Tomato Blagovest F1: the leader among greenhouse determinant varieties

Tomato Blagovest F1: the leader among greenhouse determinant varieties

For those who live in a region with a cold climate, but love to grow tomatoes, breeders have created many varieties for indoor use. But among them there are still some that I would like to note separately. For example, cultivar Blagovest F1. It is considered the best for greenhouse cultivation. Unpretentiousness, high yield and excellent immunity - these qualities made the Blagovest tomato very popular. An excellent harvest allows not only providing seven vitamins, many gardeners even sell the surplus.

Description of tomato Blagovest

Tomato Blagovest is an excellent result of the work of domestic breeders. In 1994, the scientists of the Gavrish company registered a new variety, which earned respect among amateur tomato growers with its yield, good immunity and early ripening of fruits. In 1996, the Blagovest was entered into the State Register, which is evidence of a successfully passed variety testing.

Blagovest is one of the varieties that have significantly increased the yield of tomato crops in greenhouses.

Blagovest tomato is an excellent variety for greenhouses


For those who are not yet familiar with the characteristics of this popular variety, we will reveal its features:

  1. Blagovest is a hybrid, so when purchasing a bag of seeds, make sure it is marked F1. A feature of hybrids is that all the positive characteristics of the parental forms in such varieties are especially pronounced. But for harvesting seed material, such varieties, including Blagovest, are not suitable. The harvest from second generation hybrids can be very disappointing. Therefore, you will have to buy seeds every time.
  2. The variety is self-pollinated.
  3. It should be noted the high germination of seeds - almost 100%. But try to get seeds only from the originator.
  4. The variety is distinguished by its early maturity. After 95 - 100 days after germination, it is time to harvest.
  5. Blagovest is in good health. The developers point out that the variety perfectly resists the tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium and cladosporium. Pests also do not particularly bother the plant. But in the State Register, these data are not indicated.
  6. The yield is very good. At least 5 kg of fruit can be harvested from one bush. If we take the indicator from 1 m², then it will be at the level of 13 - 17 kg. These figures only apply to indoor conditions.
  7. The plant is resistant to the external environment - it is not afraid of temperature changes that can happen even in protected ground.
  8. The purpose of the fruit is universal. They are eaten raw, perfect for canning whole, for making sauces for thick juices.
  9. The fruits keep their shape well, which allows the crop to be transported over long distances. This feature makes the Blagovest variety interesting commercially.

Blagovest tomatoes perfectly adapt to the environment and have excellent immunity

Feature of the variety and regions of cultivation

A feature of the variety is that Blagovest is able to fully reveal its capabilities exclusively in a greenhouse. Tomato, of course, can also be grown outdoors, but in this case, you should not expect excellent results from it.

Thanks to this, Blagovest can be grown in any region of the country - from the southern regions to those where vegetables are grown exclusively in greenhouses. But the regions located in the 3rd and 4th light zones are considered the most favorable for cultivation of the variety.

Table: advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid

Table: comparative characteristics of Blagovest F1 tomato with other hybrids for greenhouse cultivation

The appearance of the Blagovest tomato

Despite the fact that the Blagovest tomato is usually classified as determinant, the plant is quite tall. 160 cm is not the limit, especially in greenhouses. The bush is medium-branched and medium-leafy. Leaves are medium in size, ordinary in shape, medium fragrant. The surface of the sheet is glossy. Color - green with a grayish tint. Inflorescences are simple, medium-compact, single-branched. One brush on average can bear up to 6 fruits. The first inflorescence is laid under 6 - 7 leaves. And then it is formed after 1 - 2 sheets.

The fruits of the Blagovest tomato - everything is as on a selection. They have a rounded or flat-round shape with a smooth top and a small depression at the base. Ribbing is weak. The skin is firm and glossy. The unripe fruit is greenish-whitish in color. Mature - in an even red. The mass of one tomato is 100 - 110 g.

The flesh is quite firm. This not only allows the harvest to be stored for a long time, but also makes the fruits ideal for harvesting. Blagovest canned tomatoes keep their shape perfectly. The taste is excellent.

The fruits of the Blagovest tomato have a wonderful appearance and excellent taste.

Features of growing tomato Blagovest

It is recommended to grow Blagovest mainly in seedlings. Seeds of hybrids, as a rule, have already been treated by producers from diseases and pests, therefore they do not need additional disinfection. The only thing that can be advised is to process the planting material with growth stimulants, for example, Zircon. In general, hybrid seeds can be sown dry.

There is no need to specially process Blagovest tomato seeds, the producers have already done it for you

Planting Blagovest seeds for seedlings is carried out in late February - early May in warm regions. In cool temperatures - late May - early April. The soil for planting should be loose and highly fertile.

  1. Take an oblong seedling box and fill it with a suitable seedling medium.
  2. To soak the soil evenly, moisten it with a spray bottle.
  3. Spread the seeds on a damp surface. The distance between them should be 2 cm. To make the growing seedlings feel free, leave the distance between the grooves a little wider - up to 4 - 5 cm.
  4. Sprinkle the seeds on top with a small layer of soil. The seeding depth should not be more than 1.5 cm.

Tomato seedlings Blagovest grow quickly and amicably

Germination conditions and care of seedlings

To germinate the seeds together, cover the container with a transparent bag and put in a warm place. If comfortable conditions have been met, the seedlings will appear in 5 days. Ventilate the shelter regularly and moisten the soil with warm water as needed. They are fed with universal fertilizers twice:

  • when 2 true leaves are formed;
  • 2 weeks after the first feeding.

A dive into a separate container is carried out after the seedling has 2 - 4 true leaves.

Tomato seedlings Blagovest dives are not scary

Planting seedlings in a greenhouse

When the Blagovest tomato seedlings are 45-50 days old, they are ready to be transplanted into the greenhouse. This usually happens in May, but the specific dates are determined depending on the climate of the region and the conditions in the greenhouse. You can more accurately determine the planting time by measuring the temperature of the soil - at a depth of 10 - 12 cm, the soil should be warmed up to 12 - 14 ° С. By the time of transplanting, the bush should be about 20 cm high and have 6 true leaves. But 1.5 weeks before this event, the bushes of a young tomato should be hardened. The soil in the greenhouse is prepared in advance - it should be well dug up and fertilized in the fall.

  1. A few hours before transplanting the seedlings into the greenhouse, the plants need to be watered so as not to injure the roots during extraction.
  2. Dig a hole, remove the seedlings from the pot and set them vertically in the planting hole. If the seedlings are overgrown, then the plant is laid on its side so that part of the trunk is in the soil. In any case, tomato seedlings are buried before the growth of true leaves begins, and the cotyledons are removed before planting.
  3. The planted plant is covered with earth. Then lightly tamp the soil and water liberally.

Planting scheme Blagovest - no more than 3 bushes per 1 m², so that the bushes do not experience a lack of lighting and do not suffer from thickening. In other words, there should be a distance of at least 40 cm between the bushes, and the row spacing should be at least 60 cm.

Tomato seedlings Blagovest can be planted in a heated greenhouse a few days earlier


After watering during transplanting, take a week off so that the root system can take root safely. And then moisturize as needed - not too often, but abundantly. Watering is especially important during flowering and fruit ripening.

In a greenhouse, you can water once a week or one and a half, depending on the weather. The soil should be in a moderately damp state, and never dry out. But the tomato will not react in the best way to overflow.

It is best to water it with warm water, otherwise the flowers may crumble.

In greenhouses, the ideal irrigation method is drip

After watering, be sure to loosen the row spacings. You should also keep the soil clean.

You will have to feed the Blagovest tomato regularly. To do this, every 15 - 20 days, you can use complex fertilizers for vegetable crops or special formulations for tomatoes. Tomato especially needs superphosphate and potassium dressings. 2 weeks before the mass harvest, feeding is stopped.

Fertilizers diluted in water are applied only after watering.

Be sure to carry out preventive inspection and treatment of plants from diseases and pests. Pay attention to the curliness of the leaves - this sign may indicate the onset of the disease or the appearance of pests.

Although a greenhouse is considered an ideal place for growing tomatoes, prevention of diseases and pests must be carried out.


Tomato Blagovest, given its height, definitely needs a garter. To do this, you need to build vertical trellises in the greenhouse. First, the grown seedlings are tied up at the base, and then the growing trunk is allowed upward along a strong rope.

It is recommended to form a variety in one stem. But evangelism is an interesting way to self-regulate growth. Having reached a height of 1.5, sometimes 2 m, the plant forms an inflorescence at the top, on which growth stops. If the height of the greenhouse allows you to grow the plant further, then a new top is formed from the strongest upper stepson.

Another method of formation is allowed - two-stem. To create the second stem, a developed stepson is chosen, located just above the first flower brush. Sometimes the second stem is formed from the shoot below the first brush. This can also be done, but in this case, the tomato fruits will ripen a little later, since the new trunk will take nutrients from them.

All stepchildren located on the main stem should be removed.

For the Blagovest tomato, 2 ways of formation are suitable - in one and two stems

Features of growing in a greenhouse

Growing an unpretentious Blagovest tomato in a greenhouse, you still need to follow the rules.

  • high humidity and high temperatures will inhibit plant development and fruit ripening. Therefore, be sure to ventilate the greenhouse;
  • if the summer is cloudless, hot weather, the greenhouse can be covered with a white non-woven fabric. By the way, Blagovest tomatoes are not afraid of a small draft, so they keep the greenhouse open during the day, but it's better to close it at night.

To prevent tomatoes from suffering from heat and high humidity, ventilate the greenhouse often

Reviews about the tomato Blagovest

All the positive qualities of the Blagovest tomato, including its excellent yield, can manifest themselves only with proper crop care. If you do not take care of the tomato, then there will be no return. But in order to enjoy the wonderful taste of this variety where growing vegetables is fraught with certain difficulties, a lot of work is not needed.

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Tomato Blagovest: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Blagovest f1 is a hybrid bred relatively recently in the agricultural firm Gavrish. Its main purpose is greenhouse cultivation. The variety is included in the State Register and zoned in the Central and Volgo-Vyatka regions. The article describes the description of the Blagovest tomato variety and provides reviews of the gardeners who cultivated it.

  1. Description of tomato Blagovest
  2. Description of fruits
  3. Tomato characteristic
  4. Productivity and fruiting
  5. Scope of the fruit
  6. Disease and pest resistance
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  8. Growing rules
  9. Planting seedlings
  10. Tomato transplant
  11. Tomato follow-up care
  12. Pest and disease control
  13. Conclusion
  14. Testimonials

The tomato hybrid Blagovest belongs to the determinant type, this means that it is genetically programmed to stop the growth of the central shoot at a certain height.

However, some vegetable growers argue that the Blagovest tomato is more likely to be a semi-determinant plant, the growth of which does not always stop naturally. Therefore, stepchildren are periodically formed on the central shoot, which must be constantly cut off so that the yield of the bush as a whole does not decrease.

Photo of a tomato Blagovest

In height, the bushes of this tomato can reach up to 1.7 m when grown in a greenhouse, they are quite compact and not sprawling.

Such tall shoots require obligatory tying to trellises or strong supports, so that the stems do not break off under the weight of ripening fruits. It is also necessary to regularly remove the formed stepchildren, who will select nutrients for their growth, which will negatively affect the productivity of tomato bushes. Moreover, props should also be placed under the brushes with ripening fruits.

Description and familiarization with tomato seeds Blagovest F1 - video

Shoots - medium leafy, lateral stems develop well on them, foliage is typical for tomatoes, medium size, elongated, with sharp tips, with a clearly visible gloss, wrinkled, dark emerald color.

Flowers are small in size, with yellow petals, collected in racemose inflorescences. Each inflorescence can form 4-6 ovaries.

Persimmon tomatoes on video

If you have grown persimmon tomatoes, please write whether you like them or not. What was the yield and taste of the fruit in your climatic conditions? How do you rate the resistance of this tomato to diseases and pests? Briefly write down the advantages and disadvantages of this variety in your opinion, evaluate the taste of the tomato. If possible, attach a photo of the entire bush as a whole or individual fruits grown by you to the comment. Thank you!

Your reviews about the Persimmon tomato and additions to the description will help many tomato lovers evaluate this variety objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

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