Fruit tree farms in kentucky

Fruit tree farms in kentucky

We are innovating the industry in every way as we bring together growers, farmworkers, and consumers to create a more equitable food system and provide fresh, sustainable produce to our customers all year long. Life on the farm looks a little different here at Kentucky Fresh Harvest. Learn more about what we do, how we grow, and why our people are at the center of it all. The Future of Farming is about empowering communities with the most advanced agricultural technology to help them grow stronger and more resilient.

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Garden Center : Landscaping :We now grow over 3, deciduous and evergreen trees, which allows us to test and grow the trees that we feel will do best in our environment.

We love to help our customers add new plants and trees to their gardens that will be unique and beautiful for decades to come. Slide title Write your caption here. Tree Farm We started our tree nursery in with about trees and have expanded our selection ever since. Our love of trees and diversity in the landscape led us to continue to add more and more varieties each year.

Today we have more than 3, shade and flowering trees in production! We now have in the field many culivars of rare and hard to find trees in limited quantities. Selection and Materials Our garden center houses an extensive selection of balled and burlapped trees and shrubs, container trees and shrubs, perennials, and roses.

We also carry mulch, fertilizers, and many other materials to help you build your landscape and maintain your newly planted trees and plants. We are your one-stop shop for all your gardening and landscaping needs!

Some of Our Trees In Production We have several varieties of most of these trees currently growing in our fields, as well as many other trees not listed. We are proud to be not just a tree nursery, but a garden center as well, as we grow and stock a variety of trees, plants and perennials. Here are some of the main tree varieties we grow and stock at our nursery center.

Maple Oak Redbud Serviceberry Zelkova. Pictured below are some of the trees grown on our Kentucky tree farm for the Fall To Spring Season. Afterburner Black Gum. Pink Pom Poms Redbud. Ace of Hearts Redbud. Green Gable Black Gum. Wildfire Black Gum.

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple. Seven-Son Flower. Slender Silhouette Sweetgum. Frans Fontaine Hornbeam. Appalachian Red Redbud. Royal Raindrops Crabapple. Tulip Poplar. Yoshino Japanese Cedar. Green Giant Arborvitae. Lois Magnolia. Magyar Ginkgo. Dawn Redwood. Ivory Silk Lilac. Scarlet Fire Kousa Dogwood. Call today to find out more about the trees currently growing in our tree farm! Contact Us. Garden CenterLandscape DivisionBuilt by Vivial Privacy Policy.

McMinnville, Tennessee: Nursery Capital of the World

Bearing size fruit trees are important to most older Kentucky gardeners who want instant tree orchards to enjoy now, rather than later. Naturally Kentucky bearing size fruit and nut trees yield production sooner, Many native Kentuckians have picked berries from the woods, and have eaten the ripe American persimmon trees in order to make persimmon cookies, jam and preserves. Kentucky is famous for the native Paw Paw trees that grow everywhere as a native fruit tree. The Kentucky Paw Paws have been sold for generations at roadside markets, but the short shelf -life has prevented the Paw Paw trees from being commercially important as a very profitable fruit tree, except locally, where the abundant Paw Paw fruits can be eaten and enjoyed by native Kentuckians or a few out-of-state tourists who pass through.

England's Orchard is a Nursery that specializes in nut trees. We also deal in exotic fruit trees. We are specialists in the alternative cash crop and.

K&J Orchards

Here at Evans Orchard we provide a wide variety of fruits and flowers for U-Pick. Please see the calendar below for picking dates. All picking dates are approximate. Please call ahead to ensure availability. We will have upick apples available this year, but with limited availability. We are in a transition year of replacing several of our apple trees. We grow mostly semi-dwarf trees and they typically have a life span of years. We have replaced over 5, trees last year and another 5, this year.

Welcome to Willis Orchard Company!

As a specialty nursery, we focus on growing high quality plants that are native or especially suited to our Midwest climate. We take an ecological approach to horticulture, with function and habitat serving as key, rather than just aesthetics. Our goal is to provide trees that will contribute to a long-lived, healthy community forest. Our goal is to proudce healthy, long-lived trees for our community forests. To ensure your order is what you expect, each plant is personally tagged.

Peterson no longer sells pawpaws himself. Demand became overwhelming.

Fruit & nut

Looking for a local Christmas tree farm, tree lot, sleigh ride, Santa visits, reindeer or hayride in Kentucky? Just select your area in the list or map below. If you are looking for an automatic Christmas tree watering device, see this page. And if you know of one I missed and want to add it or correct the information, or provide feedback about a farm or the website , please let me know! After Christmas, click here to find how how and where to easily recycle or dispose of your Christmas tree! And to recycle used, broken or old Christmas lights and electronics See this page for local options to easily recycle your Christmas holiday lights.


Apios Institute for Regenerative Perennial Agriculture. Michigan Nut Growers Association. Improving Perennial Plants for Food and Bioenergy. Dan Bussey: Heritage Apples Presentation. Peach Ridge Orchard Supply -Source for grafting supplies, orchard ladders, pruning equipment, etc. Leonard -Great supply of horticultural tools from pruning supplies to propagation resources and more.

I am growing several types of Tropical fruit trees in and out of a greenhouse. Here is a list of trees I am working with. "Trec"-Green Sapote, "Fwang Tung.

Kentucky U-Pick Farms - 2021

Finding the best fruit trees to grow in Kentucky was not as easy as I thought. This ultimate guide will give you the best fruit trees to grow, why you should grow them , and even how to grow them. Knowing what hardiness zone Kentucky is in is critical to understanding the best fruits that can be grown.

Stark Bro's - A growing legacy since 1816

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An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky Division of Forestry operates two seedling nurseries for the purpose of planting on public and privately-owned land. Our nurseries offer different species of hardwoods and conifers for sale for planting on open crop or pasture land, developing a Christmas tree plantation, enhancing wildlife habitat, improving urban areas and reclaiming surface mining sites. We are now taking orders for the Spring Season. Download tree order form.

Note: Updated January 21,Descriptions derived from Layne , Jones et al.

As always, our nursery is centered on the rich history and future discoveries of our heirloom fruit trees. In Praise of Jujubes Like most undervalued treasures with beauty not outwardly expressed by appearance, the Jujube, or Chinese date, is a fruit tha Yes, we know that some fruit trees are self fertile and some need pollinators. Cider The resurgence of cider is worth a celebration! Cider or cider-like beverages and cider making traditions have a long history around the g Terroir What makes my fruit so flavorful?

With the season changing from the heat of summer to the coolness of fall, few things wake up the senses more than the smell of a fresh apple pie baking in the oven. Below are 10 of the best places around Kentucky where you can find orchard-fresh produce like apples, peaches, and pears. Some places listed allow you to pick your own, while others pick for you.