Landscape design lafayette ca

Landscape design lafayette ca

The River Ring will be the first of many invitations for New Yorkers to dip their toes in the water. Co-founded by Bjarke Ingels, Roni Bahar, and Nick Chim — and designed by BIG — Nabr applies technology and productization to increase the production of apartments available for sale in major cities, starting with San Jose. T he innovation district aims to be a net zero emission area that builds on renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economic principles and zero emission solutions during development and operation. The new 55, m2 tech neighborhood will create a strong electricity-powered cybersecurity, AI and innovation ecosystem in the heart of Europe.

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Become a Landscape Architect

California native plants are Katherine L. After nearly 40 years, the plants have grown in and settled, providing an excellent example of a mature garden of California flora. Greenberg is a garden designer and native plant consultant, and has served on the boards of the Pacific Horticulture Society, Mediterranean Garden Society, and the Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, among many garden activities.

She has been a CNPS member since the late s. In , she wrote the second edition of Growing California Native Plants University of California Press , an expanded and updated version of the first edition by Marjorie G. Schmidt, whom she never met but feels she knew. She also counts California native plant expert Wayne Roderick, who died in , as one of her mentors.

The north-facing hillside had been cleared for agriculture before it was sold as a homesite. The property had mostly non-native grasses on the top portion, while a blackberry bramble extending down the hill to a creek covered the remaining third of an acre, she explains. Keeping the natural scarcity of water in mind, Greenberg set out to create a native landscape, drawing from her childhood memories of Monterey County native flora as well as the habitats of the East Bay hills.

She warned her children that there would be no lawn at the house— there was plenty at the nearby school, in any case — though they could have a pool. Some plants, such as madrones, simply did not take, she says. Others she found she could grow in pots easier than in the ground. The garden is gently layered, with oaks, manzanitas, toyons Heteromeles arbutifolia , California wax myrtles Morella californica , and a host of chaparral perennials providing the structure at the top of the property.

One heritage valley oak Quercus lobata shades a corner of the house. Moving toward the lower slope, visitors can watch the breeze-fluttered branches of vine maples Acer circina- tum and California bays Umbellularia californica. Below those trees, the hill is covered with dry shade plants, including western sword ferns Polystichum munitum , yerba buena Clinopodium douglasii , and Douglas irises Iris douglasiana.

An ancient California black walnut stands guard at creekside. Benches offer resting spots in niches, where visitors can watch deer wandering through the understory down to the creek. Just as the western bleeding hearts Dicentra formosa are fading, for example, the snowberry Symphoricarpos albus is coming into its own. And this native garden is full of color, from the cinnamon-red bark of the manzanitas to the bright berries of the coffeeberry Frangula californica and toyon to the sparks from golden-yellow bush monkeyflower Diplacus aurantiacus and bright coral California fuchsia Epilobium canum.

Leaves are the only mulch, and some soil is left bare for burrowing native bees. Design and Installation: The Greenbergs built their home on a hillside where non-native grasses had taken over land once cleared for vineyards. Just a few trees were on the property; now there are at leastKatherine Greenberg employed a landscape designer to help install some of the larger plants, but has done much of the work herself over the years. Irrigation: An irrigation system is installed in only the upper acre of the property, with 16 stations, a mix of sprinkler heads, and drip lines.

Greenberg runs it manually, only about once a month during the dry season, on cooler days with no wind, to reduce evaporation. Greenberg is out in the garden every day that she is home, tending and watching the plants change through the seasons. I now take my cues from the plants. Wildlife spotted: Greenberg welcomes deer into her garden. Wild turkeys wander into the pool area; motion-sensing sprinklers are used to keep them out. Favorite element: The natural elements of the site are incorporated into the whole garden.

That also is her advice to anyone starting their own native garden. So inspiring. What a great testament to the overall value wildlife support and aesthetics of California natives. I am another that is so glad the botanical names are there. Thanks for the inspirational moment! As someone just 3 years into transforming my garden as native sanctuary, it is so great to have the long view. Beautiful garden! As an evacuee of the Kincade fire and so thankful to the firefighters- our property was spared , I am most interested in fire-resilient CA native plants.

Are there any examples in the Greenberg Garden? Our climate is very similar to theirs, except that madrones grow well here. Sadly, manzanita is a no-no, according to our Geyserville fire dept. The fire dept. We have to replace our manzanitas near the house. Thank you, and be safe. Hi Barbara, have you downloaded our fire recovery guide? We answer questions like this and more there. Thanks for the inspiration. Did you see anything like this? Any suggestions or insights much appreciated.

Scott, I am about to embark on turning our front yard all native, and plan to include many of the plants you mention. Could this be the problem? Good luck to you. If you do figure out the problem, we would all love a followup post. Always trying to learn! Barbara — very interesting.

I think it is going to take us a while to separate the opinion from the facts, regarding fire safe landscaping. The CNPS booklet is a great beginning. Flora Magazine , Gardening. Be Inspired: Highlights from the native garden tours. A Conversation with Author Jenny Odell. Thank you for listing the botanical names of the plants in the photos.

Wonderful article! Thank you! Very helpful with all the detailed information, names and pohotos!

Pam-Anela Messenger Landscape Architecture

Landscape design; community development; citizen participation, particularly ethnic groups; the design of architecture and the landscape simultaneously. In my teaching and my practice, I am committed to the development of environments which reflect their place and time specifically through how people inhabit various geographies. Our interest in the re-construction of urban landscapes seeks to build palimpsest by developing new elements, spatial forms and objects which validate their existing familiar context. Project research includes archival and oral histories, physical, environmental and social patterns and practices, to uncover familiar and untold stories. They assimilate the past and look forward into the future.

Hansen Mcardle, based out of Lafayette, is a landscape design specialist. They offer landscape construction, landscape design, and slope stabilization.

Walter J. Hood

Picture yourself on a hilltop overlooking the legendary Napa Valley, with a glass of cult-status wine in hand, while you tour an historic Victorian farmhouse estate reimagined by some of the finest and most innovative interior designers in the country. Traditional Home magazine is proud to announce its third annual Showhouse taking place at Caldwell Vineyard, a acre stunning estate in Coombsville. The Showhouse features the work of the country's finest interior designers who have drawn inspiration from the beauty of the Napa Valley and surrounding vineyards in order to transform Caldwell Vineyard into a design masterpiece. The wine country is an amazing place that the rest of the country envies," says Editor in Chief Ann Maine. Each year, too, I gain more insight into its history and charm—and, of course, discover new vineyards and wine! I'm hoping visitors won't miss the unique opportunity for an insider's peek at this year's Showhouse at Caldwell Vineyard. Traditional Home is planning to make it a design and wine experience they won't soon forget. Children under six, infants, strollers and pets are not allowed in the Showhouse. For each admission, guests will receive a Showhouse journal. As the largest upscale shelter magazine in America, Traditional Home celebrates the union of timeless design with modern living, inspiring 5 million design lovers to reinterpret classic elegance in a thoroughly personal way.

Welcome to J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction A Lafayette Landscape Designer

Renaissance Walnut Creek Hotel offers its guests a full-service spa, 3 outdoor swimming pools, and 3 spa tubs along with a health club and a sauna. The benefits of fitness classes. Choose a class that is right for you! Learn more about our yoga teachers, their philosophy and how yoga makes a difference in their well-being.

Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. Monique Bassey is the Marie M.

Fireplace store san jose

Let our real user reviews help you find the right Landscape Architect or Designer for your next project. Landscapes flourish — and can boost home value — when designed by experts with an eye for site analysis, aesthetics and the environment. Bay Area premier Landscape Designer and Contractor. Kitchen Door is a premium landscaping service for homeowners who want to transform their yard into something magic Peter Koenig Design's specializes in alluring and captivating designs for gardens and outdoor environments. We ser

Interior Designer Serving Lafayette, CA

Earlier this month, Design Miami closed out its edition. The event included over 40 exhibitors from around the world showing cutting edge and historic works of collectible furniture and decorative arts. Although the classic program remained, Design Miami also boasted numerous modernizations this year, including a partnership with Louis Vuitton. And yet, one of the most striking offerings of the week was completely IRL. Buy now for unlimited access and all of the benefits that only members get to experience. Scarcity seems to be the name of the game, however, as only two are available through platform Open Sea , and sales end DecemberProceeds will benefit Project Art , an education nonprofit, as well as the carbon offsetting of the NFT transaction.

Swatt Residence. Lafayette, California. This project is an architect's home for a family of five, including three young children in Lafayette, California.

Sorry, this request is coming from a country which we do not currently support.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and by completing only one job at a time, our customers have our full attention. We work with them throughout the whole project to explore different project ideas and meet budget needs. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Landscape Design in LaMorinda - Orinda, Moraga and Lafayette, CA

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We had Tim and his crew out to remove a bunch of mature trees and shrubs from our. Signup for Rewards! We sell our local chicken and duck eggs, to the front range community. An investment in our environmentally sound tree farm will have a positive impact on the planet and we hope your bottom CreekSide Tree Nursery, Tree Farm, and Garden Center is located in Boulder Colorado, We specialize in the sale of large trees, shrubs, and native plants to … Boulder District. Call us:You may also like.

Our Lafayette landscape designers and builders are true professionals, they stay up-to-date on all the latest techniques, designs, styles and technology to make sure all of services of the top of the line. We are here to transform your Lafayette home into a enjoyable getaway that you and your family love spending time in.

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Families continue to trust Creative Environments to bring their backyard dreams to life by turning their ideas into a gorgeous and elegant personal recreational resort in the comfort of their own homes. Creative Environments specializes in custom inground pool and outdoor living design and construction. From the traditional to modern and natural to grand, our designs will leave you breathless. You will work closely with our custom designer to transform your ideas into full-working sketches to ensure that every detail of your dream backyard is achieved before our team of artisans begin construction. We create cohesive, functional and aesthetically beautiful designs that encompass all micro-aspects of the backyard, we look forward to bringing our experience to you and being a trusted source for reliable design and construction.

Cleaver Design Assoc

August 19, by Robin S. This is the fourth article in the series. If you are new to the series and want to know more about it, start by clicking here.

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