Construction of a gazebo for a wild garden

Construction of a gazebo for a wild garden

Gazebos and verandas in the garden

The modern garden is part of the extended living space. It is not only a place where the plants we care for live. This is a place for relaxation and friendly meetings.

If you plan the garden correctly, and in a small area there is enough space not only for a utility block, a garage, a bathhouse, but also for pretty gazebos and benches.

What structures are popular

Pergolas, wooden or metal structures entwined with vines, are very popular today. They consist of pillars, lattices, side and cross bars. There are a lot of design options. Each element can have its own pattern, shape, size ...

The Russian analogue of Mediterranean pergolas is a gazebo. It differs from the "Italian" only in the presence of a roof. If, in addition to the roof, the building has at least several walls, this is already a pavilion. This building, extremely popular in Russia in the 19th century, is now back in fashion.

In addition to the Russian "sister" - the gazebo, the pergola also has a "brother" - almost forgotten and, one might even say, deceased. His name is berso, a wooden or metal structure lined with woody plants.

In order to have a pleasant time at the samovar somewhere in the far corner of the garden, it is advisable to acquire not only a beautiful panorama, but also assistants who will bring a samovar and a service. Therefore, a canopy or veranda adjacent to the house or free-standing is much more popular these days.

In them, you can, by closing yourself from the neighbors, set the table for guests, and put a barbecue oven, and be alone with your thoughts. Tea drinking in the gazebo is romantic, but it is too intricate.

If you are not limited in funds, the ideal solution would be to order a building from a specialized company dealing with small garden architecture. The construction price for an individual project is justified. Qualified specialists get down to business: the architect will make a sketch according to your dimensions, the designer will calculate the nodes and connections, the craftsmen will make all the elements from high-quality material (using professional equipment, which is important when working with wood).

You can entrust the same to folk craftsmen and save a lot. Until recently, the vast majority of owners of suburban areas did this. But with the accumulation of experience in operating wooden structures, fewer and fewer customers give preference to handicraft products: wood as a material is capricious, it requires accurate calculations and processing with high-quality tools, and otherwise it behaves unpredictably, especially in large products, where every small error (for example, uneven expansion) can eventually turn into large distortions - literally and figuratively.

Factory-made products are on a par with the products of elite workshops in terms of the level of performance and even surpass them in some way. It is much easier to cut out defects in wood with high quality, dry it perfectly and clean up surfaces for gluing on powerful factory lines than in a small workshop. But will serial products suit your garden with its unique design?

What design of the gazebo to choose

When building a gazebo, you need to take into account exactly how it will be operated. For example, if you need a garden house for modest gatherings in the family circle, you can limit yourself to a simple small gazebo or an open shed. If you intend to put a brazier in the gazebo, then you need to build it from brick or stone, it will be both beautiful and safe.

Gazebos for summer cottages are selected taking into account the size of the site, the style of the entire landscape design of the garden and the entire courtyard as a whole. Any, even a very beautiful gazebo for a summer residence will look ridiculous if it does not fit into a single style of site design. Usually they choose from three types of gazebos: open (rotundas or awnings), semi-open or completely closed country houses.

Transparent polycarbonate roof looks good in tandem with wood

Such a gazebo design will not be left without the attention of others.

Seemingly simple, but very functional gazebo in two levels

If you've built a simple gazebo, and you see that it does not look very good, you can fix the situation by planting plants nearby. Not every gazebo will look perfect in your garden. For this reason, before deciding what to build, you should study some of the rules and logical nuances of placing garden houses. Thanks to the practical application of the basics of landscape design, the overall space in the garden will look complete and harmonious.

White gazebo made of wood surrounded by green plants

Decorative green spaces and a beautiful gazebo complement each other perfectly

Stylish, spacious and very beautiful gazebo with a well-organized seating area

Open summer gazebo

You can build a simple, light and beautiful rotunda yourself, and if there is a small elevation on your site, it will look just fine. The basis of such a gazebo is made up of metal or wooden pillars and a small roof. Such a structure fits perfectly into the landscape design. To decorate it, you can use plants for vertical gardening: curly vines, thickets of wild grapes, woodlope, clematisthat give a simple form a lively look.

Spacious open-type gazebo

An incredibly attractive gazebo with an interesting design

Semi-open gazebo

Structurally, this gazebo differs from the open one in that sides or fences are installed along the entire perimeter of its frame. Such a gazebo is also open to space, but its area inside has designated boundaries.

The windows in a semi-open gazebo can be curtained with beautiful curtains to hide from the heat in hot weather or to get away from prying eyes. This is a fairly popular design, it is suitable for a small suburban area, and can look very impressive on it.

Chatting for cozy family evenings

The open parts of the gazebo will give a real feeling of spaciousness.

Discreet design of the gazebo with a homely character

A welcoming gazebo in a modern style

Closed gazebos

A full-fledged small house in the garden is often built for children, placed in it summer kitchen or even family library... Closed gazebos can be very original, they are built of wood or bricks, doors and windows are made, lighting is carried out, heating appliances are installed. Shelves and garden furniture are placed in the house.

Several of these houses on a large plot are a magnificent decoration of the garden, they can be used as guest rooms. In this case, do not forget that to observe the proportions - this is the basic rule of landscape design... For this reason, the dimensions of the gazebo should be chosen based not only on how small or large the garden area is, but also taking into account the actual place where it will stand.

In a closed gazebo, you will feel good and comfortable in any weather

When considering where to start, it is important to find a really suitable place for the gazebo. The comfort of being inside will depend on him. Choosing the right point on the site, you should take into account the following points:

  • closeness from prying eyes, so that you can have a good rest and have fun at your own pleasure. It would be better to build a gazebo away from neighboring areas, only if there is no stone fence
  • ensuring the minimum improvement. This point is optional. But many often cook right in the gazebo, for example, salads for kebabs, etc. At least, you can bring water here
  • distance from home. Rarely does anyone sit in the gazebo just like that. Often, staying there is associated with a vacation with the whole family or just with a group of friends. Therefore, it will be better to build a gazebo closer to home.
  • installation of a barbecue or fireplace. An open fire can be allowed in a wooden gazebo, although not desirable. Whether a summer gazebo will be made of metal or not, you should always remember about safety precautions. It is important to always consider the direction of the wind in order to eliminate the risk of ignition from even a small spark.

Having chosen a suitable place, it is required to immediately prepare it in stages for the start of construction work:

  1. Clear the area of ​​grass.
  2. Level the ground.
  3. Think over the drainage system.

How can you close the openings of the gazebo more

There are also alternative methods of glazing country street houses. In addition to euro-windows for this purpose, you can use polycarbonate double-glazed windows or roller shutters, as well as PVC film and stained-glass windows.

Using soft glass

The glazing method using PVC films is now becoming more and more popular.

Such soft windows for gazebos are much cheaper than glass ones. They perform their main functions very well. Buildings, "glazed" in this way, look just fine as well. The film is attached to the posts of the gazebo through special plastic oval eyelets on pivoting brackets.

Important: Purchase soft PVC curtains made of a film with a density of at least 630g / m2. Flexible "glasses" made of less durable material are unlikely to last long.

The only drawback of using flexible windows for a gazebo is the need for careful handling. PVC film is not very puncture and cut resistant.

Polycarbonate double-glazed windows

This material is more expensive than soft glass. For gazebos, however, it suits very well, since the main drawback of the latter - instability to mechanical damage - is deprived. The windows from it will last, of course, longer.

Note: Today on sale you can find inexpensive and very easy to install transparent ready-made polycarbonate glass units. It is certainly worth thinking about using them to protect the internal space of a summer cottage.

Roller shutters

Transparent roller shutters are quite an interesting type of polycarbonate "glazing". They are also very suitable for a gazebo. Such roller blinds consist of separate translucent lamellas.

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