University of agricultural and horticultural sciences uahs shimoga

University of agricultural and horticultural sciences uahs shimoga

University of agricultural and horticultural sciences uahs shimoga


As the leading higher education institute in the agriculture and horticulture sector of Karnataka, the University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga, has played a vital role in the development and prosperity of our agriculture sector.

The University was set up as a result of an initiative taken by Karnataka Government in 1963 to establish one or more institutions, which can foster research and promote the transfer of research-based knowledge and technology.

The primary objective of the University is to undertake research and extension activities in the field of agricultural and horticultural sciences.

The University is committed to providing higher education in leading cutting-edge research in agriculture and horticulture. It focuses on conducting research in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and allied sciences. This is to ensure scientific progress and also to provide solution to the problems of the farmers. The UAH has over a decade long history of excellence in research in the filed of agriculture and horticulture.

It is ranked 20th amongst the top agricultural and horticultural universities in India.

This university has around 20% land under cultivation by the farmers under the aegis of our state-run UGRA.

The agricultural department has been in the news for its innovative and pioneering research into new avenues, like development of the banana variety "Adua", which is the first banana variety developed in India after 1962 and the first in Asia to have a high yield (30,000) and a tolerance to banana bunchy top virus. The UAH, Shimoga, has also been the first in the country to initiate research on the crop of banana. Recently, the research work on "Rice Crop Improvement" is being carried out, where the emphasis is to provide the farmers with rice seed with high yielding, disease and insect resistant variety in the shortest possible time. It also conducts research on the application of "Biotechnological method" to enhance the yield of different varieties of rice and vegetables and in plant biochemistry.

The university also conducts research in the fields of veterinary science, dairy technology, plant biochemistry and human nutrition.

The university is also involved in research in the fields of agriculture and horticulture for the advancement of small and marginal farmers. Recently, the university had developed a high yielding variety of paddy named "Budra" in the State, which is of great importance as the staple diet for the farmers of Mysore district and neighboring states.

A wide variety of fruit trees like peach, plum, apricot and nectarine are being grown in the university’s orchards.

In recent times, the university has also developed several varieties of mangoes, such as "Mysore", "Dumka’", "Saptama’", "Lava", "Muttum", etc. These varieties have been certified "A" quality by the State Agricultural Marketing Board.


The university is governed by a board of governors, the function of which is to ensure the quality of education and to regulate the university affairs. The vice-chancellor is the head of the university. The chancellor is the president of the board.


The university is administered in four administrative divisions, each headed by a director.

Centre for Agricultural Science and Technology, Karnataka: A research centre at the university is conducting research on paddy and banana. It has also developed a large scale paddy named "Budra" for farmers of Mysore district.

School of Animal Science: It is the first in the country to have an Animal Science college. It is headed by a dean.

Department of Human Nutrition and Allied Sciences: This is the first science college in India for this subject. It is the first in the country to have a dairy technology and nutrition and dietetics

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