Care for hanging prayer plant

Care for hanging prayer plant

Care for hanging prayer plant:

Use a wooden platter (firchas) and keep it on the counter. Cover the pot and let the water drip over the open air.

Don’t cover with a lid, but protect it with a small paper bag.

Under no circumstances let it get wet.

Don’t forget to water it daily, even in the hottest part of the year.

Avoid watering the plant when it is dry or cold outside, but water it when it is very hot.

A Pray Plant with the blessing of His Holiness Dalia Ben-Tzvi, the Sanhedrin’s Chief Rabbi of Israel. Prayer plant is a good antidote for anger and sadness and a perfect gift for a friend or relative.

Give some love this Valentine’s Day and create an unforgettable memory for your lover with a pair of special earrings!

Kabbalistic saying:

Greetings, Beloved!

I have come to embrace you

and to know you from within

as a part of my own being.

May my arms and heart be an extension

of yours.

I desire to create an opening

into the center of your being

and to meet you,

as you are,

with love.

My delight is in the crowning

of all that is mine and yours

with the love we share.

It is this that will prove

my own soul’s bliss.

How to make these earrings:

Step 1. Cut the jump rings and beads

Step 2. Weave the bead necklace, leaving enough length to be attached to the earrings

Step 3. Attach the earring to the jump ring on the top. Cover the jump ring with the jump ring cover

This may be a new collection for you or a perfect old collection. Many things were omitted to fit the collection in as little space as possible. One of the things that you can not miss in the eBook and must-have collection is the on-hand charm. This locket, similar to many others in this collection, will fit perfectly as your own charm, personal or not. It will fit most neck sizes and is one that is rarely seen in collections. It can even be a on-hand charm, for those with custom locket necklaces that is not limited in design.

Another must-have item is the Amulet Earring Covers. They will fit as many shapes and sizes as your neck, and is also recommended for beginners that want to have the same earring as a certain set in multiple sizes.

Finally the “Must-Have” for every collection. A clear, acrylic case for holding all your earring jewelry that you will never lose or misplace.

Lucky Necklace

The Lucky Necklace!

The Lucky Necklace is a standout piece among a set of exciting new Jewelry designs for the year! Each of the necklaces will make you say “Wow!”

In addition, the designer has included some special designs for couples. The bracelets are perfect for lovers, or you can give one to your special someone to wear everyday and one just for special days, and say a prayer for your relationship with a pair of special “Angel” earrings.

Each charm has a special meaning and will bring your necklace to life with it’s own unique story.


The bracelet is a great gift for the believer, it can also be used for tikkun olam, is perfect to give as an on-hand charm for a locket, can even be worn