Jam, marmalade and open rhubarb pie

Jam, marmalade and open rhubarb pie

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Rhubarb stalks

Rhubarb Cooking Secrets

In most cases, rhubarb is used as a fruit - it is used to prepare jam, jam, jam, marmalade, candied fruits, compotes, jelly, filling for all sorts of pastries, juice, wine and much more. There are many recipes in which rhubarb would appear in one form or another. I suggest some of them:

Rhubarb jam

Rhubarb - 1 kg, sugar - 1 kg, cherries (leaves) - 100 g, water - 200 g.

Wash young rhubarb stalks and cut into pieces, the length of which should be equal to the width of the stalks. Boil the syrup from granulated sugar and 1 glass of water, adding 50 g (a handful) of cherry leaves to it. When the granulated sugar is completely dissolved, remove the cherry leaves, and pour the prepared rhubarb pieces with boiling syrup. After cooling the mass, add 50 g of fresh cherry leaves to it, heat to a boil and cook until tender, until the petioles become transparent and the syrup thick. Pack hot jam in sterile jars and roll up.

Rhubarb marmalade

Rhubarb (petioles) - 1 kg, sugar - 1 kg, zest of 1 orange.

Put the chopped petioles in a wide bowl, cover with granulated sugar and add the zest of one orange to the mixture. Close the bowl with a lid and send it to the refrigerator for two days. After two days, put the bowl on the fire and cook with constant stirring for 30 minutes. Then put the contents in glass jars.

Open rhubarb pie

Yeast dough - 700 g, rhubarb - 500 g, egg - 1 pc., Sour cream - 200 g, sugar - 100 g, lemon zest or cinnamon.

Prepare yeast dough. Chop the rhubarb, sprinkle with sugar, close the lid and let it brew. Roll out the dough into a layer as thick as a finger, put on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil, fold the edges up. Beat the egg, mix with the syrup formed from the rhubarb, add spices and thick sour cream. Spread the rhubarb evenly over the surface of the dough and pour over the prepared liquid and decorate with strips of dough. Bake the pie in the oven, let cool, cut into pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

Svetlana Shlyakhtina, Yekaterinburg
Photo by the author

Delfi Eda

Foto: Shutterstock

From early May to mid-summer, it is a great time of year to enjoy this wonderful plant - and also on a budget. Rhubarb, or as it is also called, rhubarb is a unique plant. Firstly, it is very useful, and secondly, you can come up with many recipes from it, especially delicious desserts and pastries.

On the other hand, in Europe and the USA, it is often used to prepare salads, side dishes for meat or delicious sauces.

The wild rabarbar season starts in June and ends in mid-July. However, it is also grown in greenhouses, but in "our area" it is rather an exception.

When buying rhubarb, you need to choose strong, elastic stems no more than 2.5 cm in diameter. Before using it, you need to wash it thoroughly and cut off the bottom 2-3 centimeters. Whether or not to clean the rabarbar is up to you, we are used to cleaning it.

Rhubarb is 90% water, and the remaining 10% of the plant is carbohydrates, fats, proteins, ash and dietary fiber. Rhubarb contains a lot of ascorbic acid and vitamin B4. It is also rich in vitamins A, E, K and B vitamins.

In dishes, rhubarb goes well with apples, strawberries, peaches, pears, berries and ginger. DELFI decided to remind you that you can cook from rhabbar in the very near future.

Rhubarb - Springtime Gourmet Hero

No. 19 (561) of 05/18/17 ["Arguments of the Week", Maria DUTOVA]

The hero of our today's summer cottage meal is rhubarb. The leaves of this plant begin to grow very early. And therefore, rhubarb is one of the first on our table.

The vitamin vegetable uses juicy leaf stalks as food. They are carefully broken out at the base, peeled and boiled mainly with jelly and compotes. When the harvest is large, then you can prepare for future use by cooking jam. But at the very beginning of the season, rhubarb stalks are very tender and sweet, and the vitamins in them are countless. The first harvest is the most useful, and then too much oxalic acid accumulates in the later leaves, the excess of which is harmful to the elderly. Therefore, let's eat the tender rhubarb quickly, preparing simple but original dishes.

Fresh rhubarb with sugar. Petioles from the first leaves are best not cooked, but eaten fresh. Rinse the petioles (400 g), remove the fibrous skin and chop into thin slices. Place in a saucepan, sprinkle with sugar (100 g), cover and place in a cool place for several hours. After separating the juice, arrange the slices into portioned plates, pour over the juice, sprinkle with the grated orange zest and cinnamon. Garnish with whipped cream for a final touch.

Open rhubarb pie. You need to make about 700 g of yeast dough. Or use ready-made puff pastry. Cooking the filling. Peel a pound of rhubarb stalks, cut into pieces, sprinkle with sugar (100 g) and leave to infuse. Roll out the dough into a layer 1.5 cm thick, put on a baking sheet, fold the edges up. Drain the rhubarb juice, spread the rhubarb pieces evenly on the dough. Add a beaten egg, 200 g thick sour cream, a little ground cinnamon and grated zest from one lemon to the syrup. Pour the rhubarb with the resulting liquid and place in the oven. When the cake is baked, leave it on the baking sheet until it cools completely. Cut the cold pie into portions and garnish with powdered sugar.

Rhubarb kvass. Cut fresh rhubarb stalks (300 g) into pieces, place in a saucepan and cover with 2 liters of water. Add cinnamon and chopped black currant shoots. Cook until the rhubarb is tender. Strain the broth and add a glass of granulated sugar to it. When the liquid has cooled to about 35-40 degrees, pour in the yeast diluted in water (25 g). Stir, cover the pan and place in a warm place to ferment. When fermentation stops, the kvass is ready. Chill the drink before serving.

Gorgeous rhubarb for shady places and compote

On our estate in Millerovo, under an old apple tree near the house, rhubarb always grew, which my mother loved very much. Every year, throughout the summer, she "pampered" us with an amazing compote made from the stalks of its leaves.

Rhubarb got its name because of the fleshy long petioles along which rainwater rolls down in streams (rheos in Greek means to flow). It was brought to Europe in the Middle Ages by pilgrim monks from India. Initially, rhubarb was grown as an ornamental plant in the gardens and parks of England, and only from the middle of the XYIII century they began to eat it. It was brought to the European part of Russia from China by the famous Russian traveler N.M. Przhevalsky.

Rhubarb (Rheum) - perennial herbaceous plants. They have powerful rhizomes with thickened branches (stems). The stem is often in the form of a flower arrow, tall, straight or geniculate. Large basal leaves form a dense rosette. Their shape can be triangular, ovoid or round, the surface is bubbly or smooth, and the edges are wavy or even. The leaves are arranged on long, fleshy petioles, green or to varying degrees of red, with wide, triangular stipules. Depending on the variety, the petioles are colored completely or only at the base. Small, inconspicuous, whitish-pink, red, green flowers, collected in a panicle inflorescence, bloom in June-July from the second year of life. Fruits - nuts ripen in August.

Especially decorative:

  • Rh.tanguticumvar.tanguticum (young leaves are reddish-green, dark green with age, often with a purple tint, flowers are white, pink or dark red)
  • Atrosanguineum (young shoots and leaves are dark red-purple, turn dark green with age, cherry-pink flowers)
  • BowlesCrimson (flowers are dark red, leaves are red below)
  • Victory (rosette of leaves with a diameter of 80-100 cm, leaves are very large, dark green, the color of young petioles is dark red, later - green with a reddish-pink base)
  • ‘Moscow-42’ (leaves are large, smooth with a wavy edge, resistant to stemming)
  • 'Cyclops' (petioles are intensely colored, speckled or green in the upper part)
  • 'Gigantic' (petioles are very long).

Rhubarb is grown as a food, medicinal and ornamental plant. Young juicy petioles and leaves are suitable for eating. Petioles of a pleasant sour taste are harvested by breaking out from the second year of plant life 3 petioles at a time (up to 6 times per season) Compotes, jelly, puddings, marmalade, candied fruits, juices, jelly, filling for pies are prepared from them. Rhubarb leaves are used to make stuffed cabbage.

For medicinal purposes, the roots and rhizomes of the plant are used. They have a laxative (in large doses, aqueous solution), astringent (in small doses, alcohol solution), anti-inflammatory, carminative action. Rhubarb is contraindicated in acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, peritonitis, bleeding, pregnancy.

A chic large bush with decorative foliage will look great in shady places, for example, under trees, in a coastal wetted area of ​​a reservoir. Since rhubarb is a cross-pollinated plant (that is, one flower is pollinated with pollen from another), it makes no sense to harvest seeds. Therefore, peduncles are advised to be removed so that the plant does not waste nutrients for their formation. An exception is the varieties that are most decorative during the flowering period.

In one place, rhubarb grows for 10-15 (and even up to 20) years, but it is still advisable to update the planting every 4-5 years. Best sowing pattern: 80 x 80 cm (for early varieties), 100 x 100 cm (for middle and late varieties). At the same time, 6-7 seeds are sown into the hole, the depth of their embedding is 1.5-3 cm.The rhizomes (when dividing the bush) are planted to a depth of 3-4 cm.Rhubarb prefers fertile, deep, moist, non-acid soils, but it should not be planted in low-lying places.

Discussion in our group on VKontakte:

Elena Paryaeva: Is it rhubarb?

Irina Garipova-Zaydullina: Rhubarb - its pies are sooo delicious.
Ekaterina Statnykh: Rhubarb, in spring it is the same as from sorrel, delicious green cabbage soup, pies and jellies are obtained. A treasure trove of vitamins, and it also looks very wonderful as a garden decor, unpretentious.
Elena Palitsa: Irina, tell me the recipe?
Alla Mikhailova:Catherine, and also jam) - delicious! And also compote. )
Penguin Seversky: Cut the pipes, add a couple of any berries, for color, sugar to taste, and a funky sour compote turns out in the heat.
Elizaveta Chernisskaya: But when it begins to bloom, then it is better not to eat it.
Irina Stepanova: Rhubarb. I add a sprig of mint and black currant leaves to the compote.
Lyubov Panova: Excellent jam from stalks with the addition of lemon and cherry leaves. Can be dried and added to compote. 2 harvests over the summer.
Lyudmila Kotova: Rhubarb, like sorrel, sour. Borscht and delicious and healthy jam are cooked. The stalk is finely cut, covered with sugar, juice and boiled
Tatiana Borovitskaya: Rhubarb is edible and sometimes decorative. (Ornamental leaves and stems are bitter)
Ulyana Permyakova: Why can't you eat when it's blooming?
Raisa Voronova: The biscuit is delicious !!
Vera Kalinina: Ulyana, you can only throw out these flowering pipes.
Spring Blooming: Delicious compote can be cooked
Lyubov Makartseva: Suitable for charlotte too
Veronika Shilova: And it also perfectly cleans hands from garden work.
Galina Ustalova: Elizabeth, why not eat when it blooms?
Maria Baranova: Elena, rhubarb is used as juicy apples. Peel the petioles from the top skin, cut, sprinkle with sugar a little. after an hour, drain the juice and can be used. A very good charlotte with him turns out, no worse than with Antonovka, or even better.

Elizaveta Chernisskaya: Galina, I could be mistaken, but it seems that the old leaves in the stems have a strong concentration of acid. We ate it at the dacha all our life the whole summer. Compotes, pies, jam. In Europe, it is very common, whole fields. Supermarkets only sell it in spring!
Maria Baranova: Galina, the amount of sugars and useful acids decreases, but oxalic acid accumulates, but it is not useful - it can provoke the formation of oxalate kidney stones.
Nadezhda Bulanova: I remove the rhubarb pipes. I break off the excess leaves from the base. Stems in compote juice. Boiled and ready. It turns out delicious jam - rhubarb with banana, almost five minutes. Hands are really good at cleansing blackness, nails whiten better than lemon. I heard that young rhubarb leaves are taken for cabbage rolls, but there are doubts ... it will be sour.
Lyudmila Boytsova: Rhubarb:

Galina Kotina:
And I give rhubarb to turkeys, they eat with pleasure
Gulnaz Ziatdinova: And I thought it was horse sorrel ... and I cut it down every year. And he grows up again.
Elena Baburina: Nadezhda, don't need cabbage rolls! From young leaves, cabbage soup is delicious.
Olga Kashina:Gulnaz, I have the same).
Svetlana Yankovskaya:Eating rhubarb has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the kidneys and intestines, and helps to improve the absorption of food. It is often used as a laxative. (in large quantities) with anemia and tuberculosis. It is recommended to use rhubarb in small quantities for people with low acidity.
Nadezhda Bulanova: I read that rhubarb is ripe for cutting when the leaf becomes even like a burdock. I already have a bush up to my waist, and the edge of the leaf is still a wave. Maybe this is the sort?

Maria Baranova:
Hope, I always have a wrinkled leaf. On the contrary, it does not mature, but outgrows
Nadezhda Bulanova: Tomorrow I will remove the extra leaves for jam.
Maria Baranova: And no one made candied fruit from rhubarb? There is a hesitant thought to try
Lyubov Nekrasova: And I just planted it, before we didn't have it in the garden, but everyone praises it so much that I decided to plant it. I did not find a shoot on sale, I had to sow seeds. From a whole pack of seeds, only 2 germinated, I cut them apart, they sit in pots for now ... As they grow up, I will plant them on a permanent basis.
Nadezhda Merzlikina: Rhubarb is a good thing!
Nadezhda Bulanova: Can anyone share a recipe for jam. A friend makes me with a banana. I give her rhubarb, she is everything else and jam in half.
Maria Baranova:Nadezhda, I did it in the following proportion:
Rhubarb - 500 Grams
Sugar - 500 Grams
Bananas 2 pcs. (ripe or overripe)
Peel the rhubarb, cut, add half of the sugar, leave to let the juice flow. When the juice is started, put on the fire, add the remaining sugar. How to boil - remove foam, add chopped bananas.
Then, if desired, boil for 5-10 minutes and pour into sterile jars (you can immediately add a banana to the rhubarb, then cook for 3-5 minutes) or cook in 2-3 passes, bringing to a boil, turning it off and letting it cool. In the second case, you can achieve caramelization of sugar and bananas, the jam will be with the taste and aroma of dried banana, sweeter and darker. I like this more, but it does not always work out.
Svetlana Tarabarova: I break out the rhubarb inflorescences, then the petioles are thicker.

You can participate in the discussion by going to the page in our group on vKontakte.

How to harvest

Harvesting is carried out the next year after the establishment of the plantation, when the plants get stronger and develop a strong root system. The petioles are not cut off, but carefully cut off at the base. 1.5 months before the fall cold snaps, harvesting is stopped so as not to disturb the plant before winter. For the same reason, peduncles are removed.

The petioles are eaten fresh or processed immediately. For long-term storage, they are frozen.

With the onset of winter, a complete circumcision of the aerial part is carried out.

Synonyms for the phrase "make preparations for the winter" (as well as related words and expressions)

Associated words and expressions

  • make jam from them
  • harvest
  • to cook
  • tinker in the garden
  • all kinds of pickles
  • harvest potatoes
  • sauerkraut
  • salt meat
  • sow grain
  • go to the forest
  • erect wooden and stone buildings
  • help around the house
  • various berries
  • prepare food
  • diversify the table
  • mow the hay
  • dig up the beds
  • haymaking time
  • bake a cake
  • home canned food
  • share recipes
  • most housewives
  • start sowing

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Thank you! I will definitely learn to distinguish between widespread words and highly specialized ones.

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  • Abstract concepts: time, time, month, is, week

Associations for the word "do"

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Associations for the word "winter"

Sentences with the phrase "make preparations for the winter"

  • She sewed and knitted, and cooked deliciously, knew how make preparations for the winter: salted mushrooms and cucumbers, made marinades and preserves.

Combination of the word "do"

Combination of the word "blank"

Combination of the word "winter"

The meaning of the word "do"

DO, -Ayu, -do you. Sov. to do. (Small Academic Dictionary, IAS)

The meaning of the word "blank"

PREPARATION, -and, genus. pl. -wok, dates. -vkam, g. 1. Action by value verb procure — procure — procure. Harvesting vegetables. Harvesting of wood. Procurement of raw materials. (Small Academic Dictionary, IAS)

The meaning of the word "winter"

WINTER, -ы, wines. winter, pl. winters, g. The coldest time of the year, which comes after autumn and is replaced by spring. Harsh winter. Snowy winter. Winter came. (Small Academic Dictionary, IAS)

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The meaning of the word "do"

The meaning of the word "blank"

PREPARATION, -and, genus. pl. -wok, dates. -vkam, g. 1. Action by value verb procure — procure — procure. Harvesting vegetables. Harvesting of wood. Procurement of raw materials.

The meaning of the word "winter"

WINTER, -ы, wines. winter, pl. winters, g. The coldest time of the year, which comes after autumn and is replaced by spring. Harsh winter. Snowy winter. Winter came.

Sentences with the phrase "make preparations for the winter"

She sewed and knitted, and cooked deliciously, knew how make preparations for the winter: salted mushrooms and cucumbers, made marinades and preserves.

From rhubarb you can make preparations for the winter: cook compotes, preserves, jams, creams, marshmallows, marmalade, etc.

Together made preparations for the winter - they made jam, salted cucumbers, mushrooms, dug potatoes together and fell asleep underground.

Jam, marmalade and open rhubarb pie - garden and vegetable garden

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Puff pastry open pie with jam

By Olga · Published January 27, 2019 · Updated 02.05.2021

If after a hard day's work you want to bake something tasty, then puff pastry will come to the rescue. You can buy it on your way home at any store - it is not expensive and saves you time.

The semi-finished product is defrosted quickly, so the pastries will be ready for evening tea. She comes out of it tasty and fragrant. And thanks to the fact that it rises in layers, it also turns out to be beautiful.

I want to introduce you my beloved recipe for a simple open puff pastry pie and any homemade jam... I most often do it with cherry, but it is also delicious with rhubarb or barberry jam.

Necessary products


1. Let's defrost the semi-finished product for twenty minutes. Stretch the dough lengthwise with a rolling pin until you get a rectangle.

Advice: Before rolling, try the dough on a baking dish. It shouldn't be too big to make the cake more fluffy.

2. We cover the bottom of the mold with the blank. We level the edges along the walls, neatly without gaps. Pierce the dough with a fork. The base is ready.

3. Put the jam on top. One berry height is enough. No more needed, as the jam will boil and try to overwhelm.

4. Now slightly bend the edges of the dough inward. Beat one egg and coat the dough with it.

5. The oven has warmed up to 200 degrees. We send the form there for 20 minutes.

6. Time is up. We take out the finished fried pie.

It is better to cut such pastries when it has completely cooled down and the jam will set and thicken. But the main thing is not to overexpose, otherwise the cake will get wet from below and it will turn out to be completely tasteless.

Cook in a good mood.

If you like quick baking from puff pastry, then I advise you to also cook lazy puff envelopes.

Watch the video: Canning Habanero Rhubarb Jelly With Lindas Pantry