Monkey hill fruit trees

Monkey hill fruit trees

Monkey hill fruit trees

The fruit-bearing trees of the genus Symphoricarpos are popular garden plants and include such familiar trees as the apple, cherry and apricot. There are hundreds of cultivars of this group of trees, as well as related closely related genera: Abelia, Archontophoenix, Carissa, Cleistanthus, Cotoneaster, Datura, Eriobotrya, Helichrysum, Humbertia, Kolkwitzia, Photinia, Prunus, and Rubus. The term Symphoricarpos is a combination of Symphora, "symphoric" meaning of the same wood, and "arbor", a tree.

Some Symphoricarpos can be grown from seeds, but these are less popular than the more commonly used grafting methods. Grafted trees are generally more disease resistant, although in the case of seedlings of Datura, this means they are more prone to botrytis.

The species and cultivars of fruit-bearing trees belonging to this genus are often called "monkey hill fruit trees" or "monkey or kangaroo apple" after their habit of climbing over large stones on the forest floor to harvest the fruit. Monkey hill fruit trees are very easy to propagate from cuttings, making them very popular as street and urban trees. They will tolerate all but very cold climates and prefer a rich, deep, well-drained soil. The species are slow growing and have small or medium-size leaves. The fruit on these plants ripen early in the season, and are best harvested when they are still firm, but not overripe.

Genus Symphoricarpos

The genus Symphoricarpos includes hundreds of cultivars and trees.

'Adagio', 'American Queen', 'Amy' (apple)

'Anneslie' (apple)

'Blue Lady', 'Brea', 'Blue Pearmain', 'Broadfield' (apple)

'Brioni' (apple)

'Chiltern' (apple)

'Cherokee', 'Columbia' (apple)

'Columbine' (Pasque), 'Columbine' (Passe de Neige), 'Cornet' (apple)

'Creston' (apple)

'DeVry's Red Delicious' (apple)

'Fiesta' (Pasque), 'Fleur De Suede', 'Fitzgerald' (Apple), 'Fortex' (Apple)

'Gayle's Honey Red Delicious' (apple)

'Green Gage' (Pasque)

'Golden Del' (Pasque)

'Golden Delicious' (apple)

'Harvest Gold' (apple)

'Henry' (Apple)

'Honeycrisp' (Apple)

'Honeycrisp', 'Honeycrisp' (Tortoiseshell)

'Indigo Spitz' (Pasque)

'Keller Red Del' (Apple)

'Keller Red Delicious' (apple)

'Kenner' (Apple)

'Kent' (Apple)

'Knappenell' (Apple)

'Laxton-Smith' (Apple)

'Marquise' (Pasque)

'McIntosh' (Apple)

'Montezuma' (Apple)

'Morello' (Apple)

'Nectar' (Pasque)

'Nova' (Apple)

'Oakhurst' (Apple)

'Pennsylvania' (Apple)

'Red Delicious' (apple)

'Red Fuji' (apple)

'Red Gravenstein' (apple)

'Rome', 'Rome' (Pasque)

'Rosenaburg' (Apple)

'Spartan' (Apple)

'Sun Crest' (Pasque)

'Viking' (Apple)

'Vonig's Galena' (Pasque)

'York' (Apple)

'Zestar' (Pasque)

'Zestar' (Pasque)

'Zizan' (Pasque)


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