Creative landscape design long island

Creative landscape design long island

When it comes to owning real estate on the island, your main goal is to make your property the awe and envy of your neighbors. Anthony Peter Masonry has been beautifying Long Island homes sinceAnthony and his crew go above and beyond in making their customers smile whenever a project is completed. Give your front or back yard a new look built to last with the help of Stone Creations of Long Island. They specialize in hardscape designs and outdoor living retaining walls, outdoor grills, fire pits, patios and walkways, poolscapes, water features, foundations.

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Landscape Design Classes

Topiaris is an award-winning landscape architecture office based in Lisbon. With more than 30 years of experience, Topiaris has been working in various geographical settings and cultural contexts, on a broad scope of projects, at many scales of intervention, ranging from landscape planning, the design of urban parks, public spaces, historical sites restoration, to contemporary design for institutional areas, tourism facilities, and private gardens. Our body of work reflects a holistic philosophy where in all elements intertwine and are essential to the whole, inducing intuitive feel for life, harmonious relationships between people and their environments, and shape a strong sense of place, integrating local communities through out the design process.

Topiaris engagement with biodiversity conservation, natural systems functioning, and sustainable management of natural resources are basic project premises, as well as principles of simplicity and organic sources, aligned with a creative approach to site constraints offers opportunities for a distinctive design, based on authenticity and clarification of motives.

In every project we seek to promote well being, exciting and optimistic way of life, reconciling nature, art, food and sports. Fostering the ever-evolving landscape processes of evolution vegetation, habitats, water resources in line with natural processes allows us to achieve mature landscapes, economically and ecologically viable, optimizing the costs of construction and maintenance, hence real sustainability.

Recognizing the responsibility towards present and future generations, Topiaris work reflects creativity in the search of sustainable design solutions, aiming to add ecological, aesthetic, and social values to all projects. Rather than working only in the spatial dimensions, Topiaris always bring in the fourth dimension, that of Time, as the way the project will evolve along time is the most reliable indicator of a project true value. Topiaris strives towards the creation of individual and collective memories which may stand the test of time and strengthen communities.

Our focus remains unquestionably upon people as it is for them that we conceive and plan new projects, and for them that we defend he natural and cultural heritage of landscapes. The joy we have in thinking and designing landscapes is recognizable in our built work, both in the private as in the public spheres. The practice includes eleven landscape architects, and each collaborator contribute with their own ideas and creativity to the overall collective design discourse.

As a team, Topiaris constantly challenges itself to go beyond the apparent limits and to attain excellence in landscape design at all scales. To this end, we favour establishing multidisciplinary teams in our projects, as well as constant communication with our clients, in the conviction that everyone has a relevant role to play in building the character and identity of spaces under design or construction.

She is a regular lecturer in professional training workshops, and a member of the board of Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects. He heads the Masters and PdH programs in the Landscape Architecture Department, and was a faculty member from toHe is a regular invited lecturer at University of Massachusetts, where he was recently awarded in the 6th Fabos Conference for the excellence of his work on Greenway planning and design.

She is a co-founder of Topiaris and responsible for the coordination and supervision of landscape architecture plans, studies and projects, both in Portugal as abroad.

Award Winning Landscaping Designer

At Salty Roots, we combine landscape design with meticulous installation to create elegant outdoor spaces. We are a full-service firm, providing landscape and garden solutions to homeowners, and businesses. Designing and cultivating unique outdoor spaces takes a passion for nature and a desire to protect it. At Salty Roots, we have a firm commitment to using environmentally friendly practices. Our collaborative process is designed to help you discover and achieve your aesthetic vision. We can help you choose the perfect pattern of blue stone for your patio or the right blend of perennials and evergreens to create year-round garden interest.

Design + Build landscape company based on Long Island, NY. Gardens & landscape architecture, offering Experienced and Creative Landscape Designers!

Welcome to R. J. K. Gardens!

A landscape design and build practice based in New York City creating bespoke gardens and landscapes for properties large and small within the Northeast. These landscapes are urban and residential gardens, large suburban properties, college campuses and public spaces. We offer our clients project management and installation of these landscapes. Additionally, we support our clients with long term oversight of their landscapes to insure their lasting beauty. We believe that every landscape and garden design is a custom job. Each site is distinctive. The design process is a very personal, collaborative process between client and designer. Our mission is to increase the quality of life for our clients by creating functional and sustainable landscapes that are ecologically responsible as sensorial spaces. In past years, his work was featured in the 6th annual European Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona, Spain.

Welcome to AIC Landscaping

Imagine building your dream home, complete with gorgeous greenery, beautiful blooms and luscious landscaping. Now, imagine being the one who actually designs what that would look like. Enter Tilly. The process is very time efficient, environmentally responsible and extremely cost effective. Homeowners simply fill out a basic form about their project and then the Tilly design team does a space assessment, collects photos and conducts a property survey.

Our creative Landscape Architects and dedicated Construction Professionals provide landscape services that incorporate timeless materials with innovative and sophisticated design. From woodland estates in Weston to coastal cottages on Cape Cod to rooftop retreats in Beacon Hill, Sudbury Design Group creates outdoor living spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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A creative, functioning plan will allow you to achieve the exterior environment you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come. Learn more. Are you looking for a landscaping and masonry contractor in Long Island? Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. We specialize in outdoor landscape designs and pride ourselves in being among the best in the industry. Our staff works closely together to ensure that your project is executed with the professionalism and attention to detail you expect and deserve.


Happy Holidays! Our signature business that began with a dump truck and a dream. Craft your dream landscape with the services offered by Arbordale Nurseries. Since , we have been providing a wide range of landscaping services, including landscaping design and consultation, installation, intricate garden landscaping, and long-range planning. Our professionals are trained to design, install and maintain water gardens and landscape lighting as well.

LaGuardia Design Group is a landscape architecture and design firm based in Water Mill NY, specializing in high-end residential and commercial design.

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Overseeding your lawn is the practice of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. As time goes on grass begins to thin, especially in areas that get a lot of use. One of the benefits of overseeding your lawn is that it helps to keep a beautifully lush green lawn well into the growing season….

How to get to Creative Landscape Design in Wappinger, Ny by Bus or Train?

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Before beginning a project, we carefully assess the environment including its topography, geology, flora and fauna, and surrounding architecture. As Hamptons landscape architects our designs tell a story and make full use of terrain, seasons, and local culture. Each one of our projects is bespoke and our goal is to make the landscaping wholly personalized to your personal preferences and needs. Our crews seamlessly integrate top-of-the-line construction methods, the highest quality materials, and design fundamentals into every project, producing a unique result that fits exactly right into your particular project site.

He is a great admirer of the natural environment. He has spent his career improving landscapes and environments in the metro New York City and western New York regions.

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The hands on experience has given Peter Anthony the creativity needed to produce the landscaping concept for each individual home or property. We bring all of the elements together to make your yard one-of-a-kind! Our designs are tailored to your specific needs and will provide a space that you will enjoy for yourself and for entertaining. Our Craftsmanship, creativity and reputation is what sets us apart. Peter Anthony Backyard Project. We will guide you step by step through the permit process and will include our team of professionals to handle any issues along the way.

Our company has designed beautiful, custom, and one-of-a-kind landscapes for residential as well as commercial properties all over Long Island. We look after all projects from start to finish, ensuring every project meets our extremely high standard and complete satisfaction of the client. Whether you are starting from scratch, replacing an old one, or improving what you already have, our landscape design specialists will serve you better.