Small palms for landscaping

Small palms for landscaping

Advance planter bags available - 45Lt up to Lt Variety of slow to fast release fertilisers available. Palms from seedlings to advanced Indoor palms and foliage Cycads Bamboos Ornamental grasses Fertilisers Gift vouchers Potting mix and Soil improving products. Coast Road Palms is a family owned business operating sinceThe nursery is set in 10 acres of tropical gardens, where you can view the growth of palms and tropical plants in their natural surrounds. Qualified Horticulturists are on hand for friendly service and advice.

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Palms & Cycads

The beautiful queen palm Syagrus Romanzoffianum is also known as the feather palm and presents a stately and graceful tropical feel to any landscape. This palm features long shimmery fronds and a regal gray trunk that adds lushness to South Florida landscapes.

The fronds often reach more than 10 feet in length and the queen palm can grow to nearly 40 feet, producing flowers that result in clusters of small dates. The queen palm grows a single trunk making it ideal for single or group planting. The palm can also be used as an anchor for a bed or a grouping of smaller palms in home or business landscaping.

Because it has a fast growth habit, medium and larger plants can flourish at its base. Plants like hibiscus, bush allamanda, copper plant, selloum philodendron, Cape Tecoma honeysuckle, and Burgundy loropetalum are excellent choices to highlight the majestic queen palm. As mentioned, queen palms are fast growers, climbing to heights of 30 to 40 feet quickly.

Because of their fast growth, they are considered an excellent selection for those who want a beautiful mature landscape without the wait. Queens are considered moderately cold hardy which means they can thrive in USDA growing zones 9B toThese palms love the warm humid clients of South Florida where they prosper with relatively low maintenance in lighting from full sun to partial shade.

Queen palms are moderately drought and salt tolerant making them a great choice for South Florida landscapes. These palms look lovely when planted in rows or groupings, but due to their growth rate and mature height, they should be planted four to five feet apart. When planting queen palms, organic peat moss or top soil should be added.

Newly planted queens should be watered daily until established. Adult palms should be watered slowly and deeply to a soak the soil two to three feet and around the trunk to a width of five feet. During the summer months, watering should be done regularly every seven to 10 days, decreasing in winter to every three to four weeks.

This schedule should be adjusted for rainfall. Though the queen palm is relatively drought tolerant, it still requires regular watering. To fertilize queen palms, use a specialty mix with the needed nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and other micronutrients developed for palms. Application should be done in mid-spring into summer at the rate recommended on the fertilizer. To apply, scatter the fertilizer evenly on the soil, away from the trunk, and then water deeply. Remove loose fronds, cutting off those which are damaged, diseased, or dead as well as dates which can hang over walkways.

Queen palms can be pruned twice a year while the fronds are in reach. Once your queens reach a certain height making it dangerous to prune , you should consider hiring a professional to handle pruning and maintenance. Leave all green fronds in place, even those with discolored tips, never cutting those that are growing horizontally or vertically. Your queen palm should be sprayed with a garden hose or soaker regularly to rid it of damaging mites and other insects in the fronds.

In addition, cleaning rids palms of dust and if you live near the ocean, salt build-up on the fronds. Xtreme Landscaping is here with the tips and tricks needed to help you add queen palms to your landscape and take care of them with irrigation and fertilization.

Queen Palm Characteristics As mentioned, queen palms are fast growers, climbing to heights of 30 to 40 feet quickly.


Palm trees are often associated with Florida, everywhere you look you tend to see beautiful palm trees. You will see palm trees in landscaping, around swimming pools, lining the streets and at our hotels and shopping plazas in central and southern FL. There's over 2, different species of palm trees most can be grown in the Florida climate. Southern palm trees are the types of palms that you typically find in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton and surrounding areas. These southern palms, such as Pygme Dates, like warm tropical weather and cannot tolerate the cold.

Garrett has a love for gardening and all things outdoors. Share On: Small Palm Trees For Your Pool Landscapes around our customers pools.

11 types of palm tree

Palm trees are not just for tropical landscapes. With their beautiful, feathered leaves, drooping sometimes upright branches, these trees are a trigger for a full visual display in any landscape and all year, no less. Because of these, building your landscape around a palm tree is truly understandable and, in this post, a roundup of the best palm tree landscaping ideas for you is summed up. So, if you are considering having one, these are the head start ideas that may help you in your palm tree landscaping. Front yard accent trees are limitless but one of the most commendable front yard tree landscaping elements would be palm trees and here are some ideas that proves just why. Palm trees are beautiful frame trees; for the driveway , the pool area, the entryway. Placing palm trees with different heights make a striking entryway framing. Maintaining the same number of palm trees with same heights on both sides make a unified look for the entryway. We all need the extra shade especially during the summer.

Date Palms and Alternatives

Last Updated on September 28, by Grow with Bovees. Planting or growing palm trees on your property offers myriad benefits, most notably a tropical landscape look, and the fact that they improve air humidity. Royal palm trees stand out from the other species for their quintessential tall structures such as the ones you see along the streets of Southern Florida or California. This species is either classified as the genus Roystonea or Roystonea regia, both in simple terms imply royalty.

John A. Zilberfarb, Master Gardener Intern.

#400 Palms for Southern Nevada

Small palm trees are sure to give your landscape that tropical feel without having to take up too much space. If by chance you are looking for indoor palms click here for a list of the best ones. Indoor palms aren't necessarily just small varieties. They can be young, slow growing large ones that will suit containers indoors year round. Display on your patio in the summer if you wish.

An Ode to the Palm Tree: Our Top 5 Palms for Florida Yards

Please browse images our featured palm trees, then scroll down for a complete listing of our palms and cycads as well as plant care tips. Palms should be planted slightly above the ground level, so water can drain away from the plant. Palms like slightly acid soil. Using organic compost i. Otherwise, follow the package instructions. For preventative or treatment, use year round oil spray paraffinic oil , or palm tree fertilizer with systemic insecticide will usually take care of any insect problems. Leaf spot is a common disease that can be treated with a copper based fungicide. Phytophthora bud rot is another disease that affects palms.

Small palm trees that grow the 20 ft are most common in home landscape inclusion. Either in a pot or in the yard, palm trees allow for a great creative.

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Adding palm trees into your yard is a worthwhile investment in your property value, and they undoubtedly improve the view. Want to give your yard a makeover with some new tropical trees? However, there are some larger varieties that you may need help to plant. While most palms are suited to being planted in this manner, there are a select few that can be buried more deeply. This is just because they direct most of their energy to the root system in these early stages, but they should have a growth spurt after a few years. Sometimes, digging a circular moat a few feet around the base of the tree will help improve water uptake.

Palm trees help turn an ordinary patio into a lush, green oasis.

Phone: Fax: Email: et. Delivery is available! All major credit cards accepted. Placement of Palm Trees - Palm Garden Design by Phil Bergman This article discusses basic concepts that should be considered in creating a desirable palm garden. Placement of palms is very important. A strategy would include planning ahead, giving plants ample room to grow, establishing an overhead canopy, spacing of plants so that plants aren't too crowded, knowing sun or shade requirements, preserving desirable views and utilizing different appearing species to make the garden interesting. As a palm enthusiast, like many others, I tended to over-plant.

If you're looking for a medium-sized palm tree to plant in a partially shaded area, the areca palm is the perfect choice. With a mature height of about 20 feet, these trees work well for creating privacy barriers. They have smooth trunks, and their fronds droop down to form an attractive, arch-shaped canopy at the top of the tree. In the summer, the trees develop yellow flowers that later develop into inedible yellow-orange fruits.