this plant are found all over the planet, from Japan and Australia to Africa, North and South America (Andes, Brazil). Herbaceous perennial representatives of the violet family in nature are found both in the form of flowers and in the form of dwarf shrubs. According to many gardeners, the best violets are ordinary indoor European violets, since their aesthetics are determined by a long-term selection process. In our country, you can buy yellow, white, pink, blue, black, red and even tricolor compositions of violets on your window, which are sold in pots or pots. It is most convenient to order seeds for growing in online stores, where photos of plants in catalogs are supplemented with their price. As a rule, seeds are sent by mail.

Description of the best varieties

1. Bellay Snowcon

These are miniature flowers presented in the form of a bright white ball. The arrangement of the petals and the shape of the plants resembles an apple or cherry tree. A perennial flower with the name "Bellay Snowcon", characterized by "nodding" flowering, will delight you with its active change for a long time.

2. Saintpaulia Arctic Frost

Varietal flowering plant, beloved by amateur flower growers due to its unpretentiousness. Arctic Frost is a Saintpaulia that blooms in any conditions, for which it received the corresponding plant. You can grow this flower in the sun and shade, in low and high humidity conditions. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you need to protect the plant from direct sunlight, which can cause burns.

3. Saintpaulia Apache Midnight

This plant gets its name from the rich and noble purple "color of the night". The mysterious shade is complemented by light white edging around the edges of the petals, making the flowers look like little stars scattered in bright dots across the dark night sky.

4. Winter Parasol

Representatives of this variety of violets (photo attached) are often called royal flowers. This is one of the most popular varieties of Saintpaulias, which blooms in huge pale pink double stars, with a dark border around the edges. Also, there are small lavender dots on the plant.

5. Max Saufern Springtime

This variety is often referred to not as "mini", but "half-mini". The plant blooms with a lush cap of white and burgundy flowers. In this case, red tones can range from deep dark to pale. The flowers are large, with numerous petals and wavy edges.

6. Saintpaulia Alice Crinolines

A variety dearly beloved by domestic growers, which, again, is explained by its unpretentiousness. The plant loves light and warmth, but if you can't guarantee the right conditions, any others will do! It will take root even in a dark cool corner.

7. Alamo Marvel

When you first see this plant, you may confuse it with the Alamo Joy variety. Indeed, the flowers belong to the same group, and, as a result, are similar. At the same time, if you put both plants side by side, you will notice that the Alamo Marvel is characterized by a more pronounced and saturated coral color, and you will never again be confused about what this variegated flower looks like.

Delicate and airy members of the violet family, characterized by large flowers with large coral or bright pink petals.

An amazingly beautiful miracle of foreign selection, which has an atypical shape. A dark blue flower of a large size, which can have a lilac hue. The edges of the petals have a corrugated structure with a hidden core. It is at the edges that you will notice a thin, delicate green fringe strip.

10. Saintpaulia Eblons Rose

These violets (photos are widespread throughout the global network) are characterized by large flowering. At the same time, the flowers are a bit like roses, which left its mark on the name of the plant. The petals are pale pink with bronze tones. At the ends, there is a wavy border of a pale green color.

11. Saintpaulia Aarons Westcoast Pig

This variety of indoor violet with many-leafed large leaves has a delicate lavender or pink hue.

The petals are characterized by clearly visible variegated purple and lilac blotches. On some flowers, they are pronounced, on some - not very much. The larger the yellow center, the more effective the flower looks.

Did you know that violets differ from other indoor plants with their surprisingly large number of varieties and amazing names for each of them? Just get a grasp: uzambar, chimera, horned, moreva, terry, scented, beautiful, wild, duchess, bullfight, love magic, marshmallow, fragrant, dadoyan, ampelous, alpine, ballerina, stone flower, purple, African, yesenia, wild orchid, makuni, firebird, sea wolf, goddess of beauty, winter smiles, winter cherry, macho, pink panther, pink watercolor, shahina, angelica, kite, beautiful creole, beloved daughter, black pearl, blue dragon, nautilus, parma, your majesty, arapakha, chateau brion, african night, gladiator, graduate, white queen, petersburg, chanson, viscount, gardens of Babylon, sun god, aphrodite, goddess of the night, green rose, cherry furniture, esmeralda, sunny boy, greenhouse effect, fairy, actress, letuanica, pearl marshmallow, aquamarine, lebetskoy, fabulous iris, fire moths, kostina fantasy, Jan Zabava, cat leopold, fuchsia lace, tired sun, Russian beauty, isolde, sea princess, moulin rouge, arctic frost, dol che vita, lyubasha, beloved son, lyubka double-leaved, ice rose asberg, blue blood, gray-haired lady, sky blue, red velvet, winter's tale, birth of love, blue-eyed russia, wedding, breath of a rose, yan minuet, Russian souvenir, fantasy, affectionate may, passion, nightingale the robber, snow lace, christmas present, forest lace, summer red, shanghai rose, indian summer, blue lagoon, paul banyan, mermaid kiss, sasha, sugar rose, arcturus, arapahoe, exotic, blue flash, royal violet, samara, emergency, grin, tenderness, pc duchess, blue dragon, wuxi pusi, chinese lanterns, variegated bird, emerald love, le macho, pansies, snow edelweiss, deceit and love, red viburnum, arctic rose, warm sunshine, precise blow, zivay, arcturus, ariel, arabian night, golden autumn, queen's sister, butterfly, goblin, divine lotus, emerald lace, ocean, switzerland, another's wife, snow leopard, willodene, summer evening, margaret, tatiana's day, dancing flame, barbie, mysterious wanderer, goddess aurora, frozen in time, almond, Persian lilac, stacks of butterflies, candy, secret sign, Siberian princess, sunkissed rose, rosie ruffles, wittrock, vaudeville, whipped cream, turnip, cradle of life, queen of ice , saturn, india, spring rose, cabaret, lingonberry syrup, spray of champagne, phobos, powwow, space legend, coquette, refined taste, without borders, doggy, artist's masterpiece, mermaid necklace, pat tracey, playful spectrum, natalie, amanda lire, harry potter, mellow yellow, green moss, angel heart, assol, favorite child, live wire, cool, symphony of the night, iceberg, georgia, gray ocean, peach glow, cupid elite, 21st century, forest blackberry, ksyusha, rainbow highlights, charming eyes, shepherdess, pirate, ness orange pekoe, aelita, touchy, buckeye seductress, mountain ash fire, jan smile, king arthur, reigning beauty, sorano, harlecchino, empress bouquet, princess cherry, adonis, mountain, baron münhausen, zapashna, ah nastasya , white pearls, snow in April, marble flower, le yesenia, rum punch, forest tale, green rose, le chateau brion, spanish dance, agnetta, blue hoarfrost, ice rose pc, ancient lace, spring watercolor, incised, pc mavka, louisiana lullaby, gems, buckeye icebreaker, marsh, edge + of dawn, swamp, strawberry fields, le fandago, portrait of a stranger, optimara ever precious, le summer red, tsar saltan, ward brown. And these are just the names that I managed to find, and I think there are even more of them than I have listed here!

Indoor violets and their care

As already mentioned, some varieties can tolerate any conditions, while others require more careful handling. Therefore, when choosing a plant for your window, do not forget to ask which variety you have purchased. After you know the name, go to the forum and read everything about transplanting, breeding, breeding, fertilizing, etc. Find out which soil is more suitable for the root, how to propagate it (by cuttings, leaves, seeds), and put special emphasis on diseases and pests, since the same mite can greatly spoil the life of your street or forest plant.

Why violets do not bloom, reasons and solutions, flowering calendar.

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