The garden of the nymphs: Sardinian beekeepers

The garden of the nymphs: Sardinian beekeepers


The garden of the nymphs

Capo Caccia, the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park, the Prigionette State Forest: it is in this wonderful landscape a few kilometers from Alghero that there is "The Garden of the Nymphs", an oasis of unspoiled nature where bees are the protagonists every day of the year. The Porto Conte district lends itself well to insect foraging as it can boast thousands of hectares of spontaneous vegetation with a prevalence of Mediterranean scrub, asphodel, eucalyptus and rosemary. The honeys produced by "Il Giardino delle Ninfe" are of excellent quality but above all unique in their kind: the beekeepers who look after the families of bees adhere to strict internal regulations whose primary objective is the welfare of insects.

The slogan is: “Happy bees produce better honey” and with this spirit the beekeepers focus on every detail that can make the life of bees as close as possible to the idea that mother nature had foreseen. The result of this careful and passionate work is an ethical honey, produced as part of a project that does not have profit as its ultimate goal but the will to engage in concrete actions useful for restoring the balance lost in many cases between man and nature. .

The Porto Conte honey site, Alghero:

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