Best fruit trees for hedges

Best fruit trees for hedges

Best fruit trees for hedges

Hedges are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they can be costly to maintain. Fortunately, there are many fruit trees suitable for planting in your hedges. The following is a list of these fruit trees and their general characteristics.

Common fruit trees for hedges

There are many fruit trees which work well as hedges.

Apple: “The apple tree can be considered the original fruit hedge, and there are many varieties that work well, such as M.R.B. Williams and M.R.B. Cox varieties. Apples can be very productive in small spaces if pruned correctly, and they have few pests and are fairly easy to grow. Pears and plums are also fairly easy to grow and are productive, but they need more space and pruning than apples.”

Pears: “Pears are a type of apple, but they are much larger than apples, and they also do well in smaller spaces. Pears can be grown in hedges from two to four feet wide. When growing pears for hedges, prune them annually after they have grown to a considerable size. Pears require quite a lot of sun, and as such, they do well in an area that receives full sun in the winter and some shade in the summer.”

Prune to shape

Rabbiteye: “This is a small, dwarf, ornamental pear tree. It is extremely cold tolerant, and as a result, it does not need to be pruned that much. It is also known for its fruiting season, which is in the winter and early spring. The fruits of this tree are much smaller than those of the pears, but they are quite sweet and easy to pick. It has smaller, thicker, green stems and the leaves are a greenish to olive-green color. They grow to about four feet tall and two feet wide.”

Quince: “This is a larger version of the pear. These trees can grow to be about 20 feet in height and require some training. Trees planted in a north or east facing area of the garden will receive enough sun throughout the year, and as such, they are better suited for fruit. Quince trees grow a variety of fruit at the same time as other trees, so you do not need to pick the fruit from the trees until they become full and ripe.”

Plums: “These are the smallest fruit of all of the mentioned fruit trees. Plums are quite popular for hedges and will take to any garden location, provided that it receives full sun in the winter and has some shade in the summer. There are many varieties of plum trees that grow in size and shape.”

How to tell if your fruit trees are thriving

When choosing your trees, be sure to look for a healthy trunk. You can feel the bark of the tree to make sure it’s not cracked. This tree bark will be a little rough and not smooth like others. This indicates the tree is healthy and strong.

Check for any pests around the tree. You want to check for bugs, and also check the trunk to see if there are any holes in the bark. Any holes in the bark are most likely the result of the bugs that may be on the tree. If there is no hole, then it could be a sign of a bigger issue. Pests could be gnawing on the tree trunk and roots and the tree is beginning to die.

There is a telltale sign for a healthy tree. If it is hard to budge your branches, then the tree is most likely doing fine. If it is easy to budge the branches, then it could be time to prune or trim your tree. This is a sign that the tree has plenty of energy and has access to water.

The leaves on the tree should also be a vibrant green. If they are a bit yellow or brownish, then it could be that the tree is having a hard time accessing the sun. If the leaves are discolored, it could be because it is stressed.

Check the size of your tree. You should have at least three feet of space between your tree and others. If there is not enough space, then you may be looking at a tree that is not reaching its full potential.

Once you’ve got your tree on a foundation, make sure that you put a lot of thought into the foundation before putting the tree in. If you don’t, you could have trouble with the roots as they attempt to grow through the hole in the ground.

If you would like a more affordable option, you can simply add a post and a fence around your tree. This will provide you a lot of security for your tree and it will not kill your trees roots.

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